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It has been more than 7 years since the first official entry in the Dagger Soulmates series was released. The game had the largest release in the history of the series and was praised for its beautiful graphics, classic RPG gameplay, and a setting that revived the spirit of previous entries. The game was received to positive reviews for overall compelling gameplay, and the dark atmosphere was relatively welcomed by the fans of the series.

The first release of the game titled Daggersouls: Rebirth, with the initial release of the prototype version in September of 2014, was received very well. The game made a name for itself by being the first official entry in the series, and, with new features added every week, Daggersouls: Rebirth became a milestone for the game series.

Despite being a success, this first title left something to be desired. The first title in the series focused on fast-paced action, and the game’s setting and story were somewhat lacking.

In 2016, a new step forward was taken. A new game engine was introduced to the series, and, with the new engine, the game achieved a drastic visual upgrade, as well as a considerable advancement in battle and story elements.

The game was released in December, 2016, with the title of Daggersouls: Future. The game received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the fans of the series.

With the release of Daggersouls: Future, the Daggersouls Series is once again making new marks as a mature action RPG series.


Inspired by the fantasy genres of China and Korea, ELDEN RING is the first fantasy RPG in the arena of the two countries.

While it originated in Korea, the concept of the game had to be reworked to fit the traditions and culture of Western audiences.

Since the first release of Daggersouls: Future, the game has been adopted as an official mascot of HADORA, Inc. (headquarters of international software development and distribution) and has been widely recognized as a new genre title for a new age.

Elden Ring is proud to release a new fantastic fantasy RPG game series, the new genre that invokes the spirit of the two nations.


HADORA, Inc. (Headquarters of International Software Development and Distribution)


Features Key:

  • A Warm and Upbeat Drama with Deepened Character
  • An Epic Adventure Video Game with Strong Game Mechanics
  • A World Full of Confusion and Depth
  • A Unique Online Game with Great Connectivity
  • Interesting Battles with Uncertain Results
  • System Features

    • Play the game with no penalties or compromises.
    • Excellent graphics for a mid-level game.
    • Positive messages without unnecessary cursing.
    • Various actions to combat enemies in battle.
    • A history of the Elden Ring canon.
    • A rich storyline full of twists and turns.
    • Monster Dungeons are overflowing with difficult challenges.

    Next, we will show you some exclusive screenshots.

    Elden Ring—Epsios Vision

    Epsios Vision is a custom development environment that supports you in your development of various games.
    It is possible to create games with high life-likeness and without bugs.
    We will use it to release an astounding fantasy RPG.

    Elden Ring

    As in the name, the classic fantasy RPG Elden Ring, which is convenient to play, has been updated.

    Here, we will show you some screenshots of the PlayStation Vita version.

    The types of characters you can select include those from the main series and the additional characters that have been provided separately.

    I’ll keep updating more screenshots as I continue developing the game

    <beans xmlns=""


    Elden Ring [2022]


    INDIRECT STORY TRANSPARENCY Warning: this game doesn’t go over people’s heads… per say, but there’s a lot of story ‘in-between’ combat.

    ECOLOGICAL INSECURITY WARNING: There’s a lot of ‘from-hell’ in this world.

    THE BODY-MOUNT GAMING WARNING: The enemies in this game are not to be trifled with, especially those with weapon or armor upgrades.

    ARTISTIC, MEETING, CAVEAT: The game has art, audio and performance, and quite a bit of political commentary sprinkled around. These are not the only things, however.

    DRUG/ALCOHOL-RELATED CONTENT WARNING: The game is addictive in a way that may not be healthy.


    THE ELUDEDEN RING GAME is an Action RPG based around the adventures


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key Free [Latest 2022]

    Product features:

    · Addictive Story
    An epic drama that has stirred the imagination of many since its creation.
    · An Online Game that Is A Whole New Story
    A mysterious online gaming system that allows you to feel the presence of others.
    · A Voice Acting System that Allows You to Engage With Your Game
    You can even hear the talented voice actors who were engaged in the domestic production of the series.
    · Voice Effects that Make the Game Come to Life
    An entertaining battle system, storytelling, and a world so big that it takes players to places you’ve only ever imagined.


    The first thing that you have to take into account is that they aren’t human and have the ability to use weapons, making them the strongest creatures in the game.
    They can track any person on land. By the way you can find them out using a camera or radar.
    After the previous information it should be clear that they should be considered hostile.
    The Valkyros uses the wield the certain weapon called the Valken.
    The Valken is considered the strongest weapon in the game.
    Valken has the ability to reflect the Valkyros’ power back at them.
    Valken has the ability to easily chop any enemy in half or quickly kill them in seconds.


    In the game world player can meet new unique persons, creatures and encounter them in different situations.
    You can get the locations of a person or creature which is a good start for the player to get to know the world of the game and discover much more about it.
    You can find some Valkyros if you are in the right area.
    You can even find a question, for example “what is your name?” or “what kind of people is?”.


    The enemy is a sea-monster which is called a Valhrox.
    When you meet


    What’s new:


    Rise of Tarnished, one of the new fantasy action RPG titles just released by BOWN OUT CO., LTD., is the sequel to Tarnished, and is available for sale on October 24th! The game features a vast world full of exciting content, a living world divided into three maps, a fantasy world featuring multiple worlds and characters, and an epic storyline! Tarnished is still standing!

    In Rise of Tarnished, you will be able to build a great party and adventure in a world full of exciting and beautiful characters that are stronger and and more versatile than before! With this game, you will be able to express your own play style and enjoy your own epic romantic drama! It would be nice if you could start experiencing your own, unique epic romantic drama!


    Rise of Tarnished adopts the Character Creation System introduced in the original Tarnished, and combines it with the Fantasy Action System. By combining these two systems, the game uses statistics that are comparable to fantasy sports-themed games, and has a Fantasy Action System where destroying enemies will cause your character to grow in power! Basically, there are four classes that are formed using action points (AP), skills that are acquired by various means, and attributes that determine a character’s strength. This time, the processing power is higher, making you able to carry out extremely powerful actions!

    By combining the action system, there are skill types that cannot be chosen through the normal process, and battle logic. Because these elements make it possible to enjoy a more immediate and cooperative arcade-type environment in which you are able to fully realize your own strategy, any system that might be unfamiliar to the player can be learned without any special effort on the player’s part.

    Additionally, because there are many different possible combinations of character specifications, players are able to build a character based on their preferences! Thus, Rise of Tarnished is a new fantasy action RPG that offers a huge breadth of possibilities!

    Furthermore, when monsters are killed, a color is assigned to the surrounding area. This color is then reflected in the Paladin, Thief, and Sorceress’ special effects, allowing you to distinguish the enemy’s location. It’s up to the player how they


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    4. Then click on “Load game” and wait for the game to be launched.

    5. Now click on “Exit”, if you want to exit the game.

    6. Before launching the game, you have to login. For this, click on “Rise, Tarnished” and select “Sign in”.

    7. Now wait until your username and password are verified.

    8. Now click on “Next” to play the game.

    9. This is the main screen of the game. You can select between four modes:> Story> Player> PvE> PvP

    10. You can also use the “Quick Start” mode. For this, just select “Quick Start”.

    11. Next, the Welcome screen appears. Here you can see your level and the number of storages.

    12. If you do not have the necessary equipment, just wait for the next level. Then there will be an exchange of equipment.

    13. There are two main points to be discussed: the upgrades and the equipment. For the upgrades, see the “Upgrades” section. For the equipment, see the “Equipment” section.

    14. Now click on “Ready”. After that, you will be ready to start.

    15. In this menu, you can see the way in which the game is played. For each mode, you can configure the options. For example, “PvE” has two options:> Friendly> Casual

    16. The following steps are the conditions of playing the game


    How To Crack:

  • What should be noted

    • Winning Instructions

    Now you have installed the game successfully. Now you are already at the game. We will tell you how to equip, create, and defeat monsters, when you use your hands.

    Click on the “$” icon in the bottom right of the game window to open the game menu. Under the “CUSTOMIZE” heading, press the left arrow button to change the gear you use in the game.

    You can combine different weapons, armor, and magic into your own configuration. If you fail to combine different gear, it will not appear in the corresponding menu.

    Customize weapon and armor (2) First you need to equip two types of weapons and armor. The Personal Items are not included in the personal inventory. Press “$” icon to open the personal inventory. Press the left arrow button then press the “c” key.

    Which page are you going to use to customize the weapon and armor? (1)
    #1 The weapons and armor that you are going to use in the game can be changed here.

    Select “select”. Press the left arrow button then press the “c” key.

    Select the type of weapon and armor (1) which you are going to use. You can modify the following data in the upper left part of the menu:

    If you are going to equip armor (3), click the left arrow, select the type of armor that you want to use and press the right arrow button.

    If you are going to equip a weapon (2), click the left arrow, select the type of weapon that you want to use and press the right arrow button.

    Press the c key to select the item that you want to equip. (1) A variety of weapons and armor are available. You can choose a desired weapon or armor to equip in the upper left part of the menu. Press Check to select it.

    Click the right arrow button to replace the item which you


    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32bit / 64bit)
    Mac OS X 10.7.4 or newer
    Minimum: 2GHz
    Memory: 1GB
    Graphics: 512MB
    Hard Drive: 1GB
    Additional Notes: You need to install the Gecko-based browsers such as SeaMonkey, Konqueror and Firefox.
    If you wish to contribute to the project, please report bugs on the Download page, on the Trac page, or by sending an e-mail to me


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