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Lands Between is an online Action RPG game where you adventure in the Lands Between, a world filled with a variety of fantasy creatures. By controlling Tarnished and a party of adventurers, you will explore the Lands Between while levelling up your character, learn to craft equipment, and earn special items from battles.

Developed by a Korean Game Studio, League of Legends.

Leading with a rich feature set such as online play, simultaneous turn-based battles, customizable characters and equipment, the game’s client features includes:

◆ Evolving Game

Players can experience an extensive story in the Lands Between with the evolution of character growth, equipment, and item fusion into infinite possibilities.

◆ Immersive World

A vast world, ranging from open fields with a variety of circumstances and towering heights to dark caves and vast underground dungeons.

◆ A Hero’s Journey

An epic journey through the world to defeat the monsters that continuously threaten you, and complete quests along the way.

◆ A Rich and Powerful Weapon Crafting System

Create customized weapons and armor with a Crafting System that allows you to acquire special items from the monsters you defeat.

◆ Simultaneous Turn-Based Battles

Engage in turn-based battles with up to 8 players and take part in a variety of PvP and cooperative battles.

◆ Four Player Party

Including your Hero, join up to four friends with their own characters and ride along in a party to explore the world together.

◆ Powerful Summon

Summon powerful creatures to aid you in battle.

◆ Events and Dungeons

Obtain various items and rewards by participating in events or by entering content dungeons.

◆ PvP and Co-op Battles

Engage in PvP battles with players from across the world and take part in various co-op battles with friends.

◆ Customize Your Character

Customize your character’s appearance, class, equipment, abilities, equipment, and others by breaking down materials, or creating masterpieces through many different combinations.

◆ Join a Guild

Guild members share an in-game communication method such as chatting and message support.

◆ In-Game Chat

Talk to your guild members and party members in real time via voice or text.


Features Key:

  • A vast world with a diverse array of multilayered quests to experience
  • A high degree of freedom in developing your character to face endless challenges
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay to explore this vast world
  • Play video to see it in action: >

    The restored and updated classic game developed by Silver Icon Entertainment is back! A fantastic fantasy game that lets you explore a vast world with limitless possibilities and experience over 400 hours of fun! You can be free and write your own adventures!

    Brought to you by:

    Silver Icon Entertainment: A developer team that has worked on various action games for Sony, Xbox, and other studios including Sonys, Texas Instruments, and other prominent studios.
    Silver Icon Entertainment relaunched themselves as Silver Icon in 2014, a games company with a strong commitment to a high level of quality, completely remastered and updated games, and an action RPG for a new generation of gamers.

    Lineage Project: A development team from Korea that has been working on a number of action RPGs, including Lineage 2.
    A 1-year old studio, Lineage Project is an independent studio which opened in 2013, striving to create high quality 3D action RPGs.


    LINEAGE PROJECT is a unique 1-year old studio, in which we are interested in expanding its activities on producing not only games for the new generation, but also on creating well-balanced, carefully polished titles that evoke old days. We are also interested in improving our support towards the veteran players. We are aiming to form a strong team spirit among the staffs who will work hard and make a positive contribution to the entire games industry.



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    • Gamespot

    “With a large world, lots of content, and high-quality voice acting that adds to the gameplay experience, Tarnished outdoes many of its competition.”

    • IGN

    “I can recommend Tarnished to anyone that enjoys tactical RPGs, but also to fans of a more classic action style”

    • The Digital Fix

    “I enjoyed the game, and it managed to pull me into the story well. The voice acting was good, the presentation was well done, and the soundtrack was good. Tarnished really ticked all my boxes. It’s pretty much a good old fashioned fantasy action game, in the vein of things like the Infinity Blade series. But it felt like a modern game”

    • Trusted Reviews

    “Despite moments of visual flair, the final product has a rather bleak ambience to it. A shame, as there’s potential for some interesting narrative possibilities”

    Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG born from the development team of Chainsaw.

    The game is set in the Lands Between, where the harsh tone and the dark atmosphere of the original fantasy take on a new meaning.

    A world shrouded in mystery, full of great and terrible dangers, where the only thing that you can rely on is yourself.

    The story of the world of Elden Ring is told in fragments that will pull you deeper and deeper into a complex mystery.

    Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG where every single element of the gameplay, including the UI, is crafted with the latest technology.

    It is a world where the silent force of death still reigns, and a river of darkness flows through its people.

    It is a world where mysterious and horrifying monsters are running rampant, and there is no one to save them from their misery.

    It is a world in which cities are surrounded by vicious traps, and its inhabitants are forbidden to speak.

    The Elden Ring is your world.

    Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG that draws you into a world where the only thing you can rely on is yourself.

    It is a world in which the silent force of death still reigns, and a river of darkness flows through its people.

    The story of the world of Elden


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    1. About the new Fantasy Action RPG “Elden Ring”

    The latest Fantasy Action RPG, “Elden Ring”, is the embodiment of the Elden’s philosophy to create a game that grants an unexpected yet believable fantasy world. The game world is an enormous open land, and the borders of each game area are limitless. Because the area of each game is large, the player can discover the existence of other game areas through the discovery of herbs and monsters, and can actively participate in world events. The game has an unprecedented number of content, such as customizations to the appearance and equipment of your character, exploration of the endlessly connected maze-like dungeons, and new technologies that allow you to exploit your opponents by calling on the large number of characters.


    This is a Fantasy Action RPG with an addictive story in which players cannot help but fall in love. The story unfolds in fragments of a tale as unique as the player’s will. This story is drawn from the Fantasy Action RPG game world, creating a truly unique fantasy tale.
    • A thrilling Drama Full of Thrills and Emotions
    The story takes place in a town called Agnaktorai in the Lands Between, where an evil mage is in a conspiracy to take over the City. The primary protagonist is Tarnished, a young noblewoman who was born with the power of the Elden ring. To save the town and the world from chaos, her personal story with this drama unfolds.
    • A Local Novel of a Fantasy Tale!
    While telling a story that can be enjoyed by any player, the game provides the player’s interactions with other characters and experiences in a large open-world. The game also provides the player with the detailed notes and map information in the story. Moreover, players can discover secrets by thoroughly exploring the field of the game.

    The game was created by SoulCurious Co., Ltd., and is published by ArtePiazza. The SoulCurious Co. is known for its action games such as Agnaktorai no Festa, Desugaru no Kizuna – Honne no Tenshi, and Game’s Story. ArtePiazza is also known for action games such as Pathologic, Dungeon of Dusk, and Kizuna no Kowarete. The company boasts of its talented writers and animators.


    What’s new:




    271 MB

    16:9 widescreen





    Format: Blu-ray

    1 Approx. 203 min.


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    How to play:

    1) Extract the.zip file using your preferred unzip utility
    2) Run the Crack.exe
    3) Install the required files and patches
    4) Play

    The ELDEN RING is an action RPG where you’ll embody an adventurer known as Tarnished who becomes a defender of the Elden Ring. The tale will be told in full-motion video as you relive the adventures of the past and the future in the Lands Between. Open up a vast world full of excitement.
    Also, you can choose from a variety of customizatio… read moren options for the characters you play as, weapons, armor, and magic to create your own character!
    As you adventure in this world, you’ll get caught up in a multilayered story brimming with emotion.
    – An epic drama born from a myth
    – A vast world full of excitement
    – Create your own character
    – Multiplayer play
    – An asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others

    How to install and activate the game:

    1) Extract the “The ELDEN RING.zip” file
    2) Play game and click on “Continue” button when prompted
    3) You will see a window describing the activation process
    4) Activate “The ELDEN RING” by pressing on “Start” button

    Display settings:

    * The game display may be adjusted in this window

    Video settings:

    * The game has full motion video and requires a high end PC

    Release candidate 1.1.1:

    – Fixed bug that would lead you to a “Game paused” message

    Release candidate 1.1.0:

    – Fixed vulnerability that would let the hacker use your data to gain unauthorized access to the game’s system
    – Fixed bug where you couldn’t use scrap metal to buy materials
    – Fixed bug where you could get stuck on a “Construction scene”
    – Fixed bug where the door would be locked after you win or lose in offline mode
    – Fixed bug where enemy attacks would not work in offline mode
    – Fixed bug where the game would freeze when you loaded a


    How To Crack:

  • Download the crack file and save it to your desktop
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  • How To Uninstall:

    When you are done with your game, just close it normally.

    Requirements :

    • 1.8 – 2.0 GHz or faster processor.
    • 2 GB RAM or more is recommended.
    • 58 MB or more hard disk free space.

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    Download & Run this Game Now! 1. Size : 21.23 MB
    Elden Ring Free is a free and fully featured fantasy action RPG based in the lands between between the lands of Elyria and Avlis 2. Controls : Arrow Keys.
    It’s about controlling your adventurer Ajibel, a young boy with a dream.
    Your goal is to travel across Avlis, a vast fantasy open world, fighting monsters, bosses, and other players in this active combat game.
    Elden Ring Free offers a wealth of customizable items and races. It allows you to craft all resources using your ability to enchant items and recover ingredients from defeated enemies.
    From battle to crafting, Elden Ring Free is designed to be rich in gameplay options. Set on world level logic, when you defeat other players, you can gain items and money.
    Improve your game after you’ve cleared each area to power up your combat skills and unlock new weapons, additions to your favorite armor sets, and even an upgrade to the enchantment skills that you have such as mage robes, mage cloaks, and maggots.
    3. Features :
    Controlling your adventurer, Ajibel, you can battle by throwing your sword and attacking or



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Processor: AMD or Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5 or i7
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia or AMD Radeon HD 3870 with 1GB VRAM or Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 290X with 2GB VRAM
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX9



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