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Name Elden Ring
Publisher fabrdary
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[Elden universe]

[Glorious Era]

[Tragic Era]

[Reconstruction Era]

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

[Elden universe]

[Glorious Era]

[Tragic Era]

[Reconstruction Era]


* Various Monsters, Playable Characters, and Quests
* Monsters bearing the blood of your enemies, with whom you can form alliances
* Characters whom you can obtain through combat or conversation, who can assist you with weapons and treasures
* Players who have been cast out into the Lands Between, in which they can take on quests
* Skills and Enhancements
* Nine skills: Sword, Archery, Magic, Shield, Great Weapons, Penmanship, Board Game, Information Gathering, and Animal Husbandry
* Unlimited combinations of skills and enhancements through the permanent customization function
* High-Quality Graphics and Anime Art
* Full-motion animated cutscenes and dialogue
* Beautiful landscape design


Features Key:

  • Travel into the on
    • Create your own Elden Lord
    • Feel the presence of others
    • New and vibrant online world with a clear character customization function

    Demo Highlights:

    • Battle the Monsters (Playable)
      • Includes certain balance adjustments based on your feedback
    • Bastion as a separate element – Starting in the middle of the story, you can embark on the story without being summoned
    • Download the game
    • You can start the game from the beginning of the game story, or browse the game world and freely explore the game world without a game story

    Elden Ring Demo content are only available for a limited period of time. Please note that upon accessing the content, it is required to create an account with a new email address. It also requires Internet connection.

    Note: The battle content is for the purpose of presentation. Due to limitations, the content is not fully synchronized with the game.

    Size: 2.76GB

    Performance: VRAM 96MB, Graphic RAM 4MB

    Network: 250MB PS4 Account Network Transfer, approx. 20MB PS4 User Generated Content


    • The system does not fully support the game content and is for an evaluation purpose only.


    • Blu-ray/DVD may only be played in PlayStation®4 system

    Region: For use with PlayStation®4 system only

    Elden Ring releases for PS4 will not be downloadable.



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    The New Fantasy Action RPG is an action RPG in which you start out as a demon that can be reformed with the hardships you endure. It is like a mix between the Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Dark Souls.

    You can read more details here:

    Trading off the medieval setting and turn based battle and adding in a story mode, this game is a unique alternative.

    The controls are the same as other turn based RPGs. The move button selects your character’s speed and direction; the action button summons an AI character to assist; and the use button allows the AI to use a certain ability or item.

    Each enemy is presented with a certain number of attack points, as well as Attack, Defense, and Ability. You attack an enemy by determining the enemy’s Attack and Defense, and then using that enemy’s Attack and Defense to make an attack calculation. You can also attack through items and abilities, but these are generally slow.

    The game also presents the opportunity to use items and abilities, but unlike many RPGs, you are only limited by the number of items and abilities you have equipped, and can combine them in interesting ways. When you are near an enemy, the best way to attack them is to equip an item and use their Attack or Defense, as you’re more likely to succeed if you go with your main attack.

    The way the game is set up, you have to think about your decisions carefully; if you use an item or ability in the wrong situation, you might fail and end up making a poor decision. On the other hand, if you are careful, you are likely to make the right decision and earn more experience points.

    As such, you have to think about your choice very carefully, and the depth of the decision tree is not insignificant. You should have two or three characters that you use on a regular basis, but you will want to plan carefully and use a few key items and abilities at the beginning of the game to maximize the advantages in battle.

    The game has a lot of customisability, with items and abilities gaining experience over time, so there is a lot to keep track of.

    PvP battles are


    Elden Ring Crack PC/Windows

    Mechanics ELDEN RING game:

    Graphics ELDEN RING game:

    Languages: English and French

    ○ [Character Selection]

    Key Features

    ○ [System]

    -Character Selections

    ○ [Outfit Design]

    -Outfit Design: Become the ultimate hero with a variety of outfits that includes a white coat and a brown coat, giving you multiple combinations for your character design.

    ○ [Bashings]

    -Bashings: Bashings are often used in role-playing games to apply special effects to your character.

    -Impart status effects, including stat boosts, to a target. This will also break the target’s weapon or armor.

    -Use repeated bashings to inflict heavy damage.

    ○ [Experience]

    -Experience: According to the level of your character’s equipment, your experience will increase, giving your character various levels of strength.

    -When your level becomes high enough, you can upgrade your equipment and can obtain new equipment and a higher-level item.

    ○ [Magic]

    -Magic: Through what you experience while exploring the Lands Between, you can obtain powerful items called Magic Stones that are said to grant powers to your character.

    -Use the Magic Stones to obtain different types of magic and make your character develop your own magic.

    -In addition to creating different types of magic, for each magic stone you obtain, you can choose a stat that will increase when you use that magic.

    -If you make a mistake, you can use a single Magic Stone to undo it.

    ○ [Weapon]

    -Weapon: Before you start the game, you can pick from among over 500 types of weapons, taking with them a variety of different effects.

    -You can customize the appearance of your weapon, adding multiple decoration pieces.

    -As you obtain more powerful weapons, the stats of your weapon will become high.

    ○ [Character Customization]

    -Character Customization: Pick from among over 200 different types of custom-made equipment and skins, taking with them unique stats.

    -You can fuse your custom equipment together, improving the stats of the


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    >Hello, I’m from the TPA2 team, and I’m currently in the process of registering all the servers. The server server will be up in a week or two – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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    Are you ready for the final battle?
    The Elemental Heroes are back from the dead and the final battle is about to begin! This new online fantasy role playing game features a unique story, unmatched action, and intense PvP combat.
    Eliminate the leader of the undead army: the Undead King. Win back the ancient city of Estennia by defeating the Undead King and banishing him to the realm between the lives of mortals and gods.
    Explore vast open fields and discover enchanting landscapes where a thousand secrets are waiting to be explored and conquers planned. Meet other players and make friends and allies in a huge online world full of adventure and excitement.
    * Hundreds of hours of gameplay
    * A large open world and dynamic environment, with a variety of locations
    * Hundreds of guilds, societies and factions
    * PvP action with unique, state-of-the-art PvP-combat
    * Epic story with a unique and original plot, full of secrets
    * A rich character creation system with appearance, skills and abilities customization
    * Master of 3 attributes: stamina, strength and intellect
    * Over 60 unique skills
    * Different types of combat and combat styles
    * Hundreds of items, weapons and magic to buy and collect
    * Fantastic user interface and interface customization
    * A unique PvP system where players explore the open world in small groups and make endless challenges with others
    * Participate in a large-scale world PvP where players are constantly searching for opponents and challenge others to intense, fast-paced fights
    * Live events and tournaments where players can compete against each other
    * A large open-ended story where players can conquer new regions, dungeons and storylines
    * Hundreds of quests and subplots that will drive the story forward
    * A huge


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    – (id)description;
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