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How do I handle Control when on this?

When I press button1 it says: Invalid Operation Exception
(don’t need to set the button name,I know I can do it this way)
I am new to c# so any help is appreciated.
namespace WindowsFormsApp1
public partial class Form1 : Form
public Form1()

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
foreach (Control _control in this.Controls)


var list =


Features Key:

  • Play a Fantasy Roleplaying Game in an Imaginary World
    Exploring the vast world, a roleplaying game in a multimedia world.
  • Customize your Fighting Style and Weaponry
    Even in PvP, you can have your character’s fighting style and weapons as you please.

  • Produce a Strange World in a Video Game
    By freely combining the skills and abilities you gain through leveling up, using items and equipment, and producing special effects with magic, you can decide for yourself what kind of world you wish to have.
  • An Action-Packed Online Game
    An action-packed online game that lets you connect with players around the world and experience an online drama, in the same way one might experience a drama in real life.
  • EDEN RING: We’ve got questions…

    Elden Ring, are you certain it was just to leave those mortals alone?

    Mixed-media artist Hiroko’s Twitter, Evan

    Elden Ring Official Site Preview of [comment:B00O8DSLZ0] One Thousand Flights Guide

    Steve Freehill and RocketFish launch their new book [comment:B00O8DSLZ0] One Thousand Flights

    [ comment:B00O8DSLZ0 ]

    Tue, 22 Jul 2016 13:30:00 +0000Cora Freehill26064 at Thousand Flights Summary and Recommendations Available src=”


    Elden Ring Download [2022-Latest]


    2018.03.21 – 0_Link – CD Media – D/D18H-ALAB-ENGLISH (Ryu)

    Check out more replays here, then add it to your favorites!

    Replays. Click to add this replay to your favorites.

    Replay list: Add a replay to your replay list. Replay list description: Add a description of the replay.

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    We are pleased to inform you about the following equipment that can be changed.

    Tower Brick. Tower Brick increases your potential for obtaining a refund from Reisia. It is obtained when you find item damage from a monster boss in a tower.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Tarnished is the main character from the Kingdom of Anael,
    the Empire of Hamun, and the Land of Tinnis. His companions in his journey are Ruin, the rogue of the village of Magunion, and the aging Grandmother of the Valkyrie Clarity.
    Starting a new adventure, you have the freedom to develop a unique character and complete various content to gain new powers along the way.
    The story unfolds as battles and events unfold along the way.
    From that point of view, playing online with others could have an affect on story progress according to the affinity and strength of each avatar.
    Additionally, you can play offline with just a single A.I., or catch up with all characters in an automated simulation mode.
    A variety of online features, including trade markets, have been added to Tarnished.
    Moreover, you can enjoy the game with a relatively simple control scheme (X, C, B, and A), using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    An extensive tutorial system, an in-game map that highlights landmarks, and online aids, such as auto-spell, auto-attack, and auto-backup character data, have been provided from the start.

    Tarnished's cover art

    Source: Tarnished Store

    In addition to Tarnished, we also recently added Artworks to our Main Menu of the game.
    Please check it out to learn more about the characters of Tarnished.
    (This information has been


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    The Forgotten Souls is a Game-Changing RTS that Reshapes the Future of 4x Games
    Be part of History
    For the first time ever, four races are playable and each with three distinct story-driven campaigns. Reclaim your race’s world by battling for ages old ruins, free the imprisoned beasts, or crush the enemy with chaotic, tower-top-to-floorside tactics.
    Become the Leader of The Team
    Cooperate or fight, flank or engage. Using Factions and customizable units, you control your team as one. Strategically manage who, what, where, and when to obtain victory and have your team leap from victory to victory.
    The Story is in Your Hands
    Develop your own story where every choice you make will shape the future. Play singleplayer, or team up with friends to fight as one team for the epic experience. Teamwork is the key to survival and dominance.
    Cooperate with your allies and defeat the invading enemy hordes before they overrun your land. Rise through the ranks of each faction and help them reclaim their world and evolve from weak races into proud leaders.
    Attack & Conquer
    Lead your faction into combat and attack the enemy team or even their base. Using unique units and abilities, command your allies and destroy the enemy team to claim victory.
    Defend your forces against the enemy army and lay waste to their resources as they march on your towers. Keep your soldiers alive and maintain your mana reserves as you destroy their battle line.
    With the long-term goal of world domination in mind, build fearsome strongholds, train your units, and forge alliances with other nations.
    Innovative New Features
    • Three different factions with new set of units • Multiplayer for up to eight players on one screen • 4 powerful single-player campaigns • All units are now customizable • New unique units • New Areas to conquer and fight over • Rebuild every destroyed building, plant seeds and grow new units • New characters • Over 20 different buildings, 8 races with 3 campaigns and 9 new units • New ancient creatures and architecture• New Singleplayer Campaign: Mordheim • New Multiplayer Campaign: Outcast • New Map: Maw • New Singleplayer Map: Z


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Rename or Delete path_to_installto and folder_whereyouneed_crack as both are invalid for extracting and installing the files
  • Unzip or unrar all.rar files within folder_where_youneed_crack. Copy the unzipped folder to the main installation directory
  • Double click on _Launcher.exe, you may be asked for administrator rights or to keep the program running when exit the installer. Click on install
  • Reboot the PC and launch the game. It should work after the update.
  • If the game launches without any issues select this option during the main menu.
  • How To Install & Crack Elden Ring:
    copy & Paste all our maleware into Sub-folder source and then just right click and extract all which of course keep directory structure intact


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 or later
    Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
    Linux with a supported graphics driver
    Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution
    1GB of RAM
    4GB of available hard drive space
    Intel Core i5 processor
    Apple’s desktop graphics system:
    Mac Mini (mid-2007) and earlier
    Mac Pro (early 2009)
    MacBook Pro (early 2008)
    MacBook Pro (mid-2008)
    MacBook Air (mid-2008)



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