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Name Diluvion – Captain’s Journal
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– The enemies ingame have been changed
– Thier appearence has been changed from your point of view as a perfromer
– Enemies will be attracted to you using a reality distortion field
– The appearence is based on the taste you have for fantasy.- You can give them names in your world according to you (so that you have some comfort in the game) and set their appearence and more
– Availables sizes : Standard Size (Normal), Large Size (Large), Huge Size (Huge)

Included Languages
1. German

Installation Instructions
1. Unrar.
2. Install the Fantasy Enemies Skin.
3. Copy all files from the skin folder into the game folder.
4. That is all.The installation time is about 7 minutes.

Enemies Skin
This skin contains all enemies and all units (tanks, air units, special war units and war aircraft, support craft, etc). To use this skin you only need to install it into the game.
You need a internet connection to use this skin.
If you dont have internet connection you can use the Fantasy Unit Pack instead.
To install the skin you must do the following:
1. You need a skin folder. Copy the contents of the skin folder you downloaded to your game folder.
2. You must set the skin file name in the config file of the game. To set this you must:
a) unrar the game with winrar
b) navigate to the config file in notepad ( normally its in \users\your uid\application data\common games\and then name of the config is “Skins”. Should be written in plain text file)
c) add this line below with the new name of the skin file:
“skins_preload_file = SkinFileName”
3. That is all.
The installation time is about 2 minutes. The time depends on the number of the files you have in the skin folder.
To install the package simply:
1. Install the skin package.
2. Start the game.
3. You have the skin!
If you have any questions please write to me.
Thank you

The Enemies Skin
This skin is only a set of enemies units in the game. You must install the Fantasy Unit Pack if you want to use this skin.

The enemies are not really harmed by


Features Key:

  • First person shooter killing off a vore-like monster. 
  • Gorgeous assets: you can see a “rendering” of all the models in the game (with links to download the 3D models).
  • Official trailer
  • Entertain friends with The Elder Scrolls.
  • And music from Crunch Clan

    Posted by David


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    Diluvion – Captain’s Journal Crack + Free Download

    This is the official English translation of the 2016 Gamestart International edition.
    “Ultramodern5” is the follow-up to “Ultramodern4”, and the main modifications to the original system were made to facilitate future use in other settings.
    Set in the early 21st Century, “Ultramodern5” uses the 5th Edition Ruleset and provides the first ever Ultramodern setting that is neither fantasy, nor science fiction. Instead, it is a blend of these two genres, and may be used to run games set in the past, the present, or anywhere in the far future.
    Key Characteristics:
    Ultramodern5 is a tabletop roleplaying system built for low-fi fantasy and science fiction.
    As a general rule, the gameplay is streamlined with an emphasis on fast, cost-effective action.
    The base system is a version of the 5th Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons rules that has been adapted to allow for use in many settings outside the realm of the fantasy setting.
    The main modification in this edition is the class system, which was originally designed to be combinable with the official Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset.
    In this edition the five classes are organized into three ladders. The three ladders provide more options for character creation, and give more flexibility to the player in crafting their own campaign.
    The goal is to “create a game that is super-tight, and you don’t need to be a diehard 5th Edition ruleset purist to play it.”
    Key Features:
    Advanced Class Ladders
    Five classes organized into three advanced class ladders.
    Three ladders provide more options for character creation.
    The ladders can be adjusted and modified to fit your campaign.
    Characters can choose their class and gain an immediate benefit in the form of a new rule.
    Generic Combat Systems and The Ladder System
    The ladder system allows for adjustment to the system by adjusting the restrictions of each ladder
    Advanced class rules present slightly different character creation systems, with more flexibility.
    Generic combat system based on the 5th edition D&D ruleset.
    The combat system and the ladders are designed to be “independent of each other,” so that players can pick them up and drop them in their campaign without needing to swap anything out.
    End Game Mechanics and Retiring
    End-game mechanics include a new retirement system and options for character death.
    The retire mechanic provides a new way to


    Diluvion – Captain’s Journal Crack + Free Download (Updated 2022)

    1. This DLC adds the T78 tank destroyer to the existing vehicle line.Thefeatured vehiclecanbecharminedvehicles, including its base version and all available DLCs of the line.Youcanalsoskillupwithandchoosefromallavailablevehicleclasses.FendofforpowerfulMissileAttackandBulletDamageoraimedandpowerfulShellAttacks.

    The features of this DLC:

    Fully featured American Tier VI tank destroyer with high combat and Technical Efficiency.

    Designed by Ares Inc., the American Tier VI tank destroyer is based on the T-55A.

    The gameplay of this DLC includes the following features:

    3 unique aces, 1 unique ace — the T-55A, armed with the 105 mm gun, a large number of shells, favorable crew composition and favorable characteristics.

    Gun depression (10/+20) — the ability to effectively utilize the terrain and remain in the distance from your opponents shells.

    Armored Train 2D style — a combat vehicle that is incredibly mobile and equipped with two-directional engine.

    Features of the new vehicle:

    High combat and Technical Efficiency — the TE of the T-55A based tank destroyer is 9.5%, which is very high for this class of tanks.

    The High Accuracy allows you to maximize the effect of your shells and place them in the center of mass of the target.

    The High Penetration allows you to quickly cause damage to a vehicle even from a distance.

    High Crit Damage makes the enemy vehicle explode very quickly, potentially forcing a retreat.

    Low Recoil Damage reduces the influence of the combined ATGM fire of an opponent.

    Unique crew with 27 mm characteristics — unique characters and skills that are helpful for playing this tank destroyer.

    Unique crew with Brothers in Arms — the crew of this vehicle gives you easy access to the ability of Brothers in Arms with no requirements for experience, XP or other conditions.

    Perk — Brothers in Arms gives you the opportunity to escape to the order of the vehicle: 100% success reduces the damage that the enemy can cause you and enables you to better track your allies.

    Game “World of Tanks — Elusive Menace Pack” Gameplay:
    2. With over 1,800 skins to pick from, this expansion features, for the first time, a dynamic vehicle present on the battlefield.Dynamicvehiclemeansthatyoucantakeinside


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      Free Download Diluvion – Captain’s Journal Crack [Win/Mac] (2022)

      The Secret World is a persistent, MMORPG where your adventures have consequences. Every decision you make will carry over to the next day, week, and life. Explore a living, changing world as you fight a mysterious war to change your fate.
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      All new Evil Awakened content added in all editions with more on the way in the future.
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      Content Updates:
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      Below are the content updates that will be included in the Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition.
      Deus Dei Ex Malis: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the plot as long as they buy into this portion of the game.
      The Dawn of the Morninglight: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the plot as long as they buy into this portion of the game.
      Hermes Bureau: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the plot as long as they buy into this portion of the game.
      Te Libertatis: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the plot as long as they buy into this portion of the game.
      Tantalean Viscum: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the plot as long as they buy into this portion of the game.
      Gambitscape: Every player that is currently in the game is not important to the


      How To Crack:

    • First, you need an account
    • Make sure to click this
    • to enable an account
    • Download the.exe file
    • While you’re at it, make sure to enable Warezuke as well!
    • Once you’ve both enabled, you can enable Warezuke.
    • Double-click the exe file to run it
    • Once it’s done loading, select to start full-screen mode
    • You will have to wait a little while for it to load and while it does, you should see an error at the bottom of the window
    • Depending on the program, this error can be caused by a corrupted file, and will fix itself in a few moments

    If it does not fix itself immediately, press ~ (the at symbol) and it will bring up the Warezuke software updater

    When this pops up, choose the update 6 link and click Download

    Allow the installer to do it’s thing




    System Requirements For Diluvion – Captain’s Journal:

    OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    CPU: Intel Core i5
    RAM: 8 GB
    HDD: 30 GB
    VIDEO: NVIDIA GT 540M / AMD R9 290, VAIO Pro 13 All Series / NVIDIA/AMD R9 290
    DirectX: Version 11
    Asus VX43AC’s Direct X Version is 11
    SCART / AV IN: Panasonic V



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