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Gather the Tarnished in the Lands Between and be the first to bring down the massive and unholy dark beast known as Praecelsa. Explore a world where monsters, magic, and people exist together in harmony, and where the power of the Elden Ring is born.

Release Date: Dec. 24, 2015

Developer: Machinarium



The number of times Machinarium has been translated into other languages – from Russian to Arabic to Chinese to Portuguese and many others – is absolutely incredible.

Released on, Steam, Amazon, Mac App Store and Google Play.

Release Date: August 2015

Developer: Machinarium






Release Date: Jun-2015

Developer: Machinarium



In this game you can fully customize your hands and play with your favorite characters. The game supports an unlimited quantity of hands thanks to the Takeaway function, which allows you to randomly combine parts from all the hands you’ve already unlocked.

“Put your hands in work – gameplay that makes sense”

Release Date: May-2017

Developer: Machinarium


The number of times Firebird Studio has received awards for its games – from the BGA and the IGDA to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in E3 and GDC – is unquestionable.

Released on, Steam, Amazon, Mac App Store and Google Play.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast open world that can be freely explored, and will continuously expand even after you have completed the main story line.
  • A massive world where multiple things are going on. The evil characters who stand in the way of your quest have to be overcome before you proceed; and while in your journey, there are many factions who will aid or hinder you. Examples of these factions are the powerful adventurer guilds, and the twisted enemies who live in the huge dungeons.
  • Hundreds of items to play with. Collecting items will keep your inventory fully stocked, and will allow you to find items while collecting your own materials.
  • Customize your character’s equipment and game play by equipping a variety of weapons, armor, and special effect items.
  • Utilizing the strength of the character and the weapon, raise your character’s skills and attacks, and use magic that lifts you into a higher state.
  • Various action combat systems that allow you to quickly attack and defeat enemies.
  • Engaging gameplay that has elements of simulation and RPG. Enjoy a game where the controls are simple but the adventure is endless.
  • An epic fantasy with a refined graphics that explores the edge of an even deeper world.
  • REVIEW EVOKE! please… we’ll make it work… we have our dreamtorch!(we’re not sorry… we love this kind of story) it is very interesting that the game, like fate or destiny, is a game that involves fate like i.e our characters fate: though it be the blind fates that we choose, to our own discords!… Also very curious that our fate is not just in our hands, but also is the fate of the world… hmmm… maybe i think thats what it is to live in a world, where everything is not just in our own hands, though I think this is also true. Why? only because we are informed on some people and creatures which we have never heard before, and could be very important or importand for our characters… just the words which i speak now may not have a mysterious/extraordinary value. But we just have to push on our part, not make a maximum fear that something bad will happen, but we have to love it as its a new experience for us!</


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    “The Making of an Action RPG – From Birth to Death”, KETTIL, November 2019

    “There are no words for how good this game is.”

    “This game is so simple, and the graphics are outstanding.”

    “Good RPG in the following sense; the beginning is really short and the game world is huge. As you progress through the story, you will have a ton of things to do, but you can finish everything within a single night.”

    “It’s a nice RPG that I would recommend to those who are into the action RPG genre.”

    “If you like action games such as Monster Hunter or God of War, give this game a try.”

    “[…] For only 160 MUs, you get a huge fantasy story with a variety of monsters, a great battle system and a story that will last you countless hours.”

    “Steampunk-styled Fantasy Action RPG.”

    “It’s a beautiful game that has no equal in the genre.”

    “What makes this game great is the variety of battles and monsters”

    “It’s a rare RPG that appears to have been born in a lifetime. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

    “The game’s action is well balanced, and its fantasy setting is unique.”

    “I can’t believe it’s my 2nd favorite game among RPGs made by Atlus.”

    “The level of cooperation and variety are perfect.”

    “The fast pace action and compelling story.”

    “Amazing world with an incredible art design.”

    “The digital art is detailed and beautiful.”

    “It’s a perfect action game that fits the action RPG genre.”

    “It’s a must-play game for fans of the action RPG genre.”

    “A must-play game in the 16th century setting.”

    “There are no complaints with the game’s design.”

    “The amount of monsters is impressive and the battles are really fun.”

    “Why don’t you play it? You’ll be sorry for it later.”

    “It’s not the most groundbreaking game you’ll play, but it’s damn close. Read the complete review.”

    “If you can look past the game’s poor presentation and just play the damn game, you’ll be surprised.”

    “An impressive simulation of 16th-century Europe.”

    “This game will keep you completely immersed for hours


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    Mode: For Player


    1. Local Multiplayer (Multiplayer)

    2. Asynchronous Online Multiplayer (Local Game Sharing)


    1. Online Multiplayer (With other players)

    2. Asynchronous Online Multiplayer (Local Game Sharing)

    Up to 10 players are guaranteed when playing locally in a single room. The maximum number of players for asynchronous online communication is up to 16 for a single game.


    Hovering Player

    Favorites for both the names and IDs of the players you would like to “connect”.


    Gets you to play the role of as a player this game.

    Choose Player

    Allows you to choose the player you would like to connect. This is the player you can choose to play as on asynchronous online communication.

    Connect Player

    Allows you to select the player you would like to play as on asynchronous online communication.

    Online Rank

    Player ID

    Single-player ranked ranking list for the current game. The higher the ID number, the more players have ranked in this game.

    No Roll

    Use this mode for players that want to play without doing a roll.

    Start Roll

    Allows you to start the roll.

    End Roll

    Allows you to end the roll.

    Die Roll

    Allows you to roll the die.

    Determining a Rank

    Process (Select)

    Game Rank

    Once a player has started a game, you can determine their rank by looking at the game rank and trying to guess it.

    Submit Roll

    Allows you to place the rank.

    Result Rank

    The player’s rank as a result of determining a rank.

    Players’ Responsible

    A list of players that you are responsible for, including the current opponent.

    Shuffle List

    Allows you to shuffle all players in the list, if you have not already done so.

    Max Number of Player

    The maximum number of players you can connect to at one time on asynchronous online communication.


    A list of players that you are connected to as a player. You cannot connect to a player that you already have in the list.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ※ All ratings shown at the time of posting.

    Grace to Eh hem, it’s another FRAXY new title and let’s see how to apply the characters we already know (as of FARFAL’s implementation) to this title shall we? Also I don’t have the names of the characters or tag of the novel so sorry for the impreciseness.

    » Basya

    「Hah, I shouldve known Eretean can perform amazing feats just on command…… a foolty blade he is. Oh hey, a bunch of puffball things: 蝿吉 蜻の巣、蜜産、蜜、歡笑水, 歡鳴蜜, 花、華、蜜華, 藍」

    「Melting, huh……」

    「Oh and these pink flowers are 粂し葉, nice.」

    「Oh?! And so they are, but I don‘t have a book about them.*」

    「We can handle that, you know.*」


    「What‘s ‘Umm’ about, a simple question? You shouldve guessed my skills.」

    「Well, I have no idea about all that, and I guess this is information about the Ellonia and the world outside of Ellone itself.」

    「Wait, so you had no idea you had this ability? Believe me, I‘d know*」



    「So I ask again, what is this ability of yours?」

    「It‘s a magic.」

    「Of sorts, but it‘s natural magic, similar to Chaos.*」


    「Have you seen Chaos, Basya?」


    「His true power lies in the Limit, since he is the one who left them on Eh hem, the island of Tolene, only the limit of his abilities weren‘t complete and they were godly.」

    「To be able to control something which is completely outside of the norm is something humans have always fantasized of, is it such a shock to you? Every now and then, talent-gifted people have appeared on earth. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even


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    Elden Ring (4/5)



    10.00 / 100.00

    The player character is a Tarnished Knight of the Elden Ring, blessed with the magical ability to make himself invisible for a short time. He also has access to a powerful steed. This mighty beast can be summoned to fight alongside the player to lend aid in battle. Unlike a normal horse, the steed is not limited by the number of usable spells. As a player, the main goal of the game is to collect the seven magical rings that are scattered throughout the world and put them together in order to unleash the full potential of the steed. This is the main goal of the game, but players may be able to engage in quests related to the history of the world in addition to the main goal. The world of Elden Ring is a monumental and diverse realm, filled with many secrets and dangers that the player must discover.The deadline to earn a spot in the 2019 draft with the playoffs in full force, playoff teams will likely need to make more of a push when selecting players at the trading deadline and/or late in the season. This is largely a good thing. With the draft order so set and everyone looking for the best opportunity at winning a championship, teams will be forced to showcase their players in January. But it’s hard not to look back on the 2017-18 season and wonder how it could have possibly been set up differently. Some of the moves we saw in the offseason did little to change things. Will it be different this season? We’ll get to see.

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    System Requirements:

    At the time of this review, there is no official recommended system specification, though SteamOS is currently intended to be played on computers ranging from 2GB of RAM, with 4GB as an ideal minimum, up to high-end 16GB of RAM. Due to the use of OpenBSD as an operating system, the game is also playable on virtual machines.
    Be sure to take a look at the contents of the game’s various folders and subfolders, as certain configuration files and images will need to be placed in the proper locations to make the game playable.


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