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The world of Doma, which stands on a continent named Elsbet, is one of the world’s three great continents.
The other continents are known as Land of No Wind, Land of Nine Moons, and Land of Belzerr.

A vast, peaceful continent, Doma is said to have been closed off to outsiders for hundreds of years.
The world is constructed with a music-like design, and the people’s souls can be guided by the melodies, and shape their Doma according to the music.

In Doma, there is a world that is not affected by the passions of the Land of Belzerr or the Nine Moons, and has never known the existence of war.
The people of Doma, who are made of pure emotions, live their lives harmoniously in a world filled with beautiful dreams, and where their souls are guided by music.

Doma, a world of dreams, where everyone is good and peace and harmony reigns.

The Elden Ring, a product of the ancient civilization of Elsbet, stands in a world where the day and night are reversed, which appears to be a world in the Land of No Wind.

It is there that the Elden Ring stands, protected by gods.
An Elden Ring that has not been used for hundreds of years is sent to a man who is born in the midst of a great revolution, and who is called the “Prince of Fire”.

The Prince of Fire, who wields the power of the Elden Ring, is able to accompany the theme of the light of life, a world where rain falls in the daytime, and the sea is engulfed by the clouds at night.
In the world that the Elden Ring protects, evil does not exist, and an Elden Lord is born.
The guide of the Elden Ring awakens the Prince of Fire, and they, along with a guide called a navigator, ascend to the world above.

In the day of darkness, you must fight demons, monsters and other Elden Lords, and train hard in order to become an Elden Lord.

The world of the Elden Ring is vast, and filled with countless Elden Lords.
And the world of the Elden Ring is an Elden myth that supports the people of the world.

If the Prince of Fire and the navigator are able to fulfill their mission, then it will


Features Key:

  • Combat System
    It combines a turn-based system and a real-time system as you gain a position. In this turn-based system, you can gather your thoughts before unleashing a powerful spell or attack. While waiting for an enemy to catch up, other players will approach your character from the background. This dynamic system allows you to fight by mounting tactical advantage that surpasses the firepower of others.

  • A Restricted Online Play
    As the game is open to the Internet, it is easy to use your phone, tablet, or other peripheral devices for online play. However, to fully enjoy the game, you will have to make a connection to the Internet.
  • A Huge World and a Vast Content
    As you explore this vast world, you will meet many unexpected events and encounter new groups of people.
  •  Players travelling further will be able to discover a new world in the future.

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    “Very good game. I like the characters very much; they are so charming and have lovely design. I also like the story” (5/5)

    “One of the best games I’ve ever played in the last half-decade. Undoubtedly one of the best action RPGs. Buy it right now.” (5/5)

    “A unique, fantastical world and good gameplay make this an excellent buy” (4.5/5)

    “The action RPG has a smooth and enjoyable experience from beginning to end with some exciting plot twists and an interesting story. After beating the game, a great feeling of satisfaction is born.” (4.5/5)

    “It’s an exciting and fun RPG that I’d recommend to players who want a more emotional story than what’s portrayed in The Witcher.” (4/5)

    “A few minor interface and voice issues, along with a couple of plot points that contradict information that appears elsewhere in the game, but these issues aren’t game-breakers.” (4.5/5)

    “If you haven’t played an action-RPG, this is your chance to start. It’s a must-buy.” (5/5)

    “This game is a feast for the eyes. Regardless of whether you are playing for the first time or have played it before, it is worth your time.” (4.5/5)

    “I want to see the game improve and become even better. I have high hopes for Elden Ring 2.” (4/5)

    “This one is great, right up there with The Witcher.” (5/5)

    “It has a fairly good story, good characters, and has a variety of sidequests. This game is more appropriate for people who are not very interested in fantasy genres.” (4/5)

    “Overall, Elden Ring is a beautiful game that makes for a great nostalgia trip of a classic-style RPG.” (4/5)

    “The moment-to-moment gameplay in Elden Ring, as well as the decent combat system make it quite interesting. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of great elements.” (4/5)


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    • 8 Different Classes


    Mastery of skill enhances damage output

    Aerial Blade

    Optimized for close-range combat with a shotgun


    Beast form unleashes devastating damage

    Dagger Ranger

    Archer with a fully equipped sword


    Summoned spiritual monster with unique abilities that allows her to unleash devastating fusion effects


    A powerful spellcaster who can summon powerful monsters and interfere with enemy action and restore their health.

    Weapon Master

    Chain of attacks (third-degree), a fast-paced battle system that allows you to use a variety of techniques at once.


    Become a ferocious warrior who uses her skills to bring down powerful monsters

    • Attack Class
    Each class has a special element that can be equipped. Attack classes are all about precision and are divided into three types.

    – Light Combat (Forward Class): Using a short-range weapon in the front of the body, this class excels at dealing concentrated damage. It is the type of attack that you make when you want to attack a weak point of an enemy.

    – Medium Combat (Even Class): This class moves to the middle with a medium-range weapon. This is used in battles with multiple opponents. You shoot from in front of them and can deal extra damage to the enemy directly in front of you.

    – Heavy Combat (Reversed Class): This class uses a long-range weapon in the back of the body and is used in battles against opponents that have surrounded you. Although you can only hit the enemy in the front of the body, the blade itself deals heavy damage.

    • Additional Skill
    You can equip a secondary skill in addition to your class skills, which enhances their abilities.

    Aerial Blade – Long-range weapon that allows you to switch positions

    Chain of attacks (third-degree) – You can use three attacks at once, dealing more damage and having a greater chance of inflicting critical wounds

    Dagger Ranger – Attack while holding a sword in one hand, thrusting the sword into the opponent when they attack you with a distance weapon

    Valkyrie – Summon the spiritual monster that will finish the enemy off


    Beastmaster – Growing a Beast, your body is transformed into a true beast that tears up the battlefield

    Magician – Summon powerful


    What’s new:

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    document.getElementById(‘l-1’).style.opacity = 0;
    document.getElementById(‘main-1’).style.opacity = 0;


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Compatible with Windows® 10 64-bit (64-bit)
    Operating System: Windows® 10 (64-bit)
    Processor: 2.2GHz+
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    The very first Fantasy Strike sequel is now in the Open Beta phase! Stay tuned for more details!
    Fantasy Strike 2 updates the fantasy turn-based experience with plenty of new features. Enjoy incredible battles against other player characters and watch them use a wide variety of spells, abilities, and skills.


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