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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.42 / 5 ( 1857 votes )
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Dragon Lore, Inc. and NetEase Games today announce the release of Tarnished, the RPG fantasy action game developed by Dragon Lore, Inc. for Android. The game features a vast open world with a variety of situations and an adventure system in which each NPC’s dialogues vary and the difficulty level of a dungeon increases as you go deeper.

Tarnished contains the most desirable elements of the fantasy action RPG genre including a character that can be developed freely, a variety of dungeons with three-dimensional designs, a unique online play that allows you to feel the presence of others, numerous languages, and special events.

Tarnished is available for smartphones that are running Android OS version 4.1 or above in the Google Play Store.

Add-ons such as a book that summarizes the game, character customizations, and a personalized dungeon will be made available on the Google Play Store, making it even easier for you to experience the game.

Here are the highlights of Tarnished:

1. A Vast World Full of Excitement

Tarnished is set in the world of the Lands Between, one of four worlds that are the common ground of all fantasy. It is a vast world of amazing landscapes with an exceptional background music. It is filled with countless situations and an infinite number of monsters. The fear of disappearing in a dark dungeon is also in the back of your mind, as the action happens in the vast open world. Adventurers, renowned for their strength and sword skills, are required to traverse dungeons that are filled with numerous dangers, engaging in battles, and collecting important items and gold.

2. A Story that Touches on the Heart

Through the cooperation of the representatives of the four races that dwell in the Lands Between, prepare for a triumphant engagement and receive help from the overseer of the Legendary Summon Gate. Together, you will take on a mystery and become a savior in the Lands Between.

3. Create Your Own Character

The quest for strong bodies and powerful souls. Change into a powerful monster by increasing your stamina, or enhance your magical power by mastering magic. It is all up to you to determine the way you want to develop yourself.

4. A Unique Online Play

The game contains a unique online play that allows you to feel the presence of others when interacting with an NPC. Through online play, you can directly connect to other players, travel together


Features Key:

  • A vast world with a variety of enemies
    In addition to the game’s deep exploration atmosphere, the Lands Between story expands your play experience with full-scale battles against a variety of enemies.
  • Three different Tiers for Equipment
    Gain items that give your character unique powers, to become a master warrior.
  • Rewards that dynamically change according to play style
    As your play experience changes, your equipment and skills reach their peak.
  • Difficulty that will constantly change over time
    The game abounds in story elements. Fight against unique enemies such as monsters and fierce ancient monsters.
  • A vast story that emerges when exploring the Lands Between
    Walking the Lands Between in order to meet other people, enhancing a persistent interconnectivity with other characters.
  • 3D Boss Battles
    Fights against the Tower of Frenzy.
  • The Brilliant Fantasy Job System
    Your physical features and equipment determine your job.
    The job you obtain determines your capabilities, allowing you to improve the way you fight!
  • The Races
    Except for the Elves, every race exists in the Lands Between.
    Enchanting races with distinctive features that vary based on your job.
  • A multifaceted system for equipment and magic
    Equip a character according to your play style. You can obtain a large variety of equipment.
    Magic is also an indispensable weapon in battles against the Tower of Frenzy and the monsters you face on your travels.
  • A feature that balances combat players
    The Online World proposes a chibi-style character in contrast to the way you play online.
    The chibis look ordinary and have their own charming personality.
    As with the chibis, their appearance is freely changeable, in order to coordinate with your style.
  • Distinctive Weapons and Armors
    Equip a character according to your play style with distinct weapons and armors.
  • * The differences between Android and iOS versions are as follows:
    Windows OS
    – You can acquire an Elden Ring from a dungeon that you find while exploring. You can purchase it using earned Gold, and equip it to your character before the fight.


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    Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a Fantasy Action RPG developed by JXPlaza and published by Koei Tecmo Games. The game is the follow up to Koei Tecmo Games titles, featuring the depiction of Arisen, a godlike being, and his rise to power. This game follows the events in the story of Arisen, a godlike being that was separated from his group. He finds a group of powerful beings known as the “Elden”, as well as a stone “Ascension Stone”. With this power he finally returned to his life as a god, and through that reunites with his original group. Soon he will meet his old rival – God Pol. Pol was the leader of the group that separated from Arisen, and he longed for their return. To defeat his old rival, Arisen will have to wield the power of the Elden, and with it, create a new world. The story looks dramatic, and the gameplay is fun and easy to learn, so it should be fun to play this game.


    The gameplay in Elden Ring Free Download takes place in an open world. There are eight countries that you can travel to. This game takes place in Northern part of land, near Mariposa in Canada. Every country has their own distinct atmosphere and geography, making it beautiful.

    There are four classes of NPC’s. The default class is the Wizard, which is the most powerful class in the game. Your choices are between Strength, Magic, and Spirit. Strength players are the strongest, using a shield and sword. Magic users wield a bow and slingshot, while Spirit users are the lightest class, using a bow and a whip. The classes’ stats are determined by the weapon you use. You are able to pick up different weapons, and even different armors and different abilities to complement your class.

    The Open World, the player can do is to travel to different areas to interact with NPCs, purchase items from stores, and explore. There are 8 areas to discover within the open world. 4 are in the wild, and the other 4 are in towns, and they are accessible to you from “Traveling.”

    The main gameplay is simple. You travel around in the Wild world by using a fast-moving rail cart. The Cart is the main way to travel around in the world, and the main way to collect resources, engage


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    Elden Ring game:

    Elden Ring(Online) game:

    Elden Ring(Offline) game:

    Evolve your character online with the subsequent features:

    Increasing your ability to evolve your character is the ultimate goal of in-game progression.
    Heightened levels and expanded features are also available to those who progress, and all players can enjoy them.
    Features that can be evolved:
    Exploration ability
    Increases the exploration ability of the character.
    Mount ability
    Mounts that players can ride to fight with more vigor.
    Freedom of movement
    Increases the movement speed of the character.
    Increases the strength of the character.
    Increases the magic power of the character.
    Increases the speed of movement of the character.
    Increases the defense power of the character.
    Hit chance
    Increases the hit chance of the character.
    Increases the hit chance of the character.
    Increases the attack/magic power of the character.
    Evolution ability
    Shows how much each feature can evolve.
    Progression function
    Increases the level of the features and abilities of the characters as they play online.
    Ability change function
    Ability levels of the character can be increased by being online for a certain period of time.
    What are the features that can be evolved?
    I’m very much looking forward to new features and improvements.
    Gain more EXP to increase character’s ability

    Placing the character on a special slot will increase his level of ability.
    By increasing the ability of a certain character, you can quickly raise the skill levels of all characters.
    Start/Stop Training
    Players can start and stop training on the main screen.
    Training will continue as long as the character is online.
    Choose Skill Level
    There are seven levels in the class.
    Choose Skill Level
    The skill level of a character can be set to one of the levels from the beginning of the game.
    Choose Skill Level(Offline)
    A character’s skill level will be determined based on the


    What’s new:


    HAIKU! A Yet Beautiful Mystery files contained in this archive are provided under license by the original authors (see additional information). I do not claim any ownership to any of the game data (models, artwork and music) itself. If you modify or redistribute this file, I seriously ask you to provide a link and attribute it to me as the author of the original file. Based on the contest rules ( a mod of the game “” will be the winning entry. Using “Teh Road Of Bravery” I want to make the game connection to a previous contest subject, but I am not allowed to because it is missing the extension.bz2: File size: 89,896 bytes = 89.90 KB.
    (The contest rules are confidential and not allowed to be shared.)
    (Text: MOD=The Road of Bravery (part 3) by Victor Quijada:How to play:
    Playing the game is simple. Open the game folder named as reference: The Road Of Bravery.
    Make sure that the game is patched (using the Patch Manager) and extract the game content to data.
    At the end of the game folder you will find two html files: log.html.
    Open the log.html file with a web browser.
    In case you played before, you will find how to play.
    If you have never played before, watch how to do it.
    (Both files can be found inside the references folder.)
    Now you are ready to play.
    Restart the game, close the reset file and refresh the main menu.
    You can resume playing from where you left.
    Every directory has a creator and manager accounts, and username and password information.


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  • In science class, every class has its own national tree.
    French students are heralds of knowledge, pathologic spirits which are the harbinger of dreams.
    German students spy the future, in their eyes there is rooted a sense of pity and love.

    Coming Soon!

    Experience Elden Ring: now exclusive for our PC fans! Come one, come all! This exciting PC MMORPG will feature breathtaking graphics and an epic battle system!
    *Encounter the challenges of a real-time online game experience.

    Key Features:
    – Battle epic online with high quality graphics!
    – Dynamic combat that constantly adapts to players and the environment!
    – Enjoy one of the best senses of freedom in the world!
    – Options and commands that are easy to use!
    – A world where the GM stands out! The Land of Indulgence!

    System Requirements:
    Windows XP/Vista/7
    500MHz or higher processor
    8MB or more memory
    1 gigabyte of HD space

    A mysterious light streaks across the landscape as a traveling guild moves toward a destination – a village dominated by a blind herbalist. This guild makes a great to honor the hunter who deserves it. The guild will set out to seek a valuable herb that reportedly has few picky parasites and grow it in their farm. However, the mysterious light has been showing up and even its intensity is increasing. There is a mounting number of monsters and even monsters start attacking people? But this guild soon realizes that what the villagers call “monster” is really a roving-eye. This village, called Daryaa, has been preyed upon and it looks like this light has been seen in this vicinity?”

    So the Guild will prepare to defend the village with all its might… but later the Guild is suddenly attacked by a 12th Darke form…!

    Will the guild�


    System Requirements:

    – Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.
    – Hard Disk space of at least 10 MB.
    – Processor of 1.3 GHz or higher.
    – 2 GB RAM or higher (3 GB recommended).
    – Support for DirectX 9.
    -.NET Framework 4.0
    – 3 GB or more of free hard disk space (only Windows OS)
    – 1 GHz CPU (only Windows OS)
    – Click the download button to start downloading or press Ctrl+S to save


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.42 / 5 ( 1857 votes )
    Update (8 days ago)


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