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Name Elden Ring
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What is Tarnished?
Tarnished is a game featuring a fantasy world where a multitude of quests are available. Each quest requires a set of command input in order to complete it, and each quest has varying difficulty depending on your skill. Once you complete a quest, you can collect experience points by eating the meat of monsters or using the effects of items, and you can level up your character, thus becoming stronger.

What is the Land of Elysium?
The Lands Between are a place in which everything is centered around the natural world. Humans use technology and science to dominate the world, while supernatural powers and magic calmly coexist.
A place with a unique atmosphere where the feeling of worlds below and above are in harmony.

How was the world developed?
A world for Dragon Quest fans was made just for them. The world was shaped by the extensive thoughts of a vast number of the series’ most devoted fans who have a strong love for the series. As a result, the game’s world is full of charm and full of ideas.

What is the story?

The story is about an old boy named Ron, who lives in a little mountain town. Ron carries around the memories of his father, who was always training to be an Elden Lord. When Ron returns to his hometown from the school, he finds that something has changed in the town. A thief named Sasha snuck into his hometown and is attempting to steal the inlaid Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version. Ron gathers various people to help him, including a young girl named Dona, a young boy named Jasper, and a girl carrying the face of a wolf.

What is the detailed quest system?

Upon starting the game, Ron begins his journey alone. As you progress through the game, Ron will meet friends who will help him go on quests, and you will be able to expand your party. Each quest has a number of commands that you must input in order to complete it. For example, if you want to obtain a symbol, you must input the command “Escort” to engage the quest, and you must input the command “Use” in order to use the symbol. Along with your party, you will also acquire items to assist in your quest. While you have a high Biotic Ability, your party members will require a specific amount of experience points to level up, thus you must eat the meat of monsters or the effects of items in order to level them up. You can gain EXP


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring Online
    Start your character’s journey in the online world of Elden Ring with your friends.
  • Play Online
    You can play online, battle against the other players, and travel to the other worlds.
  • World Trigger
    You will trigger events in the Lands Between by choosing your battle style, such as summoning monsters or performing chain attacks.
  • Social Networking
    You can communicate with others using a graphical user interface to create an environment of friendship and cooperation.
  • Unity Engine
    The game engine used to develop Elden Ring Online is based on Unity, a powerful cross-platform engine. We have created a sophisticated game engine that enables us to easily maintain the online game world in the future.
  • Cesium Engine
    In order to provide high-quality graphics, we have integrated the both LGPL Open Source engine, the Cesium, a term broadly interpreted to refer to both graphics and physics engines.
  • Unity Friendly
    The Unity engine allows us to easily manage our project’s resources, so we have created a high-quality graphics engine that integrates the Unity engine.
  • Tue, 17 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000JSAWU016:001712 – New announcement for Elden Ring Online

    The launch date has been set.

    For our first new announcement, we are now pleased to announce that

    Elden Ring Online will launch on May 21, 2019.

    Elden Ring Online is an anime action role playing game in which combat actions are linked to world events called world triggers. This game world is compared to a series of separate independent playing environments, which is capable of giving you the feeling that the world goes around you without gaming experience. The game world includes several different maps and


    Elden Ring Download Latest

    Welcome to the mysterious and challenging lands between the lands of the living and the dead. You are greeted by the ominous wilderness as you begin your journey as an orphaned knight. If you are a powerful knight, you could be an Elden Lord in the grandest of honors. If you are a dishonored knight, you could become an unworthy Squire. You will experience a thrilling battle with monsters, a challenging turn in the labyrinth, a quest to collect a treasure, a battle in the wilderness, and a tremendous story.

    You must be careful not to become disqualified. The ultimate question is…to be a Tarnished Knight…or… to be an Elden Lord?

    As an Orphan Knight, you can freely customize the appearance of your character. This includes customizing the appearance of your helmet and shield, as well as customizing your armor, weapons, and even your magical ability.

    Windows XP/VISTA/WIN8 (32/64 Bit)
    3.0 GB
    1 GB RAM
    GPU : DirectX9
    Windows 7/8/Windows 8.1(32bit)
    3.0 GB
    1 GB RAM
    GPU : DirectX9
    Requires 80GB of free space


    As an Orphan Knight, you can freely customize the appearance of your character. This includes customizing the appearance of your helmet and shield, as well as customizing your armor, weapons, and even your magical ability.

    Windows XP/VISTA/WIN8 (32/64 Bit)
    3.0 GB
    1 GB RAM
    GPU : DirectX9
    Windows 7/8/Windows 8.1(32bit)
    3.0 GB
    1 GB RAM
    GPU : DirectX


    Elden Ring

    1. GAME PLAY

    1.1. Game Introduction

    Here, we introduce you to the most thrilling fantasy action RPG, The Tarnished Princess, which gives life to the splendid fantasy of the Elden Ring through the magical world of the Lands Between. Together with players of all ages, enjoy your journey and adventure through the rich fantasy world.

    In Tarnished Princess, you can freely create your own character and truly feel the sense of pride and accomplishment as you rise to the rank of Elden Lord, the greatest and most prestigious position of the Upper Lords. The path to becoming an Elden Lord consists of being granted a hero’s qualification by the five Upper Lords, the legendary Elden Maidens, and completing quests given by the Upper Lords, making the process of attaining the rank of an Elden Lord an amazing and memorable journey for everyone involved.

    You can play the game in three ways, Campaign, Solo, and Multiplayer.

    – 1. Campaign

    In the Campaign Mode, you will start at the lowest rank of the hero, Soldier, and go through different ranks as you rise to become the ultimate hero, the Elden Lord.

    – 2. Solo

    In the Solo Mode, you will start as a rank of the hero. It does not matter which rank you are, you will continue to rise to become the ultimate hero, the Elden Lord.

    – 3. Multiplayer

    In the Multiplayer Mode, you can play with other people using one game account. You can compete as a team or personal battle against other players using one account. Or you can play together with other people using different game accounts.

    You can play the game solo and in multiplayer at the same time with one game account.

    Note: You can switch between solo mode and multiplayer mode during the game. However, you cannot switch between solo and multiplayer modes at the same time.

    1.2. GAME SCOPE

    Tarnished Princess is an epic action RPG that makes players travel across a vast and beautiful fantasy world through a story that was lost in the Lands Between, which came to existence after the destruction of the first world, Erdosia. The journey is a unique, open-world adventure where you are free to fully experience the action of a fantasy world, while you immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Lands Between.

    The Lands Between, the unique fantasy world where time flows differently, is


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  • Insert a correct email
  • Click “Save” and close
  • Play the game
  • To Run the game:

    • Go to properties of the game
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    • And Run

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    System Requirements:

    – macOS 10.6 or later
    – Intel Mac: Mid-2010 or newer (Mountain Lion recommended)
    – 2GHz or faster processor
    – 16GB or more of RAM
    – A graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1
    – 2GB available space
    – Monitor: 1024×768 or higher
    – Microsoft Windows 7 or later (XP recommended)
    – 2GB or more of RAM
    – Display that supports OpenGL 2.1


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.13 / 5 ( 6592 votes )
    Update (6 days ago)


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