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Pianoteq 4.0.4 – Standalone · Large VST plug-ins folder (CLICK.
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Why does Node.js’ ‘for’ loops behave differently?

I have some code in Node.js version 0.12.4. I’m trying to port it over to the latest Node.js version 12.x, specifically version 12.4.1.
Before changing the version, I first used console.log() to see what was happening. I found that with the version 9.x – a loop exits immediately, and with the version 5.x, the loop does not exit at all – it just sits there spinning its wheels and spins endlessly.
with version 7.x, there are two problems. First of all, it actually exits, but only after a certain amount of time, then it starts again. Second, if you try to ctrl+c it, it will not let you do it. There is no output on the command line for about 15 minutes.
It seems like the version difference has caused this issue. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? What is the current version supposed to do? What’s changed from version 9.x – version 11.x? Is the behavior of the ‘for’ loop affected by the version?
Below is a small snippet of code. I use ‘for’ loops inside a function that takes variable number of arguments (n is the first argument).
for (var i = 1; i


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Pianoteq Editor is a 32/64-bit general-purpose music notation software. It is designed to edit music scores and scores for other applications.. Pianoteq is a Piano Soft (Windows XP) or PianoSoft (WinVista) based music notation and composition package.
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