In a world with no shortage of logic puzzles, Threaded poses a new question – what if you didn’t need a brain to puzzle through this grid? Threaded is a game about connecting the dots in the most fun possible way.
Created and developed by Forco Game Studio, a spin-off of indie studio Chimera, the goal of Threaded is to fill a blank grid with lines of equal length. There are three distinct categories for lines – thin, thick and multi – and the challenge is in deciding which pair of squares should connect. The difficulty of the game is proportional to how many squares need to be connected. The thicker the line connecting the squares, the more squares have to be connected. For example, to connect six squares with a thick line, you’ll need to connect at least six thin lines as well. This means that it’s possible to connect several more squares if you find some way to remove some of the connecting lines, but the challenge is not in finding a solution to the problem itself.
Threaded puts creativity and logic to the test. It’s time to start a new chain reaction and fill in all the blank squares.

About Forco Game Studio
Our studio was established in 2008 with the aim of bringing good games to the market. While our portfolio isn’t huge yet, we already have 8 games in circulation, and our goal is to make games that nobody has seen before. We make games that we want to play, and we work hard to keep them fun and original.
You’ll find our games on both Steam, Game Jolt and Greenlight.namespace NHibernate.Mapping.ByCode.Impl
public class ByCodeClassExpression
public bool IsKey;
public bool IsReadOnly;

public ByCodeClassExpression(bool key, bool readOnly)
IsKey = key;
IsReadOnly = readOnly;

* Copyright (C) 2006 Novell, Inc.

namespace NHibernate.Mapping.ByCode
public class Key : AbstractClassExpression, IKey
where T : class
where T


Features Key:

  • Displays the app interface or debug toolbar continuously, automatically.
  • Synchronize time from the server and make the client time accurate automatically.
  • Refreshing if a web page needs to be reloaded, in the focus of the web browser.
  • Possibility to start game or desktop application directly from the game.
  • A desktop user can play in the game too.
  • A range of different items (weapons, decorations) for use in the game.
  • Ability to control 1-16 players through an Internet browser.
  • Create a playground area for multiplayer in the game.
  • Create a variety of shooting games in the game.
  • The game can be played through a variety of front-end interfaces: desktop, mobile.
  • the game uses different sound/music sources.
  • IOS – Windows – Mac OS – Linux (X11) – Android tablet – Android phone
  • Achievements system



Take on the role of a highly trained drone pilot, donning the latest high-tech weapons and gear as you lead a coordinated air assault against “skirmish” or “sport-level” opponents. In Killbox, you will launch your craft from land and sea to engage and destroy your opponent with precision, using the advanced targeting and melee capabilities that make the drone battlefield so attractive. There are three different game modes available, each with its own unique twist. Unlocking the true potential of Killbox requires skill, patience and above all a desire to dominate online.

More information:
The Company of Heroes 2 soundtrack is by Tangerine Dream.
“The only thing that rises above the aggressive vehicular combat in Killbox is its deep post-apocalyptic military environments. Also, the theme-based game modes.”
“During the opening mission, our young female drone pilot has been ordered to destroy a downed fly-boy, but she doesn’t want to, nor does she want to kill.”
“A drone that can hover, weave, and spin seems pretty cool.”
“In this game you can actually shoot your opponent out of the air.”
“Lets face it, this is the next best thing to playing another helicopter game.”
“Killbox is a disturbing and adrenaline-driven interactive experience of warfare. It seems to be utterly inspired by war documentaries, and that’s a good thing.”
“If you enjoy playing Overwatch, then you will enjoy Killbox.”
“Killbox is a fascinating military simulation that takes place in apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic settings.”
“Killbox can have more personality as it extends the themes and visuals of the original.”
“Killbox is absolutely not a clone of any game that’s come before it”
“Killbox offers something new and entertaining for the shooter genre”
“For all its similarities, Killbox is an entertaining original that evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling that lasts long after the credits have rolled.”
“Killbox is a distinct weapon that evokes emotions both subtle and profound, with an immersive environment that supports dialogue, strategy, and impressive creativity.”
“Killbox is not just a game – it is a virtual experience that is artfully crafted.”
“With Killbox, you not only play the killer, you play the killer as a being.”
“Killbox is a thrilling and remarkably unique experience



Stat-raising day & night cycle (Spelunky-style)
Feed, train & explore to earn gold
Earn enough gold to buy skills and special attacks
Hunt to feed on to level up skills, grow rare herbs and get stronger
Hunt rare targets to strengthen your skills
On-screen instruction plus visual hints in-game
Optional auto-save, letting you resume at any point
Tips: Use control and W-S-A-D to jump, interact with NPCs and walk back
Use mouse to fight enemies
PS4, Xbox ONE, PC, Mac, Linux.

The world of a sprawling fantasy with loveable characters, an innovative battle system and a grand world-wide adventure for one and all. During the Great War, magic was used as a means of defending the kingdom of Holzerreich from the wickedness of Shadow Lord’s minions. As a result, the power of the empire is spread across the land, most of it is controlled by mage guilds. For the remaining magic-free towns, the mages provide security by controlling the daily life of the townspeople. In the capital, the power of the highest ranking mage – the General – is based on popularity. Mairwen’s attitude is no longer the same as before. Her conduct, style, and manner of speech have changed, she no longer has any connection to the general and creates problems for the throne.

Inspired by the East Asian art of woodblock prints, this stop-motion animation
production combines traditional hand-drawn animation with computer graphics. Each
scene is carefully planned and crafted with a combination of hand-drawn
animation and frame-by-frame animation work. The result is impressive and detailed
animation of woodblock prints by a new technology. Bicycles and motorcycles are the
two leading vehicles for the protagonist, and characters from different backgrounds
are introduced with their own unique appearances and character designs.

In this episode of the first season of Justin’s Game Corner on Indiegames.tv you will hear Episode 1 of the Interactive Original Short Film Grand Paradise. This is a new type of storytelling that includes game characters and interactive elements in full format, but with music, voice-overs and game interfaces. In Grand Paradise, a young couple living in a paradise dream are trapped in their world after they fall asleep. The first episode has 5 segments, so you can play them in any order. This is one of the most ambitious projects we have ever done! If


What’s new:

    , open with photo ID, then remove company sticker — a requirement laid down by the A-list actors and actresses in the movie business, according to the head of the Movie Academy.

    “It was not a social campaign,” she said of the idea to have an auction in Los Angeles last weekend to aid victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers. The “Actors’ Salute to 9/11 9/11” was co-sponsored by HBO, MTV and Searchlight Pictures.

    “It was just to help,” said Lindsay Lohan.

    The “Salute” started at the Hollywood Palladium last Saturday. Attendance was limited to $3,000.

    “The proceeds went to the families,” said the Academy spokeswoman. “It was a small tribute, but it was a tribute.”

    But if there is one way to get your film noticed these days, it’s not to donate to 9/11 victims.

    Actors’ fundraisers

    But a fundraiser can be fun — as long as everyone plays by the rules.

    “If you make enough money, you get access,” said Gail Morgan, whose charity golf tournament surpassed expectations at its premiere last weekend.

    The film stars Robert Downey Jr. and Morgan.

    “My name was on the poster,” Morgan said. She has a clause in her contract which requires that at least two A-list actors be seen in each movie she produces.

    “We paid for our marketing and promo costs,” said Morgan.

    She went a step further when asked if she is trying to make her moviemaking biz more lucrative in the competitive world of Hollywood.

    “We are one of the biggest,” she said.

    Her grandson, Tom, who starred in her picture, said “’What am I, the only movie mogul I know? I’ve made movies and re-made movies and made other kinds of movies. We make independent films now.'”

    Morgan says her movie is about “family and connections and I feel very connected to the family (Robert Downey Jr.). The sacrifices they have made, they saved my life, they saved the lives of my best friend (Robyn Warshaw, who played Morgan’s daughter in the movie).



    Welcome to a dark, psychological thriller that puts you in the role of Nikolay, now called Patient #17, who one day awakes in a small reeking cell.
    With a severe memory loss and a relentless urge to escape, your footsteps will lead you through an abandoned, decaying facility deep in the heart of Soviet Russia.
    Yet, in the head of an amnesiac Patient #17 there remains a thread of light.
    Patient #17 is your eyes and ears in the strange and depressing world of the mad doctor, scientists and his helpers, who have “improved” their subjects in order to use them for experimental purposes.
    Trapped in the chambers of the bodybuilder Dmitri Pavlovich and trapped in the mind of a twisted “scientist” named Konstantin it will take everything you have just to survive.
    Use the innovative Retrospective Mode to dig through the shadows, to uncover the secrets of your own past.
    Here are some titles about this project that you may be interested in:
    Meet our team:

    Official Release:

    The Awakening is currently in Beta Phase in German. We hope to have the full version of the game ready for the PC and maybe Xbox One.
    We are working on a console version, but as we have to first focus on the PC version, we do not yet know if this will work as expected.
    In case of any question about this upcoming game, feel free to contact us in English, German or Polish at info@scarymind.pl.
    In case of any question about this upcoming game, feel free to contact us in English, German or Polish at info@scarymind.pl.

    Welcome to a new, exciting journey in a terrifying world. Based on the award-winning novel of the same name, you are putting on your best path and setting out to find a way out. The path is hard, but the reward is high – it is up to you to set off on your journey. Welcome to the NEW NIGHTMARE.
    Nightmare features:
    A thrilling experience based on the award-winning novel
    High-end production, including voice actors
    Diverse environments that change



  • Run setup file
  • Extract the crack & patches content
  • Copy the patch file “edit_game.dat” to location “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\.CheatEngine\rt”
  • Close game, open the game again & Accept The “Allow This Program To Make Changes To Your Windows Game” & Run the game with “Full Screen” mode (This is required to Get those graphics)
  • Start to play the game, After your done with the game press “New Game” via “ESC” button
  • In game.Select “Store” option
  • Select “Capsa – Character Holiday Patterns Pack” & Press “Ok”
  • Select “Yes” & Press “Ok”
  • Enjoy

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Layered Beauty Of The Game CapsaTAY: The hardest shooter yet
As a sequel, The Layered Beauty of the Game Capsa (yes, I just made that name up) has a particular laser-directed focus on tone and theme, which is a miracle




Install Instructions:
Download files:
If you are not familiar with WAIH, you may be wondering what it is about WAIH that makes it worth your time to download and install the mod.In short, WAIH is essentially an “overlay” mod, meaning that when the game loads, it replaces parts of the in-game HUD and certain other game elements with information from a couple of websites. As the name implies, the goal of this mod is to remind you of the world around you. If you are


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