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Using the custom made engine of the the company, we developed a fantasy action RPG. It is a dark and immaculate experience of a new fantasy of fantastic and mystical charms.

Delighted at the unfolding of what is hidden in the world called dream, the player is bound to the ancient cycle of the destiny of the world, a myth called the “Elden Ring Crack”. Be prepared for a theme of the adventure!

Game Introduction

■ Story

An ancient legend about the country Elden at a time called the “Elden Ring” existed before the myth called the “Elden Ring”. When you set foot in this story, you are guided by divine powers with your own imagination and actions.

A dark and immaculate journey begins.

■ Development

We aimed for the best in terms of visual quality of the game and appeal to the senses. To the game, we applied an RPG game style as a basis, and aimed to maintain unity in the game.

We also made efforts to make the game a fantasy action game.

■ Online Game

We are delighted at the idea of connecting the game that we are creating through the Internet. With the cloud computing game development, we aim to make it possible to enjoy the game from anywhere.

■ Features

● A Time of Kings

A Legend of Darkness

Unique Style

A smooth graphical style with a dark atmosphere

Online game

More than 30 players can join in multiplayer

Individual Style

You can freely custom the appearance of your character

Story: The Elden Ring is a mythical country in the south of Elden. It was once regarded as the Elden’s main country. Once the people had evacuated it to Fafnir City or Splendor in the far east, it had the atmosphere of a town. Fafnir Town had been destroyed. The people began to fear they would be delivered from Elden, but the prophetess Phalanx, whom they called “The elder”, continued to maintain the residents of the Elden Ring. The prophecy of the Elder began to grow weaker. People in Fafnir City had been delivered from the destruction that was about to come, and had been wondering if there was something left in the Elden Ring. However, the Elder had continued to be awakened. The people in Fafnir City had been bewildered when the Elder told them that as long as there is life


Features Key:

  • High Quality Gameplay
    • Dynamic, Interactive Battles
    • Impressive Visual Effects
    • Overwhelming Damage to Enemies
    • A wide Variety of Enemies on the Field
    • Calculated Choice of Entire Advanced Field Strategy
    • Unique Value of Book & Magical Equipment
    • Various Advanced Battle Functions
    • a Multi-Step Damage Attack
    • Improved Damage Responsiveness
    • Impressive Voice Acting
    • Sudden Damage from Battle
    • A High Reversal Rate

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    “Blend in to the battlefield and pull out your own weapon” is a battle tactic unparalleled by any other game! ★ DISC 3 EXPANSION
    ESRP Deluxe carries elements of fantasy combat and realistic RPG elements to create a new but dynamic shooting game type.
    As you progress through the game, you will be able to build up your spell, skill, knowledge, and even become a Vast Champion.
    Finally, your coordinated and skilled team, the Silver Guardians!
    She is the hero who dared to go to the Durance of the elder scrolls… and remains.


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    The standard story mode and Heroic Story mode of the video game ‘Eden Ring’ (Old games)

    Standard Story Game – 20 Chapters & 60-70 hours of fun
    Heroic Story Game – 40 Chapters & 120 hours of fun

    It costs $ 4.95 to buy the game in from Google’s Play Store.

    This is a real bargain.

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    Elden Ring Free

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Internet Must Be On
  • Install Unzip
  • Install The New Fantasy Action RPG.NET
  • Done
  • © Unknown Developer. All rights reserved.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: windows XP or higher.
    RAM: 512 MB
    Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant video card with 128 MB RAM.
    DirectX 9 capable: Pc gaming with DirectX 9 compliant video card with atleast 128 MB RAM.
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