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Name Elden Ring
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▶ A New Action RPG for the Next Generation
A fantasy action RPG for the next generation.
We took the elements of the existing FFV games, such as action RPG combat, non-linear story progression, and ‘action’, and expanded upon those by fusing them together in an action-RPG.
The reward system focuses on building up your action-RPG skills by using Action Points, Action Skills, and Action Items.
Players can freely customize the amount of Action Points they allocate to each action skill and action item.
PvP Online battle is a unique genre in the action-RPG world. Fight with your friends in a large-scale environment and enjoy PvP Online battle
over the various roles that you develop.


▶ Online action-RPG battles
In addition to online PvP Online battles, you can also engage in the real-time action-RPG combat with up to 4 players.
Participate in the online PvP battles in real-time, and strengthen your Guild with other players.
If you find yourself in a PvP online battle, it’s best to ask the other players to quickly change their battle roles.
▶ Experience the World of the Lands Between
Explore vast fields, dungeons and caves, and encounter the myriad of monsters and players in the Lands Between.
A landscape that bridges between the two different worlds of the Far East and the West, and is where the massive inter-world changes are taking place.
▶ Fight with friends and make a living
Rely on the strength of your characters, and battle the monsters that threaten to destroy your world.
The far-away land of the Lands Between is turning into a world that could be destroyed, and it is up to you and your friends to uncover the mystery and protect the people.
▶ Eclectic and Entertaining Story
The story of the Lands Between is a multilayered drama about a group of characters who must assemble their own destiny and protect the Far-East and the Worlds Between
▶ A Mythic Structure with a New Point of View
A myth-like novel that takes place in a non-linear order.
You can freely switch the order of the quest content.
Depending on your decisions, various scenarios, characters, and dungeons open up and you can continue the story in an entirely different way from the beginning.
The way you achieve the ending differs depending on your choices and the unique story of your own character


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Your own stats and skills are used as a basis for a completely original character generation and growth system
  • A dynamic adjustment between the difficulty of the fight, the player’s own progression of skills, and a game system that renders the environment dynamically. The player’s choice of tactics, speed, and personal strength are revealed via a player’s stats, enabling exciting game play
  • Customize your own character as a Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Monk, or Explorer and it will be fully equipped to face all kinds of situations and overwhelming enemies
  • Create your own group with companions and unfold your life’s story over a period of time in an epic fantasy RPG with a huge world of 0.6×3 kilometres!
  • Fun/Exciting online experience with asynchronous multiplayer. Fight over whom you will gather as a group and then organize play sessions with others.
  • Gameplay



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    Game disc size:

    14.7 GB


    Available on the Wii U


    Action RPG



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    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

    The game contains new mechanics that carry the Bloodborne experience into the Land Between, but also features new systems such as the “Elden” system, Trine and the use of the Elden Ring.

    The “Elden” system is a new system that increases the challenge of enemy attacks. This system improves the balance of encounters to make the game even more enjoyable.

    Along with “Elden”, an all-new Trine mechanic, which is a new way of fulfilling a task using the power of your own two abilities, is used in the game.

    In addition, the usage of the Elden Ring, the Bloodborne-like item, is also used.

    Equipping items can be a simple operation, but using items, such as the Elden Ring, to strengthen your attacks and protect yourself when under attack is a complex process.

    Even while feeling excited to the fullest, accept the quest of the man in black and the sense of wonder of the Lands Between.

    The Elden Ring game is full of adventure!

    Rise up, Tarnished; become an Elder Lord in the Lands Between!


    The Story of “The Lands Between”

    The most important thing to do in order to become a legend and establish an Elder Lord is to defeat the man in black.

    The man in black is an unknown foe. All that is known is that he wears a black suit and an unlit lantern.

    Upon receiving a request, Sora travels to the Lands Between, as a hero who wants to bring glory to his hometown.

    Along the way, Sora meets different people and meets a new story that is different from the previous story of the Elder Ring.

    The Lands Between

    There are many different paths in the Lands Between.

    Each path is like a maze and each building is a puzzle.

    The path is made up of different kinds of areas, such as western plains and western mountains, as well as floating dungeons that appear in the sky.

    Each dungeon has a unique design, with three dimensional elements that make it feel three-dimensional.

    At any time, you can freely travel in the Lands Between. Even though the world is made up of many paths, in reality, if you take time to explore, a path that looks similar to another will appear.

    Some dangers await even in the peaceful looking


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    ! General Information!

    Reach the most beautiful fantasy lands where a new epic action adventure awaits you.

    * In the worlds between, countless plots unfold as though they were one story.

    2. [ Players ]

    The old fantasy action RPG ELDEN RING boasts an original story, characters, and gameplay that were previously completely absent.

    * How you respond to those characters will define your destiny. The plot will unfold through the combined thoughts of the diverse characters.

    3. [ Developers ]

    ELDERING, Inc. is the company behind the creation of the most impressive fantasy action RPG in the history of game development. All praise goes to the vision and spirit of ELDERING.

    * The new fantasy action RPG ELDEN RING will be released in November 2015.

    4. [ Screenshots ]

    Enjoy the beauty of the fantasy world in high-resolution screenshots.

    * As a game developed by ELDERING, Inc., ELDEN RING is a product that guarantees unparalleled quality.

    * Numerous high-resolution screenshots that show the most stunning visuals are included.

    5. [ Wallpapers ]

    Download and enjoy the quality of Wallpapers.

    * Screenshots and Wallpapers are in high-resolution.

    6. [ How to Play ]

    Know the essential controls for beginning to play the new fantasy action RPG ELDEN RING.

    * You have to fight against the fearsome monsters and fierce enemies that have invaded the Lands Between.

    * Grow your character into a powerful hero to defeat your foes.

    * Equip your weapons and gear, and use them to attack and defend.

    7. [ Maps ]

    Map Information will be displayed after the start of gameplay.

    * As an action RPG, you will be able to seamlessly transition from battles to exploration.

    * Each Area in ELDEN RING will offer full


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