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Name Elden Ring
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Join the Bodhi tree in Summer

Experience from the bottom of G-Revolution’s Soul to the top, the hit mobile game “G-Revolution” will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its launch by holding special events at new “G-Revolution” locations.

Visit new locations for special events or get permanent, limited-time G-Revolution items in your favorite location.

More information will be provided as details are confirmed.

*A new location will be open in the relevant event.

■ Contents

“Magna Ring”

The “Magna Ring” is a special item appearing in the game’s anniversary event.
The item will only be available in the new location open for the event.

Type: 3 x Skill EXP Reset Scroll x1

The Magna Ring is a special item that returns your 3 remaining characters to level 1.
*All characters, regardless of level, will appear in the Order of Combat once you reach it.
*Receive one Magna Ring per order of combat.
*This will reset the number of your characters in the Order of Combat to 2.

*The Magna Ring does not count towards your item or skill reset of Ability points.

*This item cannot be moved to a different “G-Revolution” area after purchase.

■ Events

“Summer Revolution”

Special items will be constantly provided until August 9 at 6:00 AM JST.

Item details will be provided on the respective page on the website.

**Each item is available in one location.

■ Dungeon

“G-Revolution Summer Kingdom”

A brand new dungeon will be opened on August 5 at 6:00 AM JST.

▼ Rewards

You will receive Silver Game Coins to the amount of the items’ purchase price.

*The amount of Silver Game Coins you can receive will vary depending on the number of characters in your party.

*The Silver Game Coins are non-redeemable items.

You will receive a new dungeon item and one Extra Dungeon Coin in exchange.

The Gold Exchange Coin is a special item that allows


Features Key:

  • Online Play!
  • Epic Drama!
  • Variety of Play Style!
  • A World Rich with Exploration!
  • An even bigger world.
  • Enjoy Online Player vs. Player Battles!!
  • Official System Requirements

    • Windows PC/Mac (Windows 7/8/10)
    • SSD 320GB


    Processor Type:

    • Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7
    • RAM: 2 GB RAM

    Operating System

    • Windows 8.1 / 8 / 10 / macOS 10.7 / 10.8

    Hard Disk Drive

    • SSD
    • Windows 7 and later OEM edition ROM 1.1 or later Macintosh 10.5 (10.5.5 or later) or later. Supports only the MBP with Open Firmware.

    Video Card

    • Intel Core Graphics(OpenGL 2.0) or OpenGL 3.0 for Intel/AMD based Mac

    Contertional Graphics Card

    • Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel Iris Graphics or Intel HD Graphics

    Networking Device

    • Broadcom 802.11n High Speed Wireless Network Adapter Broadcom BCM4322B0KMD5
    • Bluetooth Version 2.0


    • 4 GB


    • VIP Rewards
    • Item giveaways



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    “Handmade campaigns that force the player into a relentless pace of action, make the player feel the adrenaline rush of the challenge.”

    – PlayStation Magazine (Japanese)

    “The players end up becoming immersed in the world and fighting with a fierce determination to beat the game.”

    – Giant

    “An impressive story quality, and a dynamic combat that relies on quick reflexes to keep you on your toes.”

    – Kotaku (Japanese)

    “It takes great effort to immerse yourself in the world, to enter this world with just the touch of a finger, to relish the splendid moments, and be able to take revenge when things go wrong.”

    – PlayStation Magazine (Japanese)

    Please see the reviews above for much more information.


    If you really want to get involved in the action, then there’s a blood-soaked path ahead of you. Even if you simply select the romance option, the character you raise will be a bloodthirsty beast. ‘Even if you focus on preparing for the main adventure and take the normal route, your journey is sure to be full of blood and malice.’

    Online: Play Asynchronously With Others


    We begin at ‘Gloria’s house’… or ‘The Alhaster Sanctuary’, where you will meet the narrator, a character that will provide you with quests. As your character fights with the enemy, you will be able to go to ‘The Shrine’, a place of honor where you can lend your strength to the ‘Shrine Warrior’ who will be fighting alongside you in this fight for the power of the Elden Ring.

    In a place where the once-strong ‘Elden Warriors’ live in shame, the only people who can take up the fight are the ‘Warriors’ of the ‘Elden Ring’. A class that exists solely to fight for the powerful god ‘El’.

    The stage is set for a game that becomes greater than one played offline. An action RPG that is filled with legendary swords and great magic.


    The world of Elden is a vast one. There are many


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    This is an official game of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

    All assets, both graphical and technical, are property of Bethesda Softworks LLC, and are not property of the game’s licensor or developer.

    Published by Bethesda Softworks LLC. “Bethesda,” “The Elder Scrolls” and related logos are registered trademarks and the COPYRIGHT in the name of Bethesda are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC. All other trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

    All game content and assets are subject to the EULA version 1.0.

    This game contains downloadable content that may include additional content for the game, account features, game platform features, or other content. You will be provided with a way to access DLC content through in-game notification in the video game. Once purchased, this additional content will be playable for you, from the point of initial purchase.

    This game may require internet connectivity.

    Trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners.

    Special thanks to the respective owners of the following media used in the screenshots: The Elder Scrolls (ES), Bethesda Game Studios (BGS), and Bethesda Softworks LLC (BS).

    Copyright 2017 Bethesda Softworks LLC. All rights reserved.

    When you first launch the game you will be prompted to download the game’s software and install it to your computer.

    By selecting OK, you will be charged the price of the selected Edition for the software that you are installing.

    Once your payment is confirmed you will also be prompted to create an account for your game.

    You will be given the option to import your previous user account details and save games. If you do not import you will be prompted to set up a new account.

    Choose the language and locale you would like to play the game in.

    In some countries, some games may require a separate in-game license.

    If you have not installed any other game, you will be presented with a prompt to install Skyrim.

    You will then be taken to the game’s opening menu.

    You will be given the option to play the opening movie or skip it.

    Select your desired difficulty setting and create your character.

    Depending on your hardware configuration, you may be presented with additional loading screens


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