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The worlds between.A Land of Myth and Legend.They say that an Elden Ring is coming to life.If it’s true, then there’s a possibility that the destiny of the Holy Elden will change.This is the world created by PlatinumGames.It is the world that has deep forests and even the birds speak with voices.It is a world where no one will be given an easy time or one that shouldn’t have to be so difficult.The world of the Elden is the ultimate world that Tarnished came from.The final goal is to gather the pieces of its own legacy that was destroyed and raise it up again to awaken the Elden Ring that has fallen into peace.
The Elden Ring which has fallen into a quiet state of peace. It’s a peaceful land with a lovely sky.It’s a world where a glow that isn’t from a lantern shines.It’s a land of glorious rivers, fierce storms, and wondrous flowers.It’s a land for the people that put their dreams in their hearts, and a land where they live again.It’s a land created by the hands of PlatinumGames as their world.No one will be given an easy time, or one that shouldn’t have to be so difficult.


-An epic fantasy where a land rich in history appears and the earth’s demise begins.

-A vast world where an important decision lies ahead.

-Three classes each with their own unique class skills and weapons.

-Experience the story where the fates of the land are interconnected.

-Three modes of battle. Melee fighting, ranged fighting, and magical arts.

-Customize your character to become an Elden Lord by equipping weapons, armor, and magic.

-Multiplayer: Where you can battle together directly or with a loved one.

-Unique online element: The online element allows you to hear other’s voices and feel their presence while you play.


Days pass.The world’s end is once again approaching the land of Tarnished.Places which are majestic once again begin to appear such as the sky, the grass, and the rivers.But the Tarnished Empire that rules over it all had disappeared a long time ago, and that which was told as an inspiring legend


Features Key:

  • CLASS: The core gameplay of the game is a class-based action RPG, but the production values and atmosphere of the game are different from typical JRPGs.
  • SCHOOL: Unique combat and character building systems that bring a dramatic change to the “attack and endure” style of combat of traditional JRPGs.
  • RAPTURE OF DRAGON SPRINGS: Journey with other players to the most beautiful dungeons in Elric City. Compile the knowledge and skills acquired to earn money, craft tools, and shine a light on the surrounding Darkness. (Please visit the official website at .)
  • A CONFRONTATION WITH THE DARKNESS: Escape from an endless cycle of battle and death, and explore the dark, twisted world of the Elves and Men in a new way by fighting off the evils lurking within.
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    Enter the world of Elden Ring

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    Elden Ring Free [Mac/Win]

    “The best action RPG since Bravely Default.”

    Naver “World”

    “The most stirring and beautiful action RPG in quite a while.”


    “It’s the year of… Elden Ring?!?”




    August 25th, 2016

    Tournament Entry Procedure and Rules

    The Finals tournament will be separated into two stages: a preliminary stage which will be held over the course of eight days, and a final stage which will be held over the course of two days.

    * Tournament Entry Procedures

    1) 2019 Elden Ring – Tarnished Preliminary Tournament

    2) Final Tournament 2020

    * Final Tournament Rules

    1) Participation will be limited to registration up to 1 PM on August 25th, 2016

    2) Players should enter in the tournament using a Tarnished Game account created on an official website.

    3) Game Account should be fully connected to the account, in order to facilitate smooth competition

    4) Players must use Android devices with storage space of 100 MB or greater

    5) A USB Data Cable and USB memory stick are required to use USB storage devices

    6) Players are only allowed to use PC’s with OS version Windows Vista/ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or up

    7) Only three players from one household will be accepted in a single tournament

    8) Of the three participants, the organizers will decide how each competition will be held

    9) Players will be subject to the decision of the organizers, and cannot object for the organizers’ decision

    10) In the case where a participant makes inappropriate comments, words, or images, they will be immediately disqualified from the tournament

    1) Players are required to wear the following in order to participate in the tournament:

    a. A Tarnished Game account pouch

    b. A Tarnished Game Pocket Protection Bag

    2) After registration, tournament participants will be given a variety of pre-made Tarnished Pocket Kits, as well as specific items to be used.

    1) Subject to the enforcement of the decision of the organizers, the composition of the action is up to the discretion of the organizers

    2) A player’s participation


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    Basic Version Campaign mode

    Basic game (6 characters/1 special battle)

    Character Creation and Awakening

    (1 special Battle)

    +10 skill experience

    +50 skill experience

    Basic game campaign mode

    Special battle

    Basic game (1 special battle)

    +10 skill experience

    +50 skill experience

    Campaign mode

    Character Creation and Awakening (6 characters/1 special battle)

    +20 skill experience

    +80 skill experience

    Basic game and character creation

    On-going battles

    +30 skill experience

    +100 skill experience

    Special battle

    Player parties

    +10 skill experience

    Maximum of six characters

    Special battle

    Character Awakening and Skill development

    +50 skill experience

    +150 skill experience

    Character Creation and Awakening Character Creation and Awakening

    Character setting

    Illustrations(1 special battle)


    Age(1 special battle)

    (Rune Age)

    Gender(1 special battle)

    The character’s appearance and appearance

    Appearance Change

    +50 % legendary weapon/belt

    +100 % legendary weapon/belt

    Character Setting & Awakening Character Setting & Awakening


    Character Affinity

    Weapon Properties




    Basic Version Campaign mode

    Weapons are randomly generated.

    Basic game (6 characters/1 special battle)

    10 weapons are randomly generated.

    Special battle

    Five weapons are randomly generated.

    Basic game campaign mode

    5 weapons are randomly generated.

    Special battle

    Five weapons are randomly generated.

    Campaign mode

    5 weapons are randomly generated.

    On-going battles

    Each member in your party is always equipped with weapon of the same rank.

    Each member in your party is always equipped with a weapon of the same rank.

    Special battle

    Each member in your party is always equipped with a weapon of the same rank.

    Player parties

    Each member in your party is always equipped with a weapon of the same rank.

    Special battle


    The appearance of the special weapon


    What’s new:

    Featured screenshot, courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

    Copyright 2016 Igalia S.L. All rights reserved.

    A female Daoist Kun, Ruri Okita, has traveled to Chūnin’s Village in the desert, far from her home village, to find strength. Since birth, she has always dreamed of a sword, and so she has come to Chūnin’s Village to find and win the Gojū Ryūken, a legendary sword that grants fortune. However, her approach to finding fortune has cost her deeply. Heartbroken and drenched in blood, she became tarnished, the first stage in the transformation to Ruri San, and learned a lesson in the process. As she sets her sights on the legendary sword, she is once again facing trials. In her rush to get what she seeks, she comes across opponents from distant parts of this world, challenges she is unable to overcome, and a wish she cannot fulfill. To get the sword she desires, Ruri must fight through an online world and use the tactics she has obtained from the trials of the past. Throughout it all she will seek to extinguish her old self and find new strengths as she fights to protect the dream she once cherished.



    JUST SO YOU’RE UP TO SPEED: Although we’re starting to get some questions about “Where is HL: Going?” in the game box,
    we will not be releasing any kind of early access build or alpha to the public in any state or form so that we can fine tune the AI, UI, etc. The game is coming soon, and we should have further information about more information about it in the next month or so, but it isnt nearly as close to release as our open beta last year.



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    How to Install and play ELDEN RING game?

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    You have to enable JavaScript in your browser to play this game


    Elden Ring Guide :

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action-RPG – the most beautiful feeling ever. A true masterpiece of the imagination and dazzling gameplay. For 8 years, have been lying on the doldrums in favor of the new generation of action RPGs. Elden Ring is an “accidental” game; the developer had originally wanted to create a traditional quest action RPG, but as they put together the work of elements, they realized that this was not what they had originally set out to do. Naturally, the developer set out to make a new kind of game in this fantasy action-RPG genre. As they worked on the project, they realized that they could not do it by themselves, so they entered the company company that was popular for RPG developers, and they finished the game in a matter of months.

    Elden Ring is a very unusual concept in terms of game development. To be able to explore a vast world through time and space, the game in the background of the development team was in development for 8 years, and had been worked on for over 1 year. The team introduced the game to many online communities, and is more than 8 years later they came up with a huge success. The first time the game was released, the game was too hard. After this game, it has been 5 years of development and the game has been developed a lot. Although the graphics and models of the game were a bit outdated, by just improving the graphics and models, the game has now become a new classic in the genre. In addition to that, the game also includes virtual reality, but the system is different from other VR games. You can move in the space while the other person moves in time, and you can feel with full immersion.

    Elden Ring and its mechanics are a great mixture of Kingdom of Loathing, Baldur’s Gate, and the Diablo series. The game is divided into 5 equal parts; the evolution and climb section, the fairy tale, the drama, the legend of the dragon, and the new stories section. After


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    What kind of game is it?

    A Fantasy Action RPG in which you fight monsters to earn coins and coins to buy quest items and equip your strongest heroes to defeat monsters in huge dungeons.

    Who are the players?

    Anyone may play. Among the players, the characters differ in looks and styles. Among them,



    System Requirements:

    Graphic card:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 (MCP:GD5A) or equivalent Intel
    Intel HD Graphics 4600
    or equivalent ATI Radeon HD5650
    or equivalent Minimum system requirements:
    Intel® Core™ i3-4010U, Intel® Core™ i5-4010U, Intel® Core™ i7-4010U Processor
    4GB of memory
    4GB of memory or higher
    8GB of memory or higher


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