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The Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version Game is the brand-new fantasy action RPG from Game Studio GungHo Online and A-1 Pictures. The development team led by Motoi Okamura has targeted smartphone users in mind and created a game that will satisfy players of all ages and play-styles.

There are 3 playable classes, a wide variety of playable weapons and armor, and 5 playable race. As you play, you can increase your power by customizing your characters’ looks and learning new abilities. To master the combat system and defeat enemies, you must hone your skills.

The epic story of the game unfolds as you progress throughout the open world. Vast dungeons and various world routes are connected in the seamless online connection.

*Some information for this press release includes products that are not yet released or while such information is subject to change.


GungHo Online Entertainment America Inc.

Karen Jenne


TEL: 310-277-2523

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Ring: A Fantasy Action RPG in which you Create your Own Character
  • Vast World (PvP in a Verse World) and allows you to Explore a vast world full of excitement.
  • Largest game world ever developed for the Java platform
  • A Multilayered Story that will Take you through Story Fragments and Truly Immerse you in the Worlds and Characters
  • Huge and Complex Dungeons with Dynamically generated AI NPCs
  • Challenge players in a Battleground that is You vs. the Wild
  • Battle Faction Warriors (that made the Crossroads the Greatest)/Factions
  • Epic and Valuable Trophies
  • Elden Ring Multitplayer
    Pvp Multiplayer

    Elden Ring brings together a collaborative online world full of fantasy action gameplay where you and your friends can battle, enjoy them with your friends in a cooperative multiplayer environment. You can be totally different from your friends and create something that sets your name apart from others.

    Character Classes:

    Character Classes:
    Warrior, Berserker, Arcanist, Craftsman, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Rogue.

    Character Level Increase:

    Increase character levels in the game. When your level increases, the speed at which you fight steadily increases. When your character level is increased to 3, an attack point will only increase up to 25 when your attack power is up.


    Cornerstones are Common Items that can be found in the Land Between at the start of the game. There is an item called an Introduction to add Cornerstones to your bag.


    Won’t run out until late in the game. Cornerstones that rank below level 3 can be used to upgrade lifespark.

    Golden Tetr


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    “a game that provides a lovely fantasy world and action-packed gameplay.”
    – MegaCycle
    In Elden Ring, the Lands Between is a world full of exciting adventures. You can freely roam around the vast world without the constraints of time and space.
    You can freely explore the vast world and obtain resources and equipment from large and small hunting grounds. The world is full of open fields, including grassland and dense forests. You can also discover weapons and armor, in addition to the rare magical relics that the cultures of the Lands Between have accumulated over the course of history.
    By gathering the materials and equipping equipment, you can create your own unique character. This character can be a melee fighter, archer, wizard, or a combination of different weapons and armors.
    Even after you build your character, you can freely change the parameters of your characters.
    Play your way and really feel the joy of exploration and exploration.
    UNIQUE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER game that Loosely Connects You to Others
    In Elden Ring, not only can you fight online but you can freely explore the world together with other players.
    The multiplayer mode includes three modes: “Link Battles”, “Team Battle”, and “Arena”. In “Link Battles”, you can team up with other players to fight simultaneously and co-operate with each other to defeat enemies. In “Team Battle,” you can play in a party with up to four players. In “Arena,” you and other players can fight in a hunting ground. You can even fight with the party members while they are offline.
    The game is a unique online RPG with an exchange feature between players, where you can exchange items or equipment and enhance them.
    You can save your equipment and items in the online feature and then load your save file at your convenience. This lets you feel the presence of others and the excitement of using the equipment that you have gathered.
    Change your character’s appearance and equip items. You can change the character’s appearance by editing the body type. You can change the appearance of the character’s weapon and armor by editing the shape, color, or texture.
    Mystic AI is incorporated so that you can intuitively recognize the skills and thinking of the characters you fight. You can directly fight a character and have a one-on-one battle, with the AI controlling them to fight in the best


    Elden Ring Crack [Latest] 2022

    Controls/Character Actions:
    – While moving, you can perform specific actions with each direction of the joystick.
    – Pressing Up, Left or Down increases or decreases your stats
    – Pressing Right can be used in battle or while moving
    – Pressing Up can be used for debuffs
    – Pressing Left can be used to use/revive weapons/spells
    – Pressing Down allows you to special attack
    – Pressing Right allows you to perform actions with the right stick
    – Pressing Left allows you to jump
    – Pressing Down lets you hide

    Basic Tactics:
    – You can use specific commands to help attack/defend
    – You can bind commands to movement keys for easy access
    – You can bind cooldowns for specific spells/spells to key combinations
    – You can bind commands to show HP/MP/str/mag that display on-screen
    – You can bind commands to toggle display of HP/MP/str/mag on-screen

    – You can use “Spell/Spell Ability” to use skills
    – You can use “Throw/Throw Ability” to throw your weapon/spell
    – You can use “Summon/Summon Ability” to summon a minion for support/trapping
    – You can bind spells to your weapons, allowing you to use them even in battle
    – You can bind traps to your weapons, allowing you to use them on the move
    – You can bind skills to your spells, allowing you to use them even in battle
    – You can bind skills to your weapons, allowing you to use them on the move
    – You can bind attacks to weapons, allowing you to execute the attack while you move
    – You can bind skills to your weapons, allowing you to use them even in battle
    – You can bind skills to your weapons, allowing you to use them on the move

    – You can use commands to check information related to battle on-screen
    – You can use commands to process special attacks
    – You can use commands to modify your battle stance
    – You can bind commands to change your stance
    – You can bind commands to have your weapons be replenished
    – You can bind commands to use a variety of weapons/spells
    – You can bind commands to use weapons that attack other monsters
    – You can bind commands to use traps

    Basic Attacks:
    – You can bind commands to use specific weapons


    What’s new:

    While having these features, the game also has several problems: Lag problems due to the large scale of the online feature, controlling moving objects and the UI, and various other issues.

    * Lag is generated on Tarnished Soul on the PS4 in the PQ5 (PG) players’ world.

    * It will be fixed on the server side.

    * Lag may be generated on the PC/Mac with the PQ5 everytime after the PQ2. The PQ2 will be removed from the PQ5 in April 17th, 2018. Please continue to use the PQ5 as long as possible to enjoy its unique features, until the servers are globally reconnected.

    * Please enjoy the various quests such as terror quests in ONLINE, online dungeons, and battle systems, until the release of the questing premium.

    * In case of an embedded device, it will be fixed by the server. You may experience lots of lags due to configuration issues of your embedded device.

    * The game downloads 30mb of data and it would take a long time to download them, if you move to the server online.

    * UI does not support all resolutions and languages. For example, there would be vertical black bar where the text is input. UI also does not support kim and skin. Please adjust the UI settings or choose the correct UI language.

    * The following resolutions are not supported and you cannot select from them.



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    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. –
    Installation and Usage:

    1. Download the game from the link below.

    2. Unzip all files from the archive and install the game from the extracted archive.

    3. To play the game you need: (a) the Internet connection and (b) a Nintendo DS Emulator.

    4. To download the game version: (a) on your computer, the game can be extracted (7z) in the directory “home\”; or (b) on your Nintendo DS the game can be downloaded (3DS Online version) directly from Nintendo eShop.

    5. Download “3ds Download Tool” to extract the game from the Nintendo 3DS download and install it on your computer.

    6. Select “Play Emulator File”.

    7. If the game has been installed and made active, you can play the game.

    8. To exit the game and return to the main screen, double-tap the touch screen.

    9. If you want to quit the game, double-tap the touch screen.

    10. Download a compatible controller:

    a. Download “JoyToKey Switch Access” for PC from the link below.

    b. Select the “3DS” launch option, click on “Download Game”.

    c. The game will be installed on your computer.

    To exit the game and return to the main screen, double-tap the touch screen.

    11. Download the Nintendo DS downloader from the link below.

    12. Select “Launch download”.

    a. On the menu select “Select the file you want to download”.

    b. Select “Nintendo DS Direct”.

    c. The game will be installed on your Nintendo DS.

    To exit the game and return to the main screen, double-tap the touch screen.

    14. Download “3ds Download Tool” to extract the game from the Nintendo DS download


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Make sure to have a copy of Pokemon GO installed.
  • Download the trial version of Elden Ring to use the essential tutorial.
  • After the game is registered, go to “[Settings]” and click on “[Character Setup].”
  • Go to the following link to create your new character;
  • Click “[Apply]”
  • Make sure to fill in all the information above and click on “[Next].”
  • Choose a name for your main character and make it unique for you. Once you are done, click on the “[Next]” button.
  • Choose the platform you want to install the game on, such as PS Vita and Steam for PC.
  • Click “[Install]” then wait for the installation to be complete.
  • Once the installation is done, go to your installation folder and open the file name “program.x86/game” from the folder and launch the game.
  • You now need to create your account on the server, get back to the game page and navigate to “[Servers]” then click on “[Lobby].”
  • Fill in all the information on the page below and click on “Connect and Complete Registration.”
  • Once the installation is complete, close the program and go to “[Options]” and click on “[Advanced Settings].”
  • In the “Game Play” settings, select “[Multiplayer]” and click on “[Enable Server]” and “[Allow Call-outs]”.
  • Once the settings are complete, go back to the page where you authenticated and click on “[Sign In].”
  • Add the details of your currently connected account to the sign-in



    System Requirements:

    Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8
    CPU 2.4 GHz minimum, 2.6 GHz recommended
    RAM 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
    OS DirectX 11
    HDD 1 GB minimum
    Graphics 16 GB recommended
    Sound Card 2 GB recommended
    DirectX 11 and vsync and a multi-core CPU are required.If you have vsync enabled, it is recommended that you use vsync with Microsoft DXR.
    Windows DirectX Runtime Redistributable for 64-bit Operating Systems, Version 11.


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