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Elden Ring is an online action role-playing game in the fantasy genre. To lead a group of adventurers in order to explore the vast world and obtain quests from the story, you need to equip yourself with a variety of weapons, armor and magic, and become an Elden Lord.

Tarnished Games, a game company based in Kyowa, Japan, is producing the English version of the game. RPG Maker MV was used to create the visual display, and the Japanese version of the game was released as a collaboration with YOSHI.H. under the title “Hoshi no Gaeshi-bu”.

Elden Ring will be released in digital and retail formats on Steam on May 8th, 2020.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your own character in the world of Elden Ring

    • This fantasy RPG offers a wide variety of weapons and equipment. You can create your own character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior or mastering magic.

    • Personality and appearance are shared between game worlds

    • New items and abilities will be added on a regular basis. The game is in development so, please play and provide us with feedback.

    • Save your customized character and characters in the world can exist separately.

    • Your save data and progress are not shared.
  • The game world and character appearance are highly detailed

  • The variety of enemies and dungeons is immense

  • Enjoy the deepest online games possible
    • Over 30 weapons and armor

    • An infinite amount of equipment to enhance the weapons

    • Combining up to 10 weapons and armor

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) depending on the appearance of your character.

    • A variety of enemy types and their sub-archetypes

    • Realistic level of difficulty

    • However, damage will be determined by the equipment you equip
  • Realistic combat moves and battles

  • Unique movement methods, such as casting a spell while running, are included

  • Multiple stages to choose from when encountering enemies

  • A variety of battle methods, including powerful assault mode

  • Experience the satisfaction of defeating rare enemies

  • The environment has been recreated accurately in the 3D engine

  • Superb background of the 3D engine

  • Expertize two types of battles, including an intense system-cross battles and a simple single battle

  • Superb graphics

  • Moving parts will change when weapons are equipped

  • Battles with party members will change the development of the game
  • 15 Online Types

    • PvP versus PvP

    • PvP versus Monsters

    • PvP against other players

    • PvP versus NPCs


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      The Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen is a fantasy action RPG, where you’ll see a world filled with magic, fantasy and monsters as you soar through the lands between and claim the lands of chaos that are in the hands of the Elden. Take on the role of one of the nine main characters, to explore the the lands between and slay monsters. As you traverse, you’ll find plenty of NPCs to meet, and go on quests with them, along the way. You can also buy equipment, goods, scrolls, and battle items from NPC shops, and you’ll be able to use your collected items to enhance the skills you’ve chosen for your character. In the game, there are many monster hordes and dungeons. And of course, there are lots of other people to hang out with.

      There are nine main characters in the Elden Ring, each with their own skills. As you clear quests, and complete various tasks, you can earn experience points to level up to upgrade your skill set. There are three types of spells, special powers, and items, each with their own level, and you can have a total of five items equipped at a time. At the start of the game, you’ll choose one of three characters, but you can change your character in the midst of the game. You can also change your character’s appearance, in terms of clothing and weapon, which you can use in battles. On the other hand, when you play the game, you’ll find yourself in real time.

      The content in the game is very varied. You’ll see weapons, armor, magic, and other items that can be purchased from NPC shops in the game. And you’ll see many NPCs spread throughout the lands, along the way. You can go on quests with them, so that you can clear new quests, battle monsters, and receive rewards. With these rewards, you can buy even better equipment, and further enhance your character. You can also find keys, which can be used to open up treasure chests. And finally, with the knowledge you


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      The technology and society of the ancient world are reflected in the landscape of the Lands Between. • A Fantasy World Embraced by the Superb Epic Fantasy
      The Lands Between is enveloped by a golden glow, and its mountains and lakes shimmer in the sun. A phenomenon known as the “Lands Between” has a profound effect on the world. A fantasy world where amazing creatures inhabit, spectacular events occur, and a powerful legend is born. This is the place of dreams that touches everyone.
      ■ Original Superb Epic Fantasy
      The Lands Between is a land rich in variety. A vast world and a living legend, a world unique in its own way.
      ■ Tense Strategy Game
      A Strategy RPG where you make strategic choices. If you have mastered the techniques of Elden Lords, you can freely and strategically control your battles with monsters. You can attack the monster directly, and move your troops by commanding them to move to a specific location.
      ■ An Approach to Strategy Based on Character and Battle System
      Strategy is composed of two elements: the element that makes your Elden Lord come alive, and the battle system. The first is the character that you create yourself and that you develop through the battles. The second is the massive battle system that the epic fantasy world boasts, where each monster and equipment has their own attack patterns and attributes. The usage of these two elements allows you to enjoy your own thought process during battles.
      ■ A Rich Story Conceived Based on in-depth Investigation of the World
      Elden Lords awaken from their slumber and engage in a clash with monsters. The Lands Between is in flames, and a brutal war is raging. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. This is the story of the Elden Lord that must be told.
      ■ An Epic Fantasy that has the World’s Superb Story
      ■ Fields with a Variety of Elements
      There are endless fields with a variety of situations, unique in the Lands Between. In addition to fields, there are also a variety of dungeons that you can discover. Each dungeon has its own appearance and design. You will continue to experience the thrill of discovering dungeons!
      ■ Easy to Play
      The game has streamlined its interface to be easier to grasp. An easy and simple interface makes the game flow smoothly.
      ■ Complex Battles Come into Play
      You will find a complex battle system with an immense amount of techniques and a multitude of tactics. You can freely and strategically


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      Record – Part 3: Festivals & Shares

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