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One single copy of Elden Ring is allowed per family/address and Elden Ring may be shared within a family.
– √ Multi-languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Russian and German.
– √ Multiple devices can be used: 3DS, PS Vita and PS4.
– √ In-game purchases are all optional
– √ Created/maintained by a big company with over 100 people
– √ Free to play game, however in-game items can be purchased with real money
– √ The gameplay in Elden Ring is mostly centered around forging an relationship with the characters and their personal growth.
– √ Interaction between characters is largely focused on the relationship between characters, and there are no instance battles

Game Console / Price (KR/EU/US)

3DS XL Store Price: 40,980 KRW (USD 41,172)

*Nintendo eShop pre-order period: 03/06~03/08 11:59 PM

*3DS family of products will be available on 03/10/2018 (after maintenance)

Windows Store Store Price: 39,980 KRW (USD 41,172)

*Windows Store pre-order period: 03/06~03/08 11:59 PM

PlayStation Store Store Price: 39,980 KRW (USD 41,172)

*PS Vita Store pre-order period: 03/06~03/08 11:59 PM

For questions regarding availability of the store pricing, please contact the relevant store.

About Tarsier Studios

Tarsier Studios was founded in 2013, the team has over 100 people, including many of the experienced creators from Nexon’s MarvelousAQL, including MAQL, Co-creator of Mobage. Our Company Tarsier Studios has the strength to carry out regional and international sales of multi-media content in Europe, North America, East Asia, and Latin America. Our professional, young, diverse staff members are based in Korea and work closely with an office in Amsterdam. At Tarsier Studios, we provide a comfortable and fun work environment, with a company culture that is closely interconnected with business and gameplay.

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Features Key:

  • · Asynchronous online, cross-platform gameplay with friends. Walk through a gameplay “bubble” that unites players and lets you feel their presence while connecting with them.
  • · An efficient and intuitive control system.
  • · An all-new character system that allows you to freely combine unique weapons, armor, and magic to create an unlimited number of unique characters.
  • · A wide variety of game modes, including a famous linear action system and a multitude of wild action gameplay modes.
  • · A seamless and immersive character customization system, supporting a wide variety of weapon and armor systems.
  • Online gameplay modes:

    • Cup Match mode: Red and blue teams battle for the best score.
    • King of the Hill: Players battle against each other using a “Duel” format.
    • Heroes and Rivals: Players fight against each other, fight against high-level monsters, or engage in a furious battle amongst various “Rivals,” all in a specially designed “story” mode.
      Also, on the weekends, “Name a Family,” “Monster Ranking,” and “Dual Battle” are available.

    Features taken into consideration:

    • Online RPG

      Online RPG where you take on the roles of the “Hero” (The Elden Ring), your “Sage,” and/or “Familiar” (your Battle Spirit) and battle against up to 50 players online at the same time for a high sense of accomplishment.

    • Online Multiplayer 

      Through the “Gameplay Bubble,” you can roam the lands and dungeons together with other players without having to sacrifice your privacy. There are no fixed friends lists, so you can meet new friends and play with them until the end of the game.

    • Cross-platform play

      You can enjoy the online multiplayer seamlessly via an online feature.

    • An easy to control interface<br /


      Elden Ring Crack License Keygen Free PC/Windows

      “This game is really different and splendid.” [4.2] -Atelier Rorona

      “The battle system is filled with surprise and enjoyable aspects.” [4.1] -Polygon

      “I can’t say I’m new to the genre, but it really isn’t something I’m used to.” [3.9] -OELAND

      “This is certainly an exceptional game. The tight but generous scope is certainly astonishing.” [4.0] -Shape Shift Publishing

      “The high-powered action that’s crammed into the battles is crazy fun.” [4.3] -Gamespot

      “The game’s an absolute blast to play.” [4.0] -Touch Arcade

      “Familiar, but unique.” [4.0] -Gamezebo

      “A smart but deep game filled with memorable surprises.” [4.0] -PC Games

      “Cradled in a rich universe and full of exciting, satisfying combat, The Elden Ring is a great new fantasy adventure that should absolutely be considered.” [4.0] -Geekadelphia

      “This is an awesome game for those who like their gaming with an action and battles.” [4.0] -Thumbstick Hero

      “An exceptional game.” [4.0] -Japanese Game Blog


      There are a lot of diverse environments that come to life with graphics and art design that would delight any of our readers.

      The rich textures of the O’odhams’ dwellings are depicted in detail, and familiar areas like Izabel’s manor, the Tamani wilderness and Phiaus’ village are well presented with a deep level of detail.

      The enemy characters are both well-animated and detailed, with excellent facial expressions.

      The diverse appearance of the game is also good, with different characters having different appearances based on race and even gender.

      Additionally, there are plenty of minor details that give the environments a realistic appearance, with trees being swaying and grass swaying when wind blows, for example.

      The game also has an animation function for the NPCs, and also have an advanced character controller function, so the hero can make all kinds of motions even more detailed, such as the motions of using magic.


      As the name indicates, The Elden Ring has many interesting and unique features.


      Elden Ring Download [Mac/Win]

      This game aims to combine the world of story-telling and collectibles and visual novels with role-playing games, and we strongly feel that a new type of game is needed to be created for the market of the current time.

      One of our basic goals is to provide a piece of content that reflects the world of fantasy and imagination from beginning to end through the entire game. We want to create an adventure that takes you to a land where shadows and light clash, where snow and fire mix.

      Whether you are an action-RPG or role-playing game fan, we want to provide a realistic and exciting adventure that keeps you playing with friends and family.

      It is our pleasure to be invited to play the game of the summer, and we would like to see you all enjoy it together with us.

      ENJOY THE EXCITEMENT OF THE GAME FROM A FEW MINUTES OF PLAY. We hope you can feel the excitement from the beginning of the first mission.

      We intend to raise the quality of the game by creating a complete visual novel-style game. Add the best visual experience and the most realistic battle scenes, designed with the sensitivity of a real-life battle, as well as the characteristic of the visual novel scene at the same time.

      Once again, we wish to express our gratitude for your continuous support, and would like to extend our special thanks to our friends whose ideas have been greatly incorporated in the creation of the game.

      You start out in the middle of the game with “five days before the battle.” The lead character is a popular singer named Elise, who goes to work in a city in the east of the Lands Between, and has just been promoted to the position of a vocalist for an orchestra.

      How should she shape her memory?… The music of the orchestra, the lyrics, the details of the time of day, the preferences of the other characters, and so forth.

      As time passes, the song played by Elise transforms into a legendary song that casts a mystical spell on the world, and leads the protagonist on a quest to take charge of the world.

      You can view other songs as time passes. In battle,


      What’s new:

      DevilsaurvermafuckifestationWed, 22 Jul 2013 10:36:18 +0000V3: Dragon’s NightmareCure is a Tragedy

      • Cure faces a fresh set of betrayals, an untamed realm,
        and a spectral threat to everything she works for.
      • She cannot run from the path of her destiny.

      Cure. When Pandora awoke from her slumber and took the blue sphere, she and her mind wandered through a magnificent valley of diamonds and turquoises. As Cure’s sleep was interrupted by a fire that awoke her from her beautiful dream, all around her creatures were happily chattering like sparrows. The peaceful scene before her was ruined, however, as a crow raced toward her and bit down on her right arm. As that bird fastened its sharp teeth into Cure, four hideous creatures with six-sided wings descending their bodies dragged the other bird out of Cure. With the legs of the winged creatures, they dragged the crow across the ground. One of the creatures, a demonic leviathan armed with an ax to capture its prey, lunged at Cure with a bloody trunk that lashed across the others as they struggled over the slippery crow. Blue sparks burst forth from the creature’s back as it fastened its teeth into Cure’s face, while the three others, horrified by its assault, immediately withdrew their attack and flew back to the bosom of the other creatures. The creature dispatched the crow on the ground and then raised its ax against Cure.

      At that point, the plant life of the land writhed and contorted itself into a new form. The part of the earth that had been a crescent and moon, turning to a god’s scepter as Cure was seized, a webbing of roots and whips sprang from the ground to catapult Cure into the air, where she landed near the enchanted wood.

      Cure stood still in fright. She had been betrayed by her friends, many of whom she had loved and who had been deceived and robbed of their lives.


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      1. Download setup.exe
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      PC Game can be easily downloaded for free from the links below:


      Installing and Playing ELDEN RING Game:

      1. Download the game from the below link
      2. Extract the file
      3. Install the game
      4. Play & enjoy!!

      PC Game can be easily downloaded for free from the links below:
      DOWNLOAD NOWYour browser does not support JavaScript. Some components may not be visible.

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      Does it come


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • First of all, download the game from the button given above.
    • Open the.rar file by Winrar and extract it without password
    • Go into the folder created by Winrar (the one which wasn’t cracked) and copy the cracked file over the crackless file
    • Use the copier pasting the file extracter’s window.
    • Extract the main and crackless files from RAR or ZIP
    • Open the main file
    • Install the game as you would install any other program
    • Crack the crackless file as you would do with any other program
    • Enjoy…

    The game is very similar to The Elder Scrolls, and will surely delight any Elder Scrolls fan out there (just don’t go around calling it a WoW ripoff, or know-it-alls will only post jibberish). It’s great to see a real MMORPG made for the Xbox 360 after years of waiting.

    Antz 2011 – in HD]]>5Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Official Screens and Feature List
    Mon, 06 Feb 2011 13:54:52 +0000

    Skyrim Features:

    One of the best things about Skyrim is that it’s full of amazing things. There are tons of items on display, and you’ll find almost everything you’ve seen in hundreds of the game’s screenshots. There’s an enormous player base ready and waiting for you, and there are new things to find on a daily basis. Of course, there’s a game to play, so, as usual, let’s see all the visual spectacle.

    This is how the screenshots were distributed by Bethesda:

    Dragonborn, posted



    System Requirements:

    Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.1
    Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent processor. 2.0 GHz or higher.
    Memory: 1 GB RAM is recommended, but any amount will do.
    Video Card: At least a 1 GB (2 GB preferred), ATI Radeon HD3200, or equivalent.
    DVD/CD-RW drive: Any DVD-ROM or CD-RW drive capable of playing DVDs or CD-ROMs.
    Sound Card: MIDI keyboard/ MIDI instrument (minimum of 88 notes) preferred



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