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Name Elden Ring
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Rise, Tarnished and Become an Elden Lord.

From humble beginnings, you will strive to become a Legendary Lord and acquire the power to control the fate of the Elden Realm, which has been split into the Light and Shadow Lands. As you are joined by fellow players and their acts of support, you will strive to leave a legacy you can be proud of.
The lands are in turmoil, and the kingdom is in peril. The fate of the people depends on you and only you, and your fate as a legendary Lord of the Elden Realm rests in your hands. It is your destiny to save the kingdom from ruin!


Features Key:

  • More than 20 character class options, including classes specific to Monsters and Elden Lords
  • Shooting and swinging using the keyboard keys on the PC and mouse and WASD keys on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
  • Experience the nonlinear interactive map while avoiding traps, barriers, monsters, and Elden Lords
  • Create your own Elden Lord in a fantasy setting with countless combinations and a wealth of items to discover
  • An absorbing story full of drama
  • The People of the Elden Ring are waiting for you!

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    “A game that goes beyond easy, fast-paced, and short, and shows a depth of character and experience in a fair amount of time, this RPG is worth a look.”

    “Tarnished Throne is a fun, fast-paced and expertly crafted RPG by a team of developers that know how to make a game that is a breath of fresh air. It’s got a big heart that will keep you coming back for more and it’s got a very beautiful world that will make you want to explore even more of it!”

    “I did come into Tarnished Throne with some expectations, but it did not disappoint at all. It definitely feels like one of those games that exceed those expectations, and the combat is easy and fun while being challenging and challenging at the same time.”

    “While it does take quite a bit of time to fully explore the world and get to know all of the characters, Tarnished Throne has a ton of interesting elements to talk about and a visual style that is beautiful and unique. Also, combat is fun and satisfying to play.”

    “We’re so happy to see such an awesome title come out of the Midwest, as the north side of the country has so much to offer in terms of AAA development. The game is actually a remake of a previous game, but with a different protagonist. The new game fits the description of Tarnished Throne and features a variety of new types of creatures to explore, including not one, but two awesome giant dinosaurs. With simple movement and combat controls, you’ll enjoy the beautiful 2D world as you uncover the story of the remaining Knights, and find an ancient treasure.”

    “This is an RPG that is worth playing even if you like it the typical way. You won’t get the story of the Ancient Empire unless you play through the game entirely.”

    “I honestly wish that I could give this game a perfect score. The combat is fast-paced and engaging, the story is interesting and engaging, and there are so many things to do and see in this game. It’s extremely satisfying to use your skills to slay the deadly creatures


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    Briefly, EDORADO is a hybrid action RPG with RPG elements. It is a game in which you can experience action within the context of a story. EDORADO is targeted at players who love classic games.

    PRODUCTION PROCESS EDORADO “The Black Cross” has been developed by an international team consisting of staff from Bandai Namco Games Inc., the developer of the wildly popular MONSTER HUNTER series and the recent Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Key Visual Art, Inc., the developer of the popular Kingdom Hearts series. EDORADO “The Black Cross” will be developed by the team led by Yuya Tokuda, a producer and scenario writer for the DRAGON QUEST series, who will partner with Key Visual Art’s Akihiro Suzuki and Kazuhisa Wujiwara in ensuring its quality.

    GAMEPLAY EDORADO “The Black Cross”
    ■ Action System
    Action is implemented through automatic movement and a freely switchable combat style. To switch between different action styles, you can freely toggle each command on or off in the Active Command UI.
    ■ Character System
    A character is developed based on choices made throughout the game. Though you can also assign different roles to each item, it may change the course of the game story if you assign different roles for each item.
    ■ Character Roles
    Character Roles are new to this game. You can increase the power of your character by characterizing your own Role, and then assign it to weapons, armor, and items. There are several types of Character Roles to explore.
    Character Roles
    ■ Basic Type – A basic Character Role, which increases the basic attributes of your character.
    ■ Specialization Type – A specialization character role that increases the critical points of your weapon.
    ■ Character Roles that increase your weapon’s attack power:
    -“+” characteristic – Increases the damage of the weapon.
    -“*” characteristic – Increases the critical points of the weapon.
    ■ Character Roles that increase your defense:
    -“^^” characteristic – Increases the attributes of your defense.
    Character Roles do not consume the Specialization.

    PRODUCTION PROCESS “I want to make a game that allows players to experience a totally new way to game. I’m counting on your support.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Free Elden Ring License Key Full [2022-Latest]

    1. Unrar and install the game.
    2. Copy the “ilt_setup_local.exe”
    3. Run “ilt_setup_local.exe”
    4. Run the game and enjoy!!!


    The Land of Talaria is a heartless realm that was created when its inhabitants sacrificed their lives to destroy an evil force. However, some of its inhabitants, believing that its glory should not be separated from its power, hid what remained of the evil force within the Elden Ring.

    Fifteen hundred years have passed since then. The Elden Ring, known throughout the Lands Between, has been the chosen symbol of the power of the inhabitants. It has divided the Lands Between into the Tower of Talaria and the Tower of Darkness, a feudal Europe, a feudal China, and a feudal Vietnam.

    However, the two towers have remained empty for a long time. No one knows why, but they’ve not been used as dwellings for many years.

    One day, the people of the Land of Talaria accepted a proposal from those of an unknown country that shares borders with the Tower of Darkness. The proposal was to assist in the construction of a new, enormous tower in the eastern tower.

    In order to do so, the government of Talaria ordered the construction of a new settlement, which began work. Some workers, known as the “Grays,” appear, and they told the people of Talaria that the vanguard of a great civilization is coming.

    “It is said that our country will become the place where man lives, and our old country, where our forefathers died, will become the place where all perish,” they said.

    How to play:

    *The New Fantasy Action RPG: Rise, Tarnished is an action RPG game where you take the role of a newly minted lord. When the time is right, you will lead your party to be crowned.

    In the game, monsters roam the world, and you are the only one who can defeat them. You will roam through a vast world with different items and dungeons while working to become the strongest, leading a party of five.

    While defeating monsters, you are also able to level up by fighting them. You can increase your level by entering new dungeons. You can also use items or craft them to increase your combat ability.

    Items that you craft can be used to strengthen your characters. An important thing


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Original Version
    • How to Install:
    Extract the game content.
    • Run the installer and install the game in the data folder.
    • Run the game using the game exe file.
    • Notes:
    After the installation of the game, the DLC & CD IAP should be bought and installed. It’s not included in the installation program.
    • How to crack the game:
    Extract the Crack file. Run the activation.bat and the Cracked game content appears in "DLC & CD".

    Key Features:-

    * 3D World (Larger than a Desktop 3D game)
    * Large and Dynamic 3D World
    * Unique and Exciting World Design
    * Optimized for Windows 7
    * Unbelievably Realistic Adventure
    * Seamlessly Connected Open Fields and Dungeons
    * Beautiful Artwork
    * High Quality Voice Acting
    * Seamlessly Connected Local Single Player and Online Multiplayer
    * Online Multiplayer that Loosely Connects You to Others
    * Downloadable Content (DLC & CD)
    * Online Store (if the in-game currency is purchase)
    * Large World with Large Map Size
    * Low Usage of Memory
    * Easy and Smooth Gameplay
    * Offline Play (single player)
    * Tutorial given by in-game character
    * Many User-friendly Functions.

    The game implements various game features and functions. If you want to use the content of every game at maximum quality, you need to have a powerful computer. If you want to play it on a low-end laptop, or on a mobile device, it might not work well. It is because it only supports Windows.


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    System Requirements:

    The minimum system requirements are determined by the hardware configurations listed in the table below. This table lists only the minimum requirements. Your system’s configuration will depend on factors such as the number of other programs running, the number and size of videos, how often you watch videos, and your video card’s specifications.
    For best performance, your system should be configured to meet the requirements in the table. If you are using an old computer, please upgrade. If you want to improve your performance, please consider upgrading your video card.
    Please Note:



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