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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG made for PC (developed by Makerburn), which features a very large world which is full of quests and diverse and surprising enemies. You can freely choose your fate.

What will you choose:
-Do you believe in god and the promise of a new world, or is the world a random place full of nothingness and strife?
-Is there a Creator who would bind fate, or is there nothing but the calamity of the world?
-Will you become the destroyer or the weapon?


Starting with Elden Ring, we are proud to introduce to the world a new game created from the idea of RPG development.
The world of Elden Ring is an RPG world, and it is diverse in terms of geography, and classes and jobs.
The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG with a deep combat system that lets you wield weapons and magic.
It is a game that lets you have fun by choosing your fate at the start of the game.
You can freely start your gameplay, and if you wish to become the strongest or the most important person in the game, it is possible.
One of the features of Elden Ring is its realistic character development.
As you play through the game, you will collect stats (Strength, Intelligence, etc.), improve them, and develop your character.
There are many different ways to develop your character.
Even better, players can enjoy an RPG experience in a different way.
Elden Ring is an RPG that can be freely customized.
Players can freely combine swords, armor, and magic, allowing them to freely create their own unique characters.
Rises is also an RPG that you can play alone.


-Various Gameplay with a Class System
Starting with the class system, Elden Ring has various classes, such as Mage, Fighter, and Thief.
Each class has a different speed of attack, so each class has its own combat style.
Classes also have its own special abilities, so that it is possible to freely enjoy the class and game play that you want.
The class system is a system allowing you to freely change the course of the game.
In addition to the class system, the game also has a job system.
The jobs that you obtain can be freely changed, and they can even be switched between at any time.
To enrich the world of each class


Features Key:

  • Operate a great guild that provides a variety of different quests each with its own rules
  • Various open-world fields to explore
  • Three-dimensional dungeons with different designs
  • A variety of interesting monsters
  • A great online story
  • Access to the latest content by buying a large amount of gold and monthly memberships
  • Incredible graphics
  • Immediate feedback on your actions
  • Possibility of friendship and romantic relationships
  • Playable characters in the New Stranger System
  • A new character design function
  • Extra Features

    A new character design function

    The new character design function allows you to create your own character easily. Unlike traditional character creation functions, you can freely design your own character freely. If you wish, you can create a character with a design that you’re after. An extensive set of illustrations and sketches provides guidance on developing your character design in the best possible way.

    Map details on your screen at all times

    It is important that you are familiar with all aspects of the game when you play because there is a lot that happens on your screen. The basic map will display what your troops are doing and where you have direct control. There is also a map that will display the detailed status of all your influence and status within your guild and the detailed status of the three towns. This map will display who has become knights, who has become elders, what status they have in the markets, what your status is in each department, and so on. You can use the button on the left to instantly return to a map that allows you to see all the information at once.

    Release dates and Other Information

    Tarnished Version 1.4.1
    ■ Release date: 21st February 2020

    ■ New Content: 3 new classes (Wheat and Onion Swordmage, Fruit Scythe Archer, and Rage Barrier Bard


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    ※ Description of Reviews For This Game

    El Dorado Online brings us a new fantasy action RPG game which features re-imagined graphics, a new immersive world, and the pinnacle of online action RPG gameplay that combines the best aspects of action role-playing games and trading card games.

    With a unique online system that loosely connects players together, El Dorado Online provides an unparalleled level of storytelling and gameplay experience. Players can choose their preferred character, with which to travel through a vast open world, and progress through the online world’s dungeons by dealing with a vast variety of monsters with their own characteristics.

    In this game, there are four basic classes: warrior, magic-user, rogue, and adventurer. All classes have their own strengths and weaknesses, and their roles are complementary to each other, allowing you to create the perfect character at the beginning of the game.

    But before exploring the world, you must first complete the tutorial to obtain experience points to level-up and build up your characters. You must also gather equipment to improve your character’s strength and increase their resistance to damage.

    Once the game begins, you will encounter various situations and monsters as you explore, and through various actions, you will be able to complete various quests. Various other online features, such as World Calibration, Party Challenge, and different Dungeon Maps also play a role in the game.

    With the new online system, El Dorado Online will be a once in a lifetime gaming experience.

    ※ Description of Reviews For This Game

    Good Features:

    · Online Features with You and Other Players in the Following Orders: Multiplayer, Party Challenge, and World Calibration
    · Freely Choose a Character that fits your play style
    · Ability to freely combine weapons, armor, and magic
    · A vast world with a variety of landscapes to explore
    · In addition to the main quest, you can choose from various side quests to complete
    · Two-dimensional turn-based battles that allow for close-range combat with precise attacks
    · A variety of monsters and events that occur between battles
    · A rich story that allows you to experience the events that shape the world as they unfold
    · Various types of dungeons.
    · A variety of equipment that improves your party members’ attributes and their resistance to damage
    · Parties made up of four party members: Warrior, Magic User, Rogue, and Adventure


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    RPG ELDEN RING game:

    ■Fast-paced battles with a diverse range of game elements.
    • Fierce battles where players wield heavy weapons such as axes or swords to defeat the enemies!
    • Enjoy the action!
    • A unique setup of a screen that allows you to enjoy the battles while monitoring all the enemy movements simultaneously.

    (Please refer to Screen Captures for more details.)

    With an understanding of the world, go on a journey as Tarnished.

    As you continue on your journey to become a Tarnished, you will find the screen going back and forth. In addition to the typical RPG genre screens, you will also be able to enjoy the action of an FPS game!

    ◆Classic RPG elements◆

    (Please refer to Screen Captures for more details.)

    A comprehensive set of equipment, a multitude of skills, and freedom to freely change the characters’ appearance are the keys to the success of this game.

    ◆Various Game Elements◆

    ◆Action Elements ◆

    ◆RPG Elements ◆

    ◆Fantasy Elements ◆

    ◆Various Screen Types◆

    ◆Multiplayer ◆

    ◆Actions ◆

    ◆Turn based ◆

    ◆Party-based ◆

    ◆Free combat◆

    ◆Motion Control ◆


    (Please refer to Screen Captures for more details.)

    ◆Vast world◆

    (Please refer to Screen Captures for more details.)

    It is still a long time until the launch. But I’d like to introduce you to the world of The Tarnished Prince.

    Developed By: Cryptic Studios, Creative Technology

    Published by: Cryptic Studios, Creative Technology

    ※For the product name in the image.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an abbreviation of Scientific and Technical Centre for Telecommunications

    (Please refer to Screen Captures for more details.)

    The series

    ▼A series of subversive thrillers depicting a World of Human Origins.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

    ▼What people are saying

    “The story is so captivating that I absolutely


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Lead your character on a journey to rise to the top of your clan, engaging in an epic clash with powerful monsters and bosses.
    An action RPG of the first generation,
    ARTEKO ORACLE ROAD is a free game on Steam.

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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack Incl Product Key

    1-Download, extract and run.exe

    2-Choose destination folder

    3- Play

    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 and 64 bits)

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 at least 2.0 GHz and AMD Athlon 64 at least 2.0 GHz with at least 512 MB of RAM

    Memory: 512 MB of RAM

    Graphics card: Shader 3.0+, DirectX

    How to play ELDEN RING:

    You are the leader of your army. Your duty is to defend your castle and expand your empire. To do this, you must first conquer the land, then come down to the lands below and populate them.

    Rise from a traveler to a lord. In a world full of beautiful women, you will be the Master of your own fate.

    Join your army and take up the sword or the bow. Learn and equip up to eight different types of armors and weapons.

    The battle alone or together with friends is exciting and challenging.


    The game is full of songs, enemies and characters who all have different personalities. You can choose the character and the course for your army and learn skills, equipment and weapons to customize your party and strength.

    You can remove the stone and build your own castle and expand your empire with vast lands.

    Because this game is online, it provides multiplayer gameplay where you can form alliances with other players, resulting in an exciting and unpredictable story.



    X – Move

    A – Jump

    S – Attack

    W – Use Bow and Shield

    Z – Use Sword and Shield

    K – Block

    G – Pick Up item

    START – Start battle


    ・PC – Ver. 1.0

    ・Map System


    ・Artwork & Graphics (2D and 3D),



    ・Release Program





    Android – GOGLE


    © Gamepark

    RISE, Tarnished – ELD


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Direct Download
  • Extract the.zip file & run the setup
  • When completed, close the program
  • Double-click on the “elden-ring-setup.exe” to launch the installer
  • When the installation starts, wait until the “Unlocking” window appears
  • When finished, extract the contents of the data folder to the desired location 
  • License and Support:

    ***Elden Ring Full Crack Activation Code:***
    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Intel Pentium 3 CPU
    • AMD Athlon XP CPU
    • Pentium IV CPU with Intel C2
    • AMD Athlon XP CPU with C2 or
    • Pentium III CPU with Intel C2 or
    • AMD Athlon CPU with Microsoft C1 (or)
    • Pentium III/IV PC or
    • AMD Athlon CPU with original Windows 95 (or)
    • Pentium III/IV CPU with original Windows 95 (or)
    • Advanced System Laboratories (ASL) Version 9.0 or higher


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