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• The game offers a fight against evils and a dialogue with the people of the world.
• The battle system is a traditional role-playing game with an emphasis on direct and interactive play.
• Use items and weapons at your own risk.


Altroiner developed by the Japanese development team has been operating since 2001. The team initially developed budget games and they created the action role-playing game genre, selling more than 500,000 copies in Japan. The team then started to develop high-quality role-playing games. They created the Ultima, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears franchises in which they received strong critical acclaim. In 2011, Altroiner released the fantasy role-playing game “Tarnished” which has been a great hit in Europe. The game won numerous awards and had sold more than 400,000 copies. This is the first time that the company has been able to release a game overseas under its own name. They continued to develop new content and released their new fantasy action RPG “Fate/Grand Order” which shipped with more than 200,000 copies and has been a great success since its release.

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Features Key:

  • Lose yourself in a fantasy drama in the lands between.

  • Detailed battle system.
    You choose out of three weapon classes or magic.
    Arcane magic and Sword &gun weapons with an intermediate level can be equipped with both weapons and magic items.
    An intermediate level will help you enjoy the fighting of other people and get some experience using your items.
  • Skill use that appeals to the heart:??!!
  • Tons of armor and accessories.
    An endless amount of parts that have been prepared for you just to have fun selecting and combining them.

    Online play that loosely connects you to others.

  • GM interaction system using in-game actions.
  • Characters that are not overpowered and have unique personalities.
  • Seamless controls that match the location of your enemy. Buttons that activate an attack can be used everywhere.
    You can turn the camera and shake the window to make equipment or characters appear.
  • A huge world that is open to the player freely.
  • RPG system that includes easy-to-understand features like account management and multiple battles.
  • Beautiful graphics, sound and music.
  • BGM, POI, MOTA, UI, and Map creation.
  • Hot dog(tangent)
    High definition textured drawings of fur and skin.
    A big selection of choices for your digital item. (


    Elden Ring Product Key [April-2022]

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    Based on the manga “The Elden Ring” by Kaiu Shirai and Taishi Saitō.
    After the death of the ancient gods, gods who received the powers of the ancient beings were re-called and thus were called the Elden Ring. In an effort to save the Elden Ring, King Deagleose recruited the five heroines, Tarnished Gold, Amdusias, Angeline, Tessa, and Opal, to become the Elden Ring Generation. The five heroines in the Elden Ring Generation will gather items called “Aura”, invade a dark place in the Lands Between, and wear the cursed armor. They will then quest for the three dragons who were revived after 100 years and are bringing hell to the world. Will you choose to be with them or stand against them?Characterisation of heat-denatured mitochondrial creatine kinase suggests its possible involvement in oxidative stress-induced cell death.
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    What’s new:

    Action RPGs aren’t the easiest genre to work in (with games like Diablo III and Toukiden 2 being good examples), but Good Game Studio is looking to go about it the right way, with the forthcoming game Awakening Princess. The game is being developed with RPG Maker SE v2.00 software and is an action RPG with a story that centers around the protagonist, Hiro, who must venture into a dangerous world and battle monsters in order to save his beloved.

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    The game is fairly far away from completion, but it does feature an intro theme, which suggests that this game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point in the near future.

    Phantom’s Rain focuses on the relationship of a protagonist and their pet as they go about their day through Shibuya. It was formerly known as Phantasm Pass, but will be a bigger step than previous games from the company as it will feature a more top-down perspective. In Phantom’s Rain, you and your pet will be working together to reach your destination while fighting off the creatures who want to take you and your familiars away.

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    Here’s an overview video from the developer:

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    System Requirements:

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    Current Wine and PlayOnLinux versions (0.4.5 for PlayOnLinux, 1.0.5 for wine


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