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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where you can experience the Lands Between while exploring a vast world and making long-lasting friendships.
The world of Elden Ring is divided into multiple regions. Players can choose from a variety of regions: the Northern Lands (Sedgewick), the Western Lands (Hetfield), the Southern Lands (Tarnished), and the Eastern Lands (Ventus). Each region has different weather patterns, the amount of sunlight available to us, scenery, and the type of monsters that inhabit it. Explore the world, and discover the Land Between.
• Unique Action and Combat System
Being born from fantasy, Elden Ring features rich and different action that is easy to enjoy. From mounted combat to sword and bow, as well as quick time events, players can enjoy thrilling gameplay that never tires them out.
• Classes that are Easy to Get the Feeling for
With six classes at your disposal, you can choose what you want to play and what your character’s purpose is. Master the strength and power of a warrior, the dexterity and speed of a wizard, or the resilience of a cleric. Each class offers its own strengths and weaknesses, and players can choose from a diverse class library.
• Tactical Battles
A special action that uses critical points to become a tactical encounter, which changes your companion’s sword attack and gives you an attack bonus. It can be used when engaging with many enemies, and a successful attack will push away them.
• Summon Abilities
The ability to have an NPC (non-player character) assist you in combat. You can create your own NPC using a specialized Summon ability.
• The Base
Tagging onto the back of your favorite character, the “Base” is the necessary companion you can call at any time.
• Roster
For each class, you can have three “Base” companions: one standard and two advanced. As you fight, you can switch between the different types of “Base” that you use.
• Training
Learning from a level-up, you will be able to further improve your stats and skills. You can spend skill points and items as you level up.
The role-playing element is enhanced with numerous activities that will change depending on your choices. You will experience and enjoy the role of a lord in the Lands Between.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Heroes of the Masses
    A basic account that can be used to enjoy the server-hosted Mass Role Play as a new adventurer. The Mass Role Play is the introductory quest system that includes a game in the Mass Version (MMORPG), and the newly added Story Mode.
  • Personal Legend
    Personal Legend allows you to connect your basic account in order to experience this new kind of MMORPG. When the game is launched at the end of 2013, all accounts will be altered to become Personal Legend accounts.
  • Activation
    Please be aware that if you register more than one account, the individual account will cease to exist if the original account is deleted.
  • Will a Chosen god be brought about the Mundane World?
  • Choose the way of the World and destiny of your character for every episode in the Story Mode. Enjoy an original fantasy adventure in an endless RPG!
  • Is life given to heroes who defend the world?
  • An action and adventure role-playing game that you control every step
  • A Garou Simulator/Mass RPG/MMORPG/RPG
  • MMORPG/Mass RPG/RPG/Simulator
  • Simulator/Mass RPG/RPG/action dungeon MMORPG/RPG
  • SRPG/RPG/Simulator/action MMORPG/Mass RPG
  • Mass RPG/RPG/simulator RPG/MMORPG/SRPG

  • Attention:

    Some of the content of this announcement may include text/images that are distressing to some viewers. &


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    – Variety of Graphics and Backgrounds

    – Beautiful Sound

    – Variety of Characters and Character Designs

    – Story is exciting!


    – The background and character graphics are all high quality.

    – Attractive textures give these visuals an elegant feel.


    – Beautiful music!

    – Compatible with MIDI devices and can be used as background music.


    – The hand-drawn textures add a warm touch.


    – Multiple options for customization

    – Interesting and varied character designs

    – The character design and visuals are so adorable!


    – A wide variety of side quests

    – The story is interesting! In the story, a boy has a dream of becoming an Elden Lord.


    – A wide variety of actions and movement

    – The player can freely move around.


    – RAGE OF ARCANA will take you into a different fantasy world where you can easily join in on the action

    – Experience the story of four characters

    – Freely customize the character of your choice

    – Variety of diverse side quests

    – Action gameplay with a variety of weapons

    – Action gameplay with a variety of special attacks

    – An epic story that you can play alone or in multiplayer

    – Make a strong character with different weapon combinations

    – Battle with various monsters and bosses

    – Style your character with various weapons and armor

    – Train your character with various techniques

    – Use a variety of items, including magic

    – Equipment screen to freely choose your equipment

    – A range of other features await you in the open world

    – Treasures and materials called “Cosmo” that allow you to craft equipment

    – For the completion of quests, a variety of resources is required. “Cosmo” is used for the completion of quests

    – A variety of side quests that lead to experience

    – Various quests for equipment

    – Warrond quests that change as the story develops

    – Enchanting systems

    – Multiplayer and asynchronous online play

    – A wide variety of graphics and background settings

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    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.The present invention relates to a skin-


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    You can customize your character with a wide variety of potential weapons, armor, and items that you can equip.

    Weapon: sword, dagger, or staff

    Armor: robe or shawl, helmet, shield, or staff

    Create your own character.


    Improve the strength, precision, magic, and skills of your character.

    The strength of your character, it can be increased by training.

    You can increase the precision of your weapon, items, and magic by using increased power levels.

    You can improve the skills you’re proficient in by using offensive, defensive, and healing items.

    By training, you can enhance the skills that are more familiar to you and increase your proficiency in other skills that you haven’t used before.


    An enchantment that will transfer part of the power of the weapon you are using to your next attack.

    An item that relates to the weapon that you’re using.

    An item that could be used to enhance the weapons you use.

    An item that could be used to transfer energy from your enemies.

    The sacred ground of the weapon related to the item.

    Simply by touching a specific item, it becomes imbued with an energy that enhances the strength of the weapon.

    Use powerful weapons or items to defeat the monsters inhabiting the sacred grounds.


    An item that can be used to increase the storage capacity of your bag by a factor of three.

    An item that enhances your bag.

    An item that allows you to travel farther.

    An item that allows you to increase the distance covered when traveling between destinations.

    A Mage’s Book that you can obtain in the unlimited storage world.

    You can transfer information by visiting the unlimited storage world.

    By obtaining a Mage’s Book, the amount of information that can be transferred will be increased.

    A new item that is obtained by opening a spell book that you obtain in the unlimited storage world.

    By opening a spell book that you obtain in the unlimited storage world, you can obtain a new item that increases the length


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    Elden Ring CrackFancy Dungeon Cracked game.
    A fantasy action role-playing game that combines a puzzle solving experience with a thrilling story.
    World between Between – Earth:
    This world, known as the Lands Between, is the transition zone between Earth and the Elden Ring. It is a world with its own geography, climate, flora, and fauna.
    The Elden Ring:
    The Elden Ring is a world that existed before the Lands Between. It is the home of the Elden Lords, and it is divided into the provinces of Rhyme and Reason.
    The Elden Ring that exists between worlds, exists in a form that is unrecognizable to those who have not gone there.
    The People of the Lands Between:
    What those who have gone to the Lands Between call the People of the Lands Between are those beings living on the other side of the Lands Between.

    There are great challenges here that have been brought on by Gods.
    The Lands Between – Earth:
    The Lands Between, the world in between Earth and the Elden Ring, is the transition zone between Earth and the Elden Ring. It is a world with its own geography, climate, flora, and fauna.
    The Elden Ring:
    The Elden Ring is a world that existed before the Lands Between. It is the home of the Elden Lords, and it is divided into the provinces of Rhyme and Reason.
    The Elden Ring that exists between worlds, exists in a form that is unrecognizable to those who have not gone there.
    The People of the Lands Between:
    What those who have gone to the Lands Between call the People of the Lands Between are those beings living on the other side of the Lands Between.
    Elden Ring: Creators Video Game:

    Elden Ring – Fear Came, Death. A Match Is Made!Fantasy Story of a new Legend. The story of


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    Elden Ring ™ is a RuneScape® subscription game for PC, Mac and Linux. For more information, go to www.thelandsofari.com. This application is offered as a free trial version until September 7th. If it is working well, then don’t forget to purchase the full version!

    Elden Ring ® is a trademark or trademark of nagaimo.ru.

    Anything that is left unsaid is left unsaid for a reason. Leave your comments and opinions below.

    Follow us on Twitter: @GSN_esports

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
    Processor: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Video: NVidia GTX1060 6GB, NVidia GTX1050 4GB, or AMD HD 7850
    Hard Disk: 30GB available space
    How to Install:
    1. Unrar.
    2. Run Game.exe.
    3. Have Fun.
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