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“The Elden Ring Game” is a fantasy action RPG that features an epic story and an extensive world. It is a game that is very unique in terms of world background, in which you and other players combine to build a hero, who must use the power of the unique legendary piece of the Elden Ring, and the jewels and other items that they find on their adventure. The overall atmosphere is magical.
Rise, Tarnished. The Lands Between, March 16th.
For any questions regarding the game, you can contact us at
Mail : [email protected]
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Is there an adjective form of “stand-alone”?

I’m reading Richard Stallman’s Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and I came across the following:

Learning is typically achieved by bootstrapping a learner using a stand-alone program that is developed by a programmer (often without the knowledge of the user) and then learning that program. Once the user is satisfied with the performance of the stand-alone program, they can deploy it for use with their own application.

Is there a construction like “stand-alone learner” out there?


A search for “stand alone learner” brings up:

independent learner
stand-alone learner
stand-alone learning
stand-alone learning system

Other interesting search results include:

stand-alone learner
stand-alone learner system
stand-alone learner framework
stand-alone learner framework


Why does Rails use method ‘edit_record’ instead of method’redirect_to’?

I would like to know why rails uses method ‘edit_record’ to track a submission as opposed to just’redirect_to’.
Can anyone explain how it works?
I’ve looked in the Rails core, but I was hoping someone could help.
I could perhaps understand that ‘edit_record’ is how that rails method would normally be written, and if it was written normally, that may explain how it works, but still it doesn’t explain why they chose that particular implementation, which is kinda complicated by Rails’ design using ‘_’ to separate the ‘action’ and ‘controller’ methods.


It’s not about saving, it’s about editing. The default behavior of redirect_to is to


Features Key:

  • A One-Shared World
  • Family-Friendly Interface
  • Up-to-date Lending System
  • Additional Information:

    Developed by the development team that created Axiom Verge, the creator of the retro adventures Galak-Z and Jet Fusion. The game was fully developed at the indie team Metropolis Software.
    The genre might remind old-time, after the era of the fantasy RPG, Might and Magic and Final Fantasy VII, but we aim to have this genre feel new and vibrant.

    RPGAppsArts & ArtsAPGTeakurtelaxy lifeElden RingiOSiPadiPhoneiPod lifeiPodThu, 28 Aug 2014 10:50:10 +0000Brian Barnett18543 at Action Game From ‘Jet Fusion’ Game Creator to Hit Android Phones Too

    Jet Fusion: Mangakakame

    Though Elden Ring is expected to make its grand debut this December, a new title from Alex Rigopulos and Ted Price of the indie development team behind Jet Fusion is already on its way. Jet Fusion: Mangakakame is the name of the new action game from that team. It was announced in the latest issue of Game Informer by way of a pre-Elden Ring teaser. And it also marks the first tentatively confirmed release for iOS and Android (though we weren’t sure at first whether we’d get an Android version of Elden Ring at all).

    Though she’s covered Mars in her space explorations, Rice isn’t a scientist, nor is she an astronaut. In that respect, she felt some responsibility to choose a respectable name for her rocket, which could do a large amount


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit] (2022)

    (from the perspective of the Japanese version)





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    There is a reason why an online game for mobile devices may be very different than a console and PC game. When you first buy a PS3 or XBOX, you are purchasing the hardware. Then you buy the games. This is not the case with mobile devices. Even with iOS and Android apps, developers of the apps don’t really own their own software. Developers buy the software from third parties. Part of the problem is that the platforms we play these games on are very different from one another. There is no d-pad, no analog stick, no analog stick buttons. All we have is a touchscreen with a couple of buttons on it. This is a great thing when you are playing a mobile game like Super Mario Run, because it is very simple to pick up and play. They have a very easy to understand formula that if you master it, you can have a great time. This isn’t the case with the games that are being developed for consoles and PC. The games take advantage of the hardware that is there, to the point that they become more complex than they are in the mobile games. When I say “complex”, I don’t mean by the number of things. I mean the way it plays and the systems that are at work. In mobile games, everything is easy to understand because they aren’t complex. In console games, everything needs to be done and placed in the game through a complex process that starts before the game even begins. All of the systems that developers create to play games are created just to make that process easier and to match the style of the game. How does the difference between mobile and console games effect the games developers? Well, it depends. Some developers can do both, but for the most part, you either develop for consoles or for mobile devices. The primary reason that you see more games on mobile devices is because it is a lot cheaper to create a game for a mobile devices then it is to create a game for consoles or PCs. Even with the industry getting bigger, the studios get smaller. The reason the studios get smaller is because they need more and more staff to accommodate all of the different devices that are being developed for. What this means is, you could be developing for a certain platform and forget about it for a bit. Even with the Playstation 4, developers have to juggle between a traditional console and mobile development, as there isn’t enough time in a game’s development to develop for both. This same thing happens with the PC platform. With the PC, it


    What’s new:

    Download the Official Trailer:

    Direct Link

    noENG.2122/28November 4, 2016016ComplexityRiseActionRPGMOBALinuxSupportText-Only ContentStrategybusiness, game design, game, humor, introspection, narrative, multiplayer, p2p, performance, play, pvp, realtime strategyvideogamesfree-to-playopen-worldopen-worldPvPthird-persontop strategytragediesgamedesignFri, 04 Nov 2016 15:24:00 +0000mec12-31-2016: Values in Games: Ethics & EmotionsWe have a long way to go.

    h8game, a company that develops game engine technology, and gaming portal, founder of dinoPLZ, are now hiring.
    Are you a video game developer?
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    <p style=" margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom:


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    could not update data to _changes.{_id,_rev} on _mongoengine.Document instance

    i am creating a django app,i am using _mongoengine to connect my Django app to MongoDB.
    In my i am fetching data from MongoDB in console and it is working fine.
    i am getting data in my Django app.
    Here are my models:
    class User(db.Document):

    username = db.StringField(required=True)
    first_name = db.StringField(required=True)
    last_name = db.StringField(required=True)
    dob = db.DateTimeField()

    def __repr__(self):
    return f”User(username='{self.username}’,first_name='{self.first_name}’,last_name='{self.last_name}’,dob='{self.dob}’)”

    class Profile(db.Document):
    user = db.ReferenceField(User)

    img = db.FileField(max_length=500,default=’default’)
    location = db.StringField()

    def __repr__(self):
    return f”Profile(img='{self.img},location='{self.location}’)”

    Here are my
    from django.shortcuts import render,redirect
    from.models import User,Profile
    from.forms import UserForm,ProfileForm
    from.forms import *

    def user_list(request):
    users = User.objects.all()
    context = {‘users’:users}
    return render(request,’admin/user_list.html’,context)

    def user_edit(request,id):
    user = User.objects.get(pk=id)


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the torrent / direct link given in the link. Choose your installation type, such as full, light, and others. It is safe.
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  • After booting is completed, the software will automatically run in the background and download more files and crack tools.
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  • Now open the folder and copy the cracked files in it, paste it into the Elden Ring folder, and make a shortcut of the program in the desktop. Go to the new shortcut when the program is running and press Win + R keys, write “cmd” and enter.
  • Run the cracked folder. Click on “Config” and select “Reload” when the results are shown on the window.
  • Now exit the game and move the folder with the crack file into the game folder. If it is not there, go to the system file > click on the installation and setup > right-click on “Elden Ring > go to previous folder.
  • Now play the game when launched, go to the program file, and paste the cracked files into game folder and press “Enter”.
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    System Requirements:

    OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit
    CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5-3470, 4.0 GHz Intel Core i7-4790, 3.6 GHz Intel Core i7-4790
    RAM: 6GB of RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD R9 270X or better
    Sound Card: DirectX 11 capable sound card
    DirectX: DirectX 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes: Requires the installation of the Deep Silver D


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