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The story of a young man’s journey to find his past.
■ II

Day I: Before the Dawn of Times
What are you looking at? It is a rat. Its eyes are locked with mine.
“Rats? Why would you be hunting rats?”
They are…
I light the fire.

Welcome to the Land Between Where Dreams Go to Die
I know that I need to leave it behind.
“Hurry and come back safely!”
“Don’t tell my story to strangers!”
“… I’m almost scared.”
Excited, I enter the realm of dreams.

“Who are you?”
A young man is standing behind me.
“This is the land between.”
“If you are here, you can’t enter this place.”
He was staring intently.
“There’s no way to return?”
“Mizunohori used his power and split the land between here and the Beyond.”
“It’s fate, the journey of dreams.”
“It’s all up to you.”
Risks headfirst to enter the land between.

That is the Land Between the Dream and the Memory.
It is said that I’ve been here before.
I am in the dream!
Is this really the place between the dream and the memory?
I’m looking forward to it.
“It is a journey for the weak”.
“Are you going too?”
“It is a pleasant time.”
“I’m willing to set out.”
I look at the young man and say farewell.
I nod and leave.

I’m going to find my past.
“Is the land between different from the Land Between the Stars?”
“Here, it is the place between the dream and the memory.”
“What are you doing there?”
“It is a journey for the weak.”
“Are you going too?”


Features Key:

  • A brand new adventure.
    Elden Ring has a story of its own, starting from the early days of Mirhaem on his journey to become the last Elden Lord, about to discover their birthright, and travelling deep into the Lands Between while fighting against the captors of the Elden Ring, enemies, and also against the King of the lands.
  • All of Elden Ring’s stories are in turn, a seamless continuation to the other two series, Elden Saga and Legend.
  • A vast world.
    Elden Ring, for the first time, takes players on a journey where they can explore endless fields and dungeons full of exciting and difficult battles and quests that reward them with valuable prizes. Discover the characters of Mirhaem, Cinas, Gabus, and Eli by engaging in intense combat and by exploring the lands of the Lands Between.
  • All possible combinations.
    Elden Ring’s selection of weapons, armor, and magic to equip allows you to freely change your play style. Develop the characters you love to become masters and fighters, wizards, and greater.
  • The finger of fate.
    A unique combat system. Elden Ring summons many magical objects and summons allies from the lands between, making combat against enemies even more explosive.
  • Various functions.
    Call in allies, go with friends, and find and refine items.
  • System Features:

    • Battle.
      Intense battles. With the combination of refined card drawing and magic, you can seize victory in a variety of battles.
    • Card.
      Magic and more magic. Many elements of cards are refined to have even more impact and allow you to shatter your foes with ease. Combo processing adds a sense of tension to your battle.
    • <span style="font-size


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      Story is refreshing and UI is nice


      Content still great, but story surpasses developer’s expectations



      GM Tips

      Overall Fun Factor 9

      Uniqueness 8

      Innovations 9

      Story 9

      Good Graphics 9

      Fun Factor 9

      Uniqueness 8

      Innovations 9

      Story 9

      Good Graphics 9


      FINAL VERDICT Overall, it’s still a good game in its genre. Here is the final verdict… Tarnished Souls is the sixth and final game in the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version series and it’s a great way to finish off the final game of that trilogy.StoryThe game opens up with our main character, Razzia, waking up from what seems to be an unusually long and restful sleep. After gathering your meager belongings, you set off on a journey to find something called the “Strange Stone.” After leaving your hometown you set off across the great plains, fighting monsters and exploring the world map. After saving a little girl named Beatrice from a group of monsters, you come across a man named Garl who will eventually join your party. Shortly thereafter, you come across a town that was burned to the ground. After defeating the man that attacked the town, you witness what appears to be demons carrying the body of a young man out of the town. You must go to the place of this crime so that you can seek out this demon (Claviger), who has caused a curse upon the town and you will be able to find the Strange Stone from which this curse came. You must then find the demon, defeat it, and put the curse to an end. Once you defeat the Claviger, Beatrice will turn into a Little Sister, but will regain her humanity once you find a Good Spirit in the mountain where the Strange Stone is located.GameplayThe game features an isometric graphics style which I personally do not care for as it makes the world appear small and cramped. The combat system is a fast paced turn based system, but the turn system isn’t as loose as


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      [ Introduction ]

      The world is a vast, open world where you can freely decide your own pace and the world of millions of information and quests.

      The main story takes place in and around the country of Lumbridge.

      [ Actions ]

      You can freely select and combine various actions and use them to fulfill your journey.

      By unlocking the abilities of your character, you can freely develop your character.

      [ Building and Customizing Your Character ]

      You can customize your character’s appearance.

      You can freely combine different weapons, armor, and magic and select them.

      [ Exploration and Combat ]

      You can freely explore the vast world of Lumbridge, and you can battle countless monsters.

      The enjoyment of exploring the world and discovering new things is balanced by the competitiveness of battle.

      [ Battle Mechanics ]

      In the event of a critical battle, you can increase the number of times you can use your skills.

      The combat system is designed with a strong system of differentiation and seamless procedural generation.

      [ Characters ]

      You can use multiple characters and each has its own unique abilities.

      [ Skill System ]

      You can freely master an endless variety of skills by using and developing the skills you have.

      [ BGM & Mood ]

      When you play the game, you can experience dynamic background music created by award-winning composer Jin (Lord Vampyr, Steambot Chronicles).

      You can select any of the seven levels to experience the BGM from light to intense, and even some lucky choices can be used as a photo for the in-game BGM slideshow.

      [ Multiplayer and Asynchronous Play (Evolve) ]

      You can connect with other players online to fight together or travel together.

      The online element also supports asynchronous play that allows you to feel the presence of others.

      [ MAP ]

      The Map and Places System

      The game’s open world

      [ ACTIONMENU ]

      As you develop the skills of your character, the items on your Actionmenu change to reflect your preferences.

      [ CONCLUSION ]

      As you progress, the world unfolds in different directions and you will experience an unforgettable world full of adventure.

      [ TO CONCLUDE ]

      As you progress through the story, a brand-new world full of surprises opens up, and a great epic comes to


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      The story of the advance world already published in the Japanese version of the game will be added to the English version.

      The music featured in the game can be viewed as being composed of music, sound effects, and vocals.
      The title song has a new arrangement titled 'Trance ' click to here it. The arrangement also includes a new song.

      System Requirements
      <<Ardent Dwarves>>

      • OS : Windows XP SP2 or newer, Windows Vista SP2 or newer
      • CPU : 2GHz processor or faster is recommended
      • RAM : 512MB or higher
      • Hard disk : 130MB or higher

      Download Links and Contents

      • Vol.1 : Link 1
      • Vol.2 : Link 2
      • Vol.3 : Link 3
      • Vol.4 : Link 4
      • Vol.5 : Link 5
      • Vol.6 : Link 6
      • Vol.7 : Link 7</


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