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Download Setup + Crack ››››› DOWNLOAD



The enigmatic and powerful Elden Ring gives power to the highest-ranking members of the Elden Order, and is believed to be the most powerful tool in the world. An organization of unknown origins, the Elden Order has never been seen in this world, and is known as the ultimate enemy of mankind.
Through the Elden Ring, our world has been overrun by monsters, and the Elden Order has appeared in this world on the pretext of fighting such evil. Their ultimate goal is to kill as many humans as possible.
Relying on all available knowledge, science, and technology, the Elden Order has devised powerful weaponry and technologies, and has gone to any length to prevail. Yet, humanity has become stronger by the day, and the Elden Order’s supremacy is slowly fading.
In the Elden Ring Game, a new fantasy adventure!
■ Battle System
Exploring various dungeons in the Lands Between is a satisfying yet casual gameplay experience.
The Elden Ring Game features online play that allows you to enjoy the game with your friends, and also enables players to form a party to go on a co-op quest.
■ Dungeons
The varying and interesting layouts of the various dungeons in the Lands Between give the game a sense of variety. You can find out if you can defeat the monsters if you defeat them with one try, and of course, the higher level you are, the greater the challenges and rewards.
The higher the level of monsters, the tougher the monsters will be. If you find a dungeon where there are monsters of a certain level, you will find that even the difference between the basic and expert levels cannot overcome them.
■ Multiplayer
We have included multiplayer of both offline and asynchronous online play. You will be able to enjoy the experience of defeating enemies together with your friends, and after you beat the monsters, you can return as a monster to cause chaos with your friends.
By connecting your account with other accounts, you can change characters, communicate with other players, and leave messages.
・Online Play
– Up to four players can play together in a party, and you can play your game with friends from different countries.
– You can play as a monster and attack humans, or as a human and help your friends.
– You can communicate with your friends, who can be monsters, humans, or intermediaries.
– You can change your character, equipment, and skills during the game.
– You can play a game by yourself or with


Download Setup + Crack ››››› DOWNLOAD

Download Setup + Crack ››››› DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • An epic online role-playing game
    Elden Ring allows you to fight alongside friends or team up with strangers in real-time, and online multiplayer via the Google Play Game Services.
  • Strong characters and deep gameplay
    In addition to powerful weapons and the effects of magic, a variety of other factors such as battle-inspired noises from weapons and responses by NPC characters will enrich the role-playing experience, and dozens of quests will keep you immersed.
  • Beautifully detailed characters
    You can take the role of your character one step at a time and develop a unique aura and style based on your progress towards perfection.
  • Advanced Skill and Magic systems
    As you level up, the number of skills that you can learn and increase your class levels will increase. Acquire new skills depending on your play style such as magic, attack and defense, and class changes.
  • Beautifully smooth and rich graphics
    With 55 detailed levels in the Irealm of Despair and 39 detailed levels in the Irealm of Grace, rich environment with well-designed landscapes, and beautifully smooth animation. In-game features such as a high-resolution graphics mode and Vibration Mode also provide comfortable and smooth gaming.
  • Simple operation
    Complete map and payment processing operations and additional features such as a chat feature or in-game inventory are all integrated so that it is easy for you to enjoy your experience.
  • Get a Guild

    Guilds are a great way to share your new adventures and build up steam.

    * Union members are required to pay for the guild using Google Play.

    Get Started in the Guild Today!

    Join today and as you continue your adventures in the Lands Between!*

    [* Terms & Conditions apply. More information available at 


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    “Full of fantasy, Elden Ring is the fantasy RPG that you have been waiting for.”

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    Chinese (Simplified)


    * The above languages have an English version that is included with the game.

    * Depending on the game region, please select the appropriate language.

    * The number of the above languages has been limited to 22.

    Customer Services

    Please contact us at Service (at) if you have any queries about the game.

    About Us

    Elden Ring is a free-to-play fantasy action RPG game developed by SMOG Games, based on the rich, mythical world of the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is a huge continent between two worlds, and within it, players can live as an Elden Lord to wield great power. In Elden Ring, your destiny will be greatly impacted by your choices and actions in life that shape the way you become an El-Dene Lord. You will also be part of a vast story filled with epic battles and dramatic adventures as you experience the unique world of Elden Ring for yourself.

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    • Character Development
    By leveling up, characters gain experience points and skills, and it is possible to level up multiple skills in order to create an even stronger character.
    By selecting a combination of weapons, armor, and magic, and by enhancing these items with skill points, you can develop your character, and even customize it with items that can be used to charm others.
    It is possible to change the appearance of characters.
    • The Battle System
    Gorgeously styled 2D battles.
    You will direct your characters into high-drama battles while determining the future of the world.
    Like a traditional RPG, combat has a turn-based mechanism.
    By pressing a button, you will enter the battle scene. By changing the direction of your character, you will be able to block enemy attacks, evade the enemy, and attack the enemy with skill.
    By pressing a button, you will execute a special attack.
    • Explore an Open World
    The environment and contents of the world are randomly generated.
    If you explore the world, you can acquire items with varying contents.
    You can also freely move around even when you are attacking.
    • Player Character
    Select your own character from a variety of classes: Warrior, Monk, Mage, and Mystic.
    During the battle, you can switch classes freely in order to switch to the appropriate class at the appropriate time.
    • Over 30 Game Modes
    You can play a battle mode, an adventure mode, a skill-boosting mode, a clash mode, and a monster mode. In addition, there are various modes that are unique to the type of class that you select.
    • Multilayered Gameplay
    From the viewpoints of character development to combat, there are a variety of elements in Elden Ring.
    This aspect of the game was designed to enable a more refreshing gaming experience.
    • Replayability
    The story is told via a variety of scenes, and it is possible to replay the story to a different outcome.
    • More to Explore in the Multiple Worlds of Yggdrasil
    You can enjoy the game with an energetic and interactive story.
    The beautiful worlds of Yggdrasil, and the world that is created using the data from other worlds will please your senses.
    • An Experience with Perfection
    There is no filler in the game, and the story is tightly woven into the gameplay.
    In addition to the story mode, you can enjoy a battle mode, an adventure mode, and various


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    A groundbreaking fantasy action RPG developed by the team that brought you the acclaimed Dungeon Fighter Online.
    • The first game by the team that brought you the acclaimed Dungeon Fighter Online
    Approximately 200 years after the disappearance of vampires, a new day has dawned. All vampires have awakened to cause destruction, and the strong must rise as they once again rule the undead.
    • In the Elden Ring, the only place where vampires coexist with humankind, and monsters from each era have spawned, vampirism has returned.
    • A number of unique concepts and deep difficulties await gamers who are looking for unparalleled and intuitive gameplay. It’s time to prove your abilities as a vampire.


    Oculus Rift

    This game isn’t compatible with Oculus Rift at the present time. It’s currently under development.

    Game features

    • 3D Turn-based tactical combat
    • Elemental skills
    • 2D and 3D battle maps
    • Fun yet dynamic UI

    PC Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 (with 3.3GHz-3.5GHz core) or AMD A10 (with 3.3GHz-3.9GHz core)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760(PC)
    • Memory: 8GB RAM | 16GB RAM
    • Hard Disk: 25GB hard disk space
    • Sound Card: DirectX11-compatible


    Free Elden Ring Activator For PC 2022 [New]

    How to Play:
    1. Open the game and create your own character.
    2. Equipping and upgrading the weapons and armor you earn in-game.
    3. Simply move your character by tapping the left and right pad.
    4. Try to gather as much loot as possible to increase EXP and gain level faster.
    5. Explore the vast world, meet new friends, and participate in the battle to protect the lands.
    6. There are no words to praise its graphics, and its atmosphere, and its music are simply amazing.
    7. As you fight with monsters, the sound will give you a warning.

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    Added new turrets and traps that can damage the enemy.
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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Elden Ring Demo – Install and start the game as usual and after you have finished the tutorial, search for the box “Elden Ring” in the purchased items folder and press play. After the installation, the Demo won’t be playable, just enjoy the main quest to unlock the full version.
  • Elden Ring Full Version – Download the crack to get the full version of the game and enjoy it now.
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    System Requirements:

    Requires a 512 MB Video Card
    Minimum 1.6 GHz processor
    Minimum 256 MB RAM
    PC Download:
    If you are experiencing trouble with the Steam download, you may try this Mirror
    Q: Do I have to buy the game in order to play it?
    A: No, you do not. You simply need a copy of the game. The demo version offers many features, such as the tutorial, story mode and online matchmaking, all of which are available for free.
    Q: Will the


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