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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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A Fantasy Action RPG that combines the classic genre with role-playing. Rise as an Elden Lord in a World Between, and adventure through the Land of Calisson. While learning the trade of commanding an army and gathering resources, you can also fight against and dominate rival Lords to claim their lands.

Key Features:

– A Deep and Varied Quest System with Adventure and Character Crafting

Deep and long quest routes provide plenty of content, while the character crafting system allows you to freely develop your character.

– A Persistent Online World with Mini-MMO Elements

You can interact with and trade items with others while traveling on the open fields, and fight others to collect resources.

– Various Battle Systems

Ranged combat for offensive players, or a tactical and complex system for those who love strategy and tactics.

– An Epic Musician’s Song System

A unique character system that weaves the history of human society into the epic music.

*Playable characters are not saved.

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Recommended Disclaimer:

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Features Key:

  • Customize your character’s appearance
  • Customize your character’s equipment
  • Various wars emerge in the Lands Between
  • Various Events occur
  • Special Dungeons
  • Various interesting characters
  • Exciting battles
  • Special, fantastical items as rewards
  • Challenging dungeons

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