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The New Fantasy Action RPG game is the latest addition to the Elden Ring Crack Free Download series. Featuring an unparalleled role-playing system, an epic drama, and an unparalleled world, it is the game that fantasy RPG fans have been waiting for.

The story is centered on a tale of the Lands Between, which is currently an endless world full of free spirits, mountaineers, and bounty hunters. The Lands Between was once a closed nation, but was thrown into chaos by a civil war some time ago. The Masters, a government organization, sent scientists to this country, gathering the Immortals. The Immortals worked as agents for the Masters, but they soon began to make their own demands on their employers. This country, then known as the “Land of Dusk,” now exists in the between time where its history is distorted and magical power becomes the most important factor in life.

Amidst the chaos, there exists a group of people who will become the main characters of the story. During a nearby fight with bandits, a woman named Grey meets a young boy named Dess, and they begin to travel together in the Lands Between. This is where the story begins as Grey and Dess wander the Lands Between.


1. The World of the Lands Between

The Lands Between is an endless world full of free spirits, mountaineers, and bounty hunters. A vast open world in which the story of the game is centered.

– There are multiple routes through the world.

– There are numerous people in the world.

– The world is full of free spirits, mountaineers, and bounty hunters.

– Most of the towns in the world are linear, and the main city (Riisa) is shaped in a ring shape.

– Dungeons and gigantic dungeons are located in the world.

– Hidden dungeons that are accessible only after leveling up are also found.

2. Evolved Role-playing System

The game allows you to freely customize your character as you see fit.

– Depending on the type of build you choose, your stats can be increased, allowing you to excel in combat.

– Depending on the equipment you equip, your stats will change accordingly.

– Skills are divided into different categories.

– As you skill up in certain categories, your skills will develop as expected.

– The characters and characters around you can have conversations with you.


Download Now ✫✫✫ DOWNLOAD

Download Now ✫✫✫ DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • A world full of action
  • A never-ending story
  • Different countries on a vast world
  • Play solo or with up to 3 friends
  • An epic fantasy action RPG where you can create your own character and shape its destiny.

    The Story of the Land Between Worlds
    A tragic struggle shapes your destiny, a heartfelt saga woven into the imagery of a world erupting onto yours. This is the story of the land between the lands, the Lands Between.

    The idea behind the development of Elden Ring was to create the epic fantasy action RPG that doesn’t exist. There are no fantasy games such as Baldur’s Gate and Final Fantasy that encapsulate such a sense of imagination and excitement in their grand fantasy worlds. Instead of long missions revolving around a straight path through dozens of dungeons, the battle system in Elden Ring revolves around traversing the vast world and creating your own adventure through your own life. By combining the adventure RPG genre with the vast and complex world seen in the game design of the epic fantasy world’s hero’s journey, Elden Ring attempted to create a game that was not only new and exciting in its fantasy RPG elements, but that made a new impression in its production methods and game design.
    A countless number of people worked day and night for the last five years in order to create this unique fantasy universe.


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    “The world as you imagine it is one that you will experience.” – 77 Books

    “No other game has given me the heart palpitation so consistently and so powerfully as ElDn Ring.” – Gamespot

    “ElDn Ring is a fantasy game that combines an exploration adventure, a battle simulator, a management game and a nation simulation in one package.” – Steam

    “The world is easily one of the most attractive and enjoyable I’ve ever seen for a video game.” – Eurogamer

    “Forget about text-heavy RPGs and level grinds; ElDn Ring is a breathtakingly beautiful and RPG-like experience.” –

    “This game is not just a beautiful world, it is an immensely enjoyable one, and something that I truly hope is not overlooked.” – MajorNPCFlow Control Selector

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    Elden Ring Crack + With License Key Download For PC [Updated] 2022

    A wide variety of different items are available, depending on the type of equipment you select.

    (Do not worry about weapons or armor that you are not equipped yet. There is a wide variety of different weapons and armor available.)

    • Armored Armor

    Armored armor has a high defense rating and damage resistance compared to other types of armor.

    • Firearms

    All firearms have a wide variety of different use, but they are best used when aiming for the head.

    • Animal Tier

    Have a special effect when equipped in the character. For example, when equipped with a Raccoon Tier, a raccoon will be sent out from your character.

    • Clubs

    Club is a special attack that can be used to a wide variety of situations.

    • Glaives

    Are equipment that can greatly enhance the attack power of other weapons or armor.

    • Handguns

    Handguns can be used in situations where a firearm is used to fire at a distant target.

    • A variety of different equipment are available, so you can plan out your own tactics to maximize your power!

    Work system:
    How to develop your character:

    • Run or walk?

    Weight, strength, and endurance are not set in stone. You can freely change the difficulty of your character, and can freely combine the attributes of different equipment in your body to improve your growth.

    • Smoothness or Roughness?

    For example, when you enhance your shield strength, you must consume the consumption rate of minerals.

    • Natural Strength or Skill?

    For example, when you enhance your muscle power, you must consume the consumption rate of vitamins.

    Character growth:

    · Increase HP by attacking enemies

    · Increase HP by equipping various equipment

    · HP can be partially protected by using equipment, and you can increase the protection rate.

    · The consumption of minerals or vitamins is the same as the rate of your character growth.

    Death scenes:

    · When you are put in a situation where your HP is insufficient, you will automatically be restored to the previous screen.

    · Characters will fall to the ground when their HP reaches zero.

    You can return to the pause screen from here.


    · You can freely move and attack enemies on the battlefield, even if the battle has already begun

    · You can increase the


    What’s new:

    New characters, tanks, and more are added, increasing the amount of content in the game.


    The world that the player traverses is enriched by the addition of new locations including Fortresses and Rifts that increase the amount of paths and content in the game.
    With the addition of VFX for combat and monster attacks, the game’s graphics depict enemies more realistically, enhancing their presence in the game.

    Three chapters of the game – known as The Hunter, The Navigator, and The Creator – are now complete. The hunter is a simple, static shooter that features a battle experience for players who already know the story. Other story lines consisting of quests that connect to the main story are available for players who enjoy a larger story that unfolds at their leisure. The navigator features procedurally generated content that yields a multitude of options of quests and players can choose to engage in activities depending on their play style.

    Players can share their achievements with their friends using ARK Wallet, and also gain content and achievements via Linking with other players.
    Navigating the seas of life is not easy, but now, with the story and the shared memories and achievements, you can take on a new adventure together.

    Master Thief who stole a treasure reveals!
    New adventure and quest with new enemies and content. With new dungeon, new enemy, a new style of play.
    Blow off your Hides from the new assassin that carries a gift for you.


    The arcadey shooter gameyumi is now playable.


    You will be able to move around freely through the castle as you clear dungeons left and right. Four mini-dungeons are visible at a time.

    Able to move freely through dungeons and enemy are revealed!! 3 Different Narrative story line at different speed.

    Character Creation




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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, Vista, or Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3)
    Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core AMD, or equivalent
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 1 GB video card
    Hard Drive: 250 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
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