JPLAY Audio Player V4.3 X64 X86 Cracked ~UPD~ ✊🏿

JPLAY Audio Player V4.3 X64 X86 Cracked ~UPD~ ✊🏿

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JPLAY Audio Player V4.3 X64 X86 Cracked

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i have already tried thisQ:

Open and remove the folder containing the edited file in Vim

I have the following folder structure:

I have run the following command in vim
:e /home/user/my_dir/myfile.txt

The window opens, editing the file in vim, and the folder my_dir appears in the status line.
But the folder never disappears, and so when I exit Vim with

the folder remains open.
Is there any way of creating the folder again, or can it be removed with one command?


Press q to exit :edit, not ZZ


To force q to exit :edit, while removing the directory of the file:
:unmap ZZ
:sleep 15
:map ZZ d

This will remove the directory my_dir in less than 30 seconds, as long as you do not have any plugins manipulating these mappings.

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