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Vision Therapy is a simple VR tool to exercise eye muscles and keeping your eyes strong and healthy.

With a single convenient tool you will be able to exercise your eyes. 5 exercises including classical techniques to make sure that your eye muscles are working proper:
Tense when necessary and relaxed when it’s time

The game is perfectly tailored to fulfill a variety of users.

Focus on your screens, read, watch TV, play games, play a sport or simply relax when it’s time

Vision Therapy uses a simple but elegant interface which allows you to start all exercises for the set by simply touching them on your computer display.

The interface does not take any part of the training and keeps the focus on the exercises, so it does not get in the way.


Features Key:

  • Rom and Game disc
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Prepare tablet according to user’s requirements
  • Play game directly on your tablet without using PC


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# Game rating: Mature (E16+ Age Recommended)
# Number of Players: 2 players
# Time required: Approx. 6+ hours
# Duration: 6 chapters
# ESRB rating: Mature
# Genre: First Person Shooter / Horror
# Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux
# Aim assist: Yes
# Controls: Controller, Mouse or Keyboard
# Aiming system: D-Pad (Lever left/right to zoom, zoom in/out, jump)
# Visuals: Cinematic Graphics
# Art Style: Scary
# Story: This is the story of a father and his son.
Dad died in a car accident and now his son must survive night after night to live as Dad did.

In a world where natural disasters and even your loved ones can end your life in a moment, the only thing that separates you from death is your instinct and luck.
In our world, the dead give no fear and the silence of the night has always been the only safety.
Now, you and your dad must survive the night. After each night, you’ll awake and can’t remember if you have won or lost.
In this nightmarish survival horror game, you will have to wake up to survive to the next night.

To win, you need to stay alive.
# For support & feedback contact

Funny alternative gaming experience that will distract you from anything else.

The game contains 2 different modes – the game itself and a survival map mode.
The game is a single player horror experience that puts the player in the shoes of a father and his son.
You live in the aftermath of a car accident and the only person left is your wife and son.
You need to help your son and find a way to survive, to help your wife and find a way to survive.
The game is inspired by classic survival horror game and will put you in a nightmarish horror experience.

– Survive the night alone with only your son and wife
– Several stages – 22 stages
– Switch between the game and survival map
– Use items scattered around to survive and collect ammo for your gun
– Move to evade the horrors
– Carried items –


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My Memory of Us is an emotion-heavy game and, to an extent, it succeeded in doing so.


The nagging questions I had when starting this game, “Is this my memory of us?” were all answered by the time I finished it.


The journey My Memory of Us takes you on is heavily laden with themes, not least of which is death. However, most of the themes present are tackled in a loving and peaceful manner. (This is to give the experience of playing this game its greatest, perhaps greatest, side.)


The highlight of this game was finding out how its ending plays out.


One could reasonably argue that My Memory of Us’ main drawback is that it is way too short. However, I found this game to be of the same length as its other companion games, The 8-Bit Theater, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


All of these games have a similar amount of content (but don’t carry the same value as this game), so I’m afraid this won’t be of any significance in this list.

This does however show just how “hardcore” this game is. Compared to the other games, it is almost too short.


Despite this being the shortest game in this list, My Memory of Us is not a mindless shooter.


The feelings that this game successfully puts across are in many ways bittersweet.

7.5/10 Destructoid

Juggler Games has created a very accessible presentation of World War II (.) Everything from the music to the varied level of difficulty logic puzzles and the expressive colours helps to make this an enjoyable and memorable journey.8/10 Game Reactor

My Memory of Us is visually an incredibly pretty game.9.2/10 GamePittGameplay My Memory of Us:


My Memory of Us is an emotion-heavy game and, to an extent, it succeeded in doing so.


The nagging questions I had when starting this game, “Is this my memory of us?” were all answered by the time I finished it.


The journey My Memory of Us takes you on is heavily laden with themes, not least of which is death. However, most of the themes present are tackled in a loving and peaceful manner


What’s new in Lawless Lands Unrest:

: First Blood GB DS / Super-Wideband

The Tiger Tank 59? Air Strike data is as a result of enquiries by the radio hobbyist from around the world. The information is not officially confirmed or denied by Tiger, and the radio manufacturer has even removed the model information from the retooled model site.

Contents of an information packet sent to an Australian Tiger dealer and e-mailed to AFRN :

The M59 update contains a new PCB (printed circuit board), new scratch-build kit parts (as it’s early in the game) and the alpha-design in progress for an updated DSP (digital signal processing) section. Plus probably some more very exciting things too!!! Updated to add air strike capability (wipers) with TFG systems, strobe light main electrode etc.

Tiger Tank 61: January 2012

Updates to the M18 [Chassis / Body], M9 MP3 [Body / Dash], Super-Panarism / AF1 [Panoramic/Super-Wide Band], M7 & M59 [Panoramic/Super-Wide Band], M64 [Panarism/Super Wideband], MCD1 [DSP System], M-20D [Fighter DSP]. Soon to be released in the near future is new M70, M92, M93 in addition to the fixed bay M9 and M10.

Tiger has announced that the new M9 [Body / Dash], M19 [PCB], M59 [PCB] and M64 [Panarism/Super-Wide Band] are imminent. Below are the specs for the M59 when released:

Basically there’s a wide band controller I believe either the M9 and / or M59 are later upgrades, or maybe for models which do not currently support wideband input signals being capable of inputing an additional type signal.

The M59 works well with a wide range of radios, think about how many different types of radios connect easily to an MF2 / M65 / M90 / TA1 / MB6 / OPCR / H2M so it would make no sense that the M59 doesn’t have the same potential.


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Heal is a 2D point-and-click adventure game inspired by the movie visual style of Krillbite Studios, the developers of the popular game Eve:Void.
The game is full of dark atmospheres, twisted physics and free-form puzzles, following the story of a mysterious world, where time has collapsed.
Narrative driven by atmosphere
Your friends return!
Heal features branching dialogue, lengthy character interactions and an experimental point-and-click gameplay. It’s not an adventure game, but we need to remind you about the adventure genre. You’re free to control the game world with minimal input.
An abstract world filled with puzzles
Handmade in Finland
It’s time to explore the hidden world.
The Heal theme song is a subtle mixture of moody techno and electronic music.
The theme song was composed by Crows Furs and the soundtrack was produced by the talented Russian composer Alexey Dyukov.
In healing, dear hearts.
I need to hear the light.
. Even if you never met me before.
I will always be there.
. where the secrets lie.
Whenever you need.
In order to restore the order, one must break the rules
I would love to see you again, even for one last time.
It’s hard not to feel strange.
When you’re trying to piece together your memories.
I want to see you again, even if only for one last time.
Somebody told you that you’re strong.
You’re not strong.
Because you can’t hear yourself.
Heal is still very much an experimental game, but once it’s release we’ll be able to provide more details on what it actually is.
Stay tuned!
What are you waiting for?
Let’s see your smiling face.
How to play:
You are given a time limit to investigate a world that has suffered a catastrophic loss of time.
Heal can be controlled with a free camera, which moves from one puzzle to the next, while healing the player’s current unconsciousness.
If you touch something and, with it, yourself, your health will recover at a fraction of its normal speed.
If you continue to play without healing, you will come to a laboratory.
Hang in there!
I’m going to heal you.
You’ve grown very weak.
I need to see you again


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    Apple is in the process of developing a new iMac that will reportedly contain as much as 32GB of flash storage, up from the current standard of 16GB.

    The updated iMacs will also include dual-core chips rather than Intel’s new quad-core CPUs.

    And with Windows 8 pushing touch-centric devices—from tablets to PCs—Apple is set to shift once again.

    Apple Inc. is in the process of developing a new iMac that will be stacked high with more flash memory, dual-core processor chips and an increased screen resolution.

    In an unannounced new iMac unveiled on Friday, Apple is expected to pack up to 32GB of solid state storage into the new iMac. That is up from the current standard of 16GB. As for dual-core CPUs, there is only a slight change in the model being used in the new iMac.

    Microsoft unveiled its latest version of Windows earlier this month, and it is casting an eye towards touch screens with its new tablet operating system. If iMacs start selling with touch screens, then Apple will follow by making both iMacs and its new Mac Pro desktops touchable.

    The two new iMacs are expected to be introduced on October 27 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. It appears to be just a week away, according to an analyst at research firm iSuppli.

    But the new iMacs are expected to build heavily on the current Retina MacBook Pro and Pro machines. Both models come with 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processors, 8GB of memory and up to 2TB of storage.

    Reportedly leaked photos of the new iMacs show a newly introduced 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The highest-end iMac ever announced last year at the WWDC came with a 23-inch display.

    iMacs have historically used an Nvidia graphics chip. The new models will include an Intel Iris series


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 or higher
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.6 GHz or better
    Memory: 1 GB
    Hard Drive: 1 GB
    Graphics Card: DirectX® 9.0 compliant graphics card, Microsoft® Vista™ or higher
    How to install:
    1. Download and install the game from the site below.
    2. Extract the game and run the installer.
    3. Follow the prompts.
    4. After the game has finished installing, launch the game and you should be good to


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