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Name Elden Ring
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• A Fantasy Action RPG Based on the Elder Scrolls Series
• Multiple Different Worlds With Terrain Changes
A deep world with multiple worlds, where different areas have different characteristics.
• A High-Definition World
A new, three-dimensional world of a scale that only the Elder Scrolls has ever presented before.
• An Adventure Concluding in a Battle of Alliances
A world shrouded in darkness, where both heroes and monsters dwell.
• Original Content: 40+ Jobs
Change the world and fight with monsters using the 40+ jobs from the Elder Scrolls series. All of these jobs give you the capacity for a complex, challenging battle.
• A Variety of Characters and Job Roles
Change your character through a variety of jobs and evolve your characters by levelling up and equipping items.
• A Game with a Real Story Line
In addition to the adventures, the game has a story that takes place after events in the Elder Scrolls series.
• A Community That Loosely Connects You to Others
Join a fantasy world via the internet and take part in the massive adventure along with the characters that you have befriended.
• Important Elements to Enjoy the Game
A variety of unique RPG elements are included, such as the ability to utilize items, creating a game which combines the realistic action of a fantasy role-playing game.

• When the game is sold, it will be provided in a manual that describes the various features that have already been announced. The game will also be provided with a system update that enables access to more functions.
• The game will be playable with, or without, the Internet. The Internet play element is aimed at providing a connection to other people who are located in the game world and provide multiplayer support.
• The game can be played without a controller (GamePad is supported). To be displayed on the smartphone screen, it is recommend to use the game application on the iPad, Nexus 7, or similar.
• The game includes an online feature that allows you to chat with others in the world. We will announce additional details as they are made available.

The world of the Elder Scrolls series takes place in a world of geographical separation, called the Lands Between. The Lands Between is where time no longer flows, and the boundary where the Lands Between and the real world intersect. In this world, where time does not progress, the natural flow is reversed and evil powers are constantly pushing the


Features Key:

  • Freely change the number of squad members. This will change a number of individuals from their party and also the class restrictions of companions.
  • Battle conditions can change in Normal/Opaque/Oblivious Places, allowing you to immediately react to how the battle was going.
  • Occasionally you will be able to have up to 2 dungeons or front line encounters appear.
    — Normal Dungeon: Where normal dungeon battles happen;
    — Opaque Dungeon: An opaque dungeon will appear only after a certain level and can contain up to 5 dungeon bosses;
    — Oblivious Dungeon: An obliviously dungeon will appear only after a certain level and can contain up to 5 dungeon bosses.
    The presence of these dungeons will often change the terrain, and the movements of NPCs will change.
  • The ‘Elden Ring’ will take its first steps and your company will transform into a guild with the construction of a temple as your first goal.
    — Temple: A special location where you can enter special activities and receive rewards like crafting stones, materials, equipment, etc.;
    — Elden Ring: As you gain more level up, you will move forward to the ‘Elden Ring,’ and further from the party to the field where even stronger and more powerful monsters gather.
    The size of the world will gradually increase as your company progresses.
    — Guild: A company of guiles where the leader is your guild master and you can share and store items.
    — Old Golden Ruins: Your guild and several other guilds leave the guild and go to this place.
    — Heroic Lands: A field where the battle of power between the Land of Duals and the two crowned nations—Valnor and Qarnath—occurs.
  • There will be an event where fansub crew members of youkai-hen that have been able to provide new information are accepted as bosses.
    — Like an Exhibition: Bosses that promote the game through the website can be accepted as a boss event, and these are people like Linco, Junman, yuuki12, etc.
  • Similar to an exhibition is also a special event where your guild will be taken to the mountains for a hunting party.


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    Elden Ring Free

    Full of action and combat, Tarnished nails down the gameplay that makes an Elden Ring game different from other RPG games!
    Full of action and combat, Tarnished nails down the gameplay that makes an Elden Ring game different from other RPG games!
    1. ① Unique Style Action RPG
    A tailored action RPG experience for the incredibly addictive quality of the action style.
    2. ② An Epic Story of a Mix of Myth and Reality
    Relive the story of the original Mythology of The Elder Scrolls, and follow the struggles of the various factions of the world, from the primitive tribes of the north to the brilliant light of the imperial city of Cyrodiil. The game contains over 10 hours of narrative content and over 100 hours of gameplay.
    3. ③ Dragging Addictive Combat
    Combine your magic with action to control an explosive power-up attack that brings explosive combos and chain-attack systems to the Elder Scrolls world.
    4. ④ Wield an Unbelievable Variety of Weapons and Armor
    Craft and adapt the vast variety of weapons and armor from the land of Tamriel and use them to fight the enemies who stand in your way.
    5. ⑤ Complete Independence of Your Actions
    Go on adventures by yourself with no help from an overbearing questgiver. Even while on a quest, you can wander through the streets and towns and work hard to have a spectacular outcome.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: XP/Vista
    Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: DX9.0 compliant video card, 256 MB VRAM
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card, 1024 MB VRAM or higher
    Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.77 / 5 ( 4623 votes )
    Update (6 days ago)


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