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A new attempt in air combat, is the remake of the classic Tiger Fighter! You can play as the famous Ace Hiroshi “Tora” Munehiro that was the youngest air ace from the era of WWII.

New campaign with new hardware.
New mission pack.
New ships and planes.



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Features Key:

  • Perfectly designed game play takes the user on a truly memorable journey through a brilliantly conceived world of graphically wondrous world.

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  • Real Math with no distracting content. It uses a very familiar method for solving equations.

    Math Game

  • Clever, strategic logic with challenging puzzles and dramatic plot twists.

    Logic Game

  • First Aid whether you’re stranded in the arctic or delirious on the desert shores, you’ll probably need first aid.

    First Aid Game

  • Authentic challenges on the sharp edge of problem solving and need for physical, social and intellectual survival.

    What Problem Game

  • Danger! With only YOU, your intellect, and your scientific knowledge to find the way, it’s time to use logic, problem solving, and humor to survive a total nuclear disaster.



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    Vegas Runner is an action 3D platforming game with a hint of retro. The action of the game takes place in a bright and colorful world. Your task is to complete this game as fast as possible. You should collect the necessary amount of fuel in order to achieve the goals and reach the end of the game. Enjoy the scenic view of the colorful world and the atmosphere of anticipation before the results!
    Key Features:
    • Fully action game.
    • 50 secret levels available in the game, each one more beautiful than the last.
    • 13 different levels of difficulty.
    • Three difficulty levels.
    • Choose between Red, Blue and Green versions.1. Field of the Invention
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    – Match three to crush candy!
    – Crush candy to grow more candy from your match three levels.
    – The more candy you crush, the more candy get grow.
    – Three bonuses offered, Candy Crushing, ice, fire, chocolate, etc.
    – Enjoy more than 500 levels in 100 exciting phases!
    – This is the only match three game that you’ll be able to play anytime and anywhere.
    – Free download of Candy Monsters Game and enjoy playing!
    Play Now Candy Monsters game is FREE!Candy Monsters
    Game description:
    Candy Monsters game is a match-three puzzle game in which you need to match 3 or more of the same candy to crush it and gain points, however, the catch is that the game will turn into an ice or a fire very quickly if you try to match candy that’s too far away from other candy or candy that’s very near another candy. And, there are some monsters like the fire bat and the ghosts that will help you in making your way easier through the candy levels. So, you get out of the match three puzzle game Candy Monsters which you shouldn’t play in the night with the scary monsters and get out of the scary situations like the fire bat and the ghosts, and enjoy it in Candy Crush Saga for free!
    Candy Crush Saga Official Game Play:
    Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that has got over 1.8 billion downloads and has been downloaded by players from all over the world. The game was released for free and has been played by millions of players who enjoy the fun and excitement of matching candy, but it is not very easy as in Candy Monsters. Of course, like Candy Monsters game you get other boosters to help you like ice, fire, chocolate, etc… But, there are some things you need to keep in mind in the game of Candy Crush Saga like don’t make too many moves at once or you will make mistakes that will cost you a lot of points.
    If you like Candy Crush Saga game, then you’ll also love Candy Monsters game!Candy Monsters
    Play now Candy Monsters game is FREE!Candy Monsters
    – Puzzle game mix of match-three and match-four
    – Exciting 100 levels in more than 10 rounds with more than 500 challenges
    – Enjoying the most beautiful candy levels
    – Extremely addictive gameplay and yet easy to learn
    – Friendly interface and graphics
    – Various boosters to help you reach the top levels
    – No Wi-Fi or internet


    What’s new:

      Contest 2011 has concluded. After reviewing submissions to determine which of you Wooz are the most talented, we have selected eight finalists to compete with one another in a head-to-head final round to determine who will be offered the track for the full studio version of Demo Soundtrack. Click here for the winner’s announcement!

      Please note that the winners still have a week to send in a release package and if they can’t or don’t respond, this demo track will be upgraded to the full version so it will be added to the main composer page.

      Good luck and congratulations to the following winners:

      Victor Cooney: Blood Wolf (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #1

      Good luck to Victor! You’re the 1st runner-up!

      Philip Williams: God on the Corner (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #2

      Good luck to Philip! You’re the 2nd runner-up!

      Joel Barile: Jesus Lipshitz (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #3

      Good luck to Joel! You’re the 3rd runner-up!

      Tommy G.: The Grass is Dead Everywhere (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #4

      Good luck to Tommy! You’re the 4th runner-up!

      Bob Ashland: Blue Sun (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #5

      Good luck to Bob! You’re the 5th runner-up!

      Jimmy Hegger: In-My-Glass (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #6

      Good luck to Jimmy! You’re the 6th runner-up!

      David Burge: Oklahoma Gumbo (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #7

      Good luck to David! You’re the 7th runner-up!

      Sool: Tornado (Demo Traced)

      Finalist #8

      Good luck to Sool! You’re the 8th runner-up!

      Here are the tracks submitted for Demo Soundtrack:


      Dead Drops (Demo version)

      Essay #1

      In my Veins,

      me Alone, absthona

      essay #2

      The Wild God’s Hunt



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      During the event of New Year, get inspired by the rhythm of the period and add some fun to your daily life. If your wedding day is approaching, you can decorate your car, home, watch the wedding, carry things to the wedding, etc.
      You can then use the app, “Fidget Spinner” to spin and customize your own fidget spinner.
      The more fidget spinner, the more orders!
      Fidget Spinner is a game that allows you to customize your fidget spinner and spin it up to speed of your choice.
      There are many important modes of play in the game, so you can decorate your living room or decorate your car like the wedding day, the wedding gifts, the wedding movie, etc.
      We hope that you can enjoy this fidget spinner.


      What’s New

      Would you like to meet more girls? Now you can access the irresistible girls in this app!

      1) Girls
      2) About
      3) Country
      4) Game setting


      – You can access the girls with offline.
      – There are two different modes. You can set the game mode to start from the start, or game mode to share the current state.
      – Each girl has a way to display your fashion.
      – You can set the gender and the country of your choice, including Singapore, Canada, Denmark, UK, and USA.
      – You can set the game speed and the fidget spinner speed.
      – The game is now at the stage of the second daily update, so you can use your own fidget spinner anytime!

      An evil sorcerer sent a demon to kill America’s dream. This demon will invade the 35 states of America, 50 states of the United States and the 50 states of the USA, 90% of the population will be killed, and a final target is to seek the face of this city, so that he can be able to take the death of America’s citizen.

      Name of Player



      Black fire, a demonic sorcerer, who has come to take revenge from the demons that are killed.


      The two main parties do not back down, but the game has a way, they never back down, there must be some tricks to be safe, if you no longer back down, you will lose the game.




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    Text Twisted Pro

    Shareware Tools :

    Window Designer Pane
    DWG Viewer
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    Syntax Highlighting Window
    Syntax Highlighting Viewer
    Isochrones View
    Isochrones Viewer
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    System Requirements:

    * Supports Windows OS (all builds – x86 and x64)
    * Supports Linux OS (all builds – x86 and x64)
    * Supports Mac OS (all builds – x86 and x64)
    * Required: DirectX 11
    * Required: OpenGL 4.3
    * Required: Audio Output device
    * Recommended: Intel HD5000
    * Recommended: AMD HD6000
    * Recommended: AMD HD8000
    * Recommended: AMD R9 290
    * Recommended: Intel HD4000
    * Recommended:


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