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As you quest, the world around you will change, and you will gradually fall in love with the fate which is entrusted to you. Your goal is to become an elder lord and receive the gift of the Elden Ring, which will be revealed at the end of the game. This is a dynamic action RPG. The fate of the world, entrusted to you, depends on how you play it.

Let your sense of fantasy run wild as you wield the power of the Elden Ring!

■ Basic Features

■ Customize Character

The appearance of your character, such as face, hairstyle, and accessory, will be customized as you develop your character by equipping weapons, armor, and magic.

■ Define Your Own Style of Play

When you create a character, you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic. Increase the number of statistics that will increase your combat power to become a strong warrior.

■ Romance in an Epic Drama

A multilayered story, told in fragments. A dramatic story that goes beyond the ordinary fantasy action game.

■ Play Singleplayer or Multiplayer

You can freely play with those you like, including your friends. Playing with a group of people and experiencing in-depth gameplay by gathering to share experiences together, are possible.

■ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

Where the fragments of a myth conflict, something important is waiting to be discovered.

■ Asynchronous Online Connected Play

In addition to the multiplayer component, you can play with others while feeling the presence of others.

(1) We’ve been looking for the Archon Ardenia for a long time, but we never found him. We have no information about where he is, or if he’s even alive.

“Archon Ardenia was a great warrior, but he has disappeared without leaving a trace in the world of Altea. The name Ardenia has long been forgotten in the world, but the spirits of his ancestors and of the people who once called him their warrior still exist.”

——Elden House employee Arita Junta

Now, in his absence, we have received a letter from the ruler of a neighboring country, whose king left the kingdom in search of the Archon Ardenia…

From that time, the Crown Prince of Altea, Sebastian, has taken charge of Altea as his own country. Although


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unleash Comprehensive Equipment: A full lineup of a wide variety of equipment items and weapons at your disposal that change according to the class you choose.
  • Rigid Online Progression: Steady on mission progression, but enjoy various gear that enhances your battle ability. It makes the game more immersive to always participate in intense battles with your friends.
  • Grand Strategy Battles: Unparalleled online rival battles with a variety of battlefields. Defending locations will experience frequent battles with a variety of players.
  • Variety of Characterizing Systems: Apart from your in-game characters, you can customize Tarnished characters in order to participate in a variety of system-based activities, such as occasions, Feast Day, Chocobo Fight, etc.
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      “Elden Ring is a difficult, challenging action RPG packed with role-playing elements that challenges you to overcome your flaws and rise above your weakness. It’s not for everyone, however, as it’s very unforgiving.” – What HARMless

      “Elden Ring is a game that is hard but rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment at each step, but often being test of your perseverance and skill.” – Covert_Potato

      “… The game is exactly what you would expect from an old school-style RPG… It’s a good game, especially if you just want to mess around online and take some RPG shortcuts while you play the game, but the actual structure and RPG aspect really come into its own if you’re willing to put some effort in and pay attention to the game.” – VisciousGamer

      “Elden Ring is not an easy game but its brevity and no save option make for an experience that’s not as unforgiving as you might think.” – RPG-Mista

      “One of the best singleplayer RPGs I’ve played in years.” – ActionSnack

      “Elden Ring is a solid fantasy RPG experience that lives up to its full potential.” – Doughnut

      “I love this game! It has a great story, great graphics, great gameplay mechanics, great unique music, but it has one Achilles heal of any video game I have ever played: no saving!” – jefm

      “Elden Ring is a great, varied action-RPG.


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      ■ Characters


      Yuria is a spirited maiden with a mature view of the world. Her journey through the Lands Between will offer a unique drama that will make every player’s skin crawl.

      ■ Story

      In the Lands Between, many people have been wiped out by otherworldly calamity, and Yuria ended up drawn into a conflict between the darkness of Magic and the forces of Light. She is the only survivor of that conflict, and now her only goal is to find out who is to blame for this catastrophe and exact revenge. The story is structured in five acts. After the first two acts, you can freely choose how you want to proceed.

      ■ Characters


      Yuria is the sole survivor of a devastating conflict between Light and Darkness. Because she isn’t a Magic user, she was annihilated without a trace and thus was thought to have become a ghost. Since then, a mysterious hunter, who prowls the ruins that remain in the Lands Between, has been searching for Yuria.Q:

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      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Make sure to check out GameSpot’s interview with the game’s Co-Founder Hiroshi Ide for further info & preview!

      THE ALMOST FOREVER. The online diary that appeared on Famitsu detailing the card battle RPG that will make appearances at PAX Prime in Seattle. At present that is, as right now I don’t have a copy of the English game nor a copy of the Japanese game.
      Anyway, check out the pictures! A new card fighting genre action game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron? The soundtrack at PAX Prime offers a new take on the theme of El Shaddai, assuming to have at least part of the theme
      The central character is Alza, a skilled violin player who trains herself to become a cosplay type of girl. The main protagonist is also a friend of hers, a kid named Remy named “befriend the player”. You can assume that you are a “shaddie” through a session.
      At the start of the game, Alza will partner and marry with Remy so that the two can have a child. However, the action will change when Alza contracts a disease and then becomes unrecognizable. Meanwhile, no more than a few years have passed and god has appeared.
      Alza, the God of War: The God of Stories? Alza who lost in the war was made into a God, taking over human history and turning mankind into a terrible and monstrous race. Alza will liberate humanity from God’s grasp.
      “Shaddia”, derived from the phrase “Shaddai”, God. The first player character is Alza, also known as “Shaddia”. Assumed to be a representation of the Christian God’s oppression of mankind, she strives to be the Savior of mankind and a God who beckons us to die and live again.
      Remy, the Sound of History: The Warrior God? As a little child, Remy unites in the noise of the ‘Alza’ and trains hard. He stands out like a shining sword in the struggles.
      Remy, the God of Heaven will be fighting against the God of Chaos and Armageddon. Whether to uphold the rule of mankind or God.
      Azlya, the Metal of Support: The Angel of Life? Azlya as a high school


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Minimum Requirements:
    CPU: Pentium III 750 MHz
    RAM: 256MB
    Sound: DirectX9 compatible sound card
    OS: Windows 2000 (SP2) and higher
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or higher
    Recommended Requirements:
    CPU: Pentium II 350 MHz
    Possible Issues:
    Please make sure


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