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The Elden Ring Cracked Version game is a fantasy action RPG that allows players to take on the role of a warrior in a world that originated from the Legend.

As a player, your purpose is to take on the role of a hero who wields the power of the Elden Ring to restore order to the world and improve the various races in the Lands Between.

The highly anticipated fantasy action RPG where you take on the role of a hero in the world of Legend. Create an entire collection of unique weapons and wear distinctive equipment.

Travel across an open world with seamless world navigation and easily explore the detailed landscapes.

A multilayered, character-driven story that transports you to a world where characters come to life in numerous situations.

Gamers on all platforms will be thrilled to discover a brand new fantasy action RPG!

New Characters and Events

Duncan Black:

Duncan Black is the sole inheritance of the once powerful house of Black. He is a man with a sharp wit and poor manners. While often gloomy and vindictive, the boy now living in the castle as an orphan possesses a wisdom and will of his own. Black has a skeptical view of power and wealth, and believes that those who stand above others should act responsibly. He is responsible for the loss of his father, and has a strong hatred towards the leader of the nearby King’s Knights.

Mana Wolf:

A young woman who was saved by the boy Duncan, Mana Wolf often speaks to him of past times. She is a descendant of the Warriors of the North.

General Demia:

The current head of the House of Demia. He lives in the castle of his ancestors, giving orders over the Dragon Knights.


A girl from a nearby town. She may seem cute and innocent at first, but in truth she leads her own army behind the scenes. She wears a mysterious band on her wrist, and wields a variety of weapons, so even if you kill her, her companion may easily find her and kill you.


The first underling of the legendary Elder Dragon Kobalos, or Olaf. He is a well-known secret agent for the Order of the Mysterious Wolf.


His eyes are gentle and his voice is cheerful,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World
    The Lands Between are connected to a huge world comprised of countless locations and quests
  • Customize Your Character
    With over 140,000 items to customize, create a character that represents your play style from strong warriors to sorcerers
  • Online Play for 4 Players
    Connect with up to 3 players and take on a variety of content online
  • Advanced System for Networking and Communication
    By assigning and registering characters and items, you can easily join up with allies and cooperate to complete quests and tasks
  • History of Elden Ring
    Famous races with their own history and NPCs appear in the Lands Between as you progress further
  • Distinct Classes and Classes Capability
    Classes and classes are upgraded by leveling up, and players can freely switch between the classes at any time
  • Bow Attacks
    Researching bow attacks provides you with a variety of skills that have the ability to change the battlefield
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    Elden Ring Crack Activation Code X64

    I will definitely continue playing this game and I will also continue buying it, I loved the games I played in the anime series and I feel glad I played the game. Please continue the game.

    pretty good game although the story is super short and the enemies/bosses in the game are ridiculously easy.

    I bought this game while it was on sale for under $5 and I absolutely loved it! This game is literally the best thing ever. The music is awesome, the enemies are varied and the dungeons are challenging. I would give this game a 20/10. A FANTASTIC purchase.

    Amazing. Everything about this game is great. The character designs are beautiful and the boss battles are out of this world. I highly recommend this game.

    This game is great! I’ve played the game through about 20 hours, and I’ll probably play more. The music is original and unique, and the graphics and design are really good. I’m also planning to play the anime at some point. Fantastic work!

    The game play is fantastic. But I feel it kind of slows down a little bit in the middle. But I think that’s expected because of the anime, and the anime is a very good film. (I watched it when I was younger.)

    Overall, it’s very good, especially for the $5 price. I recommend this game to all of you.

    Okay story, good gameplay, let’s talk about the game itself.
    The plot itself is really something great, it’s an anime.
    Gameplay is simple, you play as a character, level up, collect loot and you fight bosses.
    Overall, I’d say it’s a very good game, even though it’s very similar to other games like it.

    Story, Art Style, Music, and over all gameplay are really good.
    You can make money and buy and upgrade stuff and all.
    I really like this game and I’m really glad I bought it.
    If you like a good and quick game, then this is for you.
    Good game, good price, and over all a really good game.

    This game is really good, but it also has a really confusing story.
    Gameplay is really fun and there is a lot of different types of stuff you can fight.
    If you’re really looking for a fun game, I would recommend this game to you.


    Elden Ring Crack + [Mac/Win]

    (Controllers: PS4, XBOX ONE)

    (PlayStation/Xbox listed on the left; Nintendo listed on the right)

    Players start out with one skill set, and can acquire a second set to evolve.

    Players can also use the free crafting system to customize their weapons and armor.

    The player may customize their character appearance, weapons, armor and additional equipment.

    Using this power they can evolve and augment their skills to become more powerful.

    Players can freely battle other opponents, or cooperate with friends in a powerful cooperative party.


    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    In Multiplayer, players can roam and adventure together with other players.

    Players can change their character class and back up their progress between sessions.


    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players can form a powerful team where they can combine their strengths to explore vast regions, unveil powerful monsters, and collect valuable treasure.


    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players can follow the story of a single character while exploring vast regions, dungeons, and open fields.

    Players can talk to NPCs to improve their relationships and gain new achievements, and fight the monsters that threaten the world.

    Story Quest

    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players can fight the monsters that threaten the world, and explore vast regions to search for new records and earn powerful equipment.

    Challenge Quest

    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players can fight the monsters that threaten the world, and explore vast regions to search for new records and earn powerful equipment.

    Rare Dungeon

    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players fight the monsters that threaten the world, and explore vast regions to search for new records and earn powerful equipment.

    World Map:

    (Controllers: PS4/XBOX ONE)

    Players can freely explore the world, and find new and valuable treasures.

    Players can take a hot air balloon ride with the characters along the overworld map.

    Players can freely explore the world, and find new and valuable treasures.

    Players can freely explore the world, and find new and valuable treasures.

    Customizable World Map:



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How play ELDEN RING game:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    021.Reckoning for Atton [Junkyard-STORE]
    04 Nov 2017 21:10:20 GMT

    Reckoning For Atton

    The old druid requires her aid.

    When the land is shrouded in merciless rain, and the storm-bound sea is as still as an unfathomable void, wandering travelers have abandoned any resolve to come seeking help, and have taken refuge inside her temple to take shelter.

    The priestess Adelreia assesses the state of the visitor. The rough weather rain is a harbinger of extreme misfortune and sorrow.

    The old druid is weary and ill. A miracle is needed. A miracle almost impossible to obtain.

    The servant enters bringing a soft bed made of linen, and a water pot filled with gruel for the guest. This is noticed by the priestess, who knows first hand, that no good can come of what the servant is about to do. A warm meal will be welcomed, this woman will need the comfort of food and rest.



    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Win7/8.1/10
    Web Browsers: IE9+
    Mac OS: 10.7+
    Nintendo Switch: iPad 2 or newer
    Xbox: Xbox 360 or newer
    * Existing licenses can be upgraded for one console, however you will lose the secondary license that was created on another console.
    * If you have multiple consoles and wish to get multiple copies of the software, please make a purchase for each device.
    This is the third release of the MM


    Download ->->->-> DOWNLOAD

    Download ->->->-> DOWNLOAD

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