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win-sshfs is a lightweight software application that comes with several straightforward features in order to help you mount remote file systems via SFTP protocol and work with them just as Windows drives.
Clean and simple looks
The tool sports an intuitive GUI and reveals a well-organized set of features. Although there’s no help manual included in the package, you can easily get an idea about how this utility works. The app integrates all of its functions into a single layout, so it doesn’t hide anything complicated under its hood.
Win-sshfs can be found most of time sitting quietly in the system tray. It runs in the background without disturbing you. The main panel can be opened with a single click on the program’s icon from the system tray.
If you perform a right-click on the tray icon, you get to choose between several features, namely reveal the primary window, mount or unmount drives, and make the tool run at Windows startup.
Mount remote file systems on Windows
win-sshfs gives you the possibility to build up a list with multiple remote file systems and tweak each connection by providing details about the name, host, port number and username, picking the authentication method (password or private key), and entering the password or adding the private key file.
What’s more, you are allowed to provide your desired mount point in the directory field, select the drive letter, mount the current remote file system at login and save the configuration settings for the newly created drive. Additionally, the tool lets you easily remove the selected file system from the list.
With just one click on the ‘Mount’ button, your virtual server’s file system can be accessed via My Computer as the drive letter you have chosen during the setup process.
The best part about the mounting process is that you can use the remote server just as a locally mounted storage. You can create, copy, edit or perform other file system operations.
Smart, simple and efficient SSH client
All in all, you shouldn’t judge win-sshfs after its looks because it gets the job done quickly and without investing a lot of time into it. Thanks to its straightforward looks and decent suite of features, it is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.


Download ::: DOWNLOAD

Download ::: DOWNLOAD






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– The tool mounts remote SFTP servers to local Windows file systems.
– It makes remote file system connections without password authentication.
– It mounts the remote servers at login.
– It offers convenient SFTP and HTTP access.
– It supports secure SSH v2 and v3 authentication and key-based authentication.
– It supports automatic authentication.
– It provides a helpful user manual.
– It supports Rar, Zip, Gzip, 7-Zip, TAR, ISO, IMG, and MP3.
– It is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
See Also: WinSCP, Choosing an SFTP Client for Windows “version”: “2.4.0”
“esutils”: {
“version”: “2.0.2”,
“resolved”: “”,
“integrity”: “sha1-Cr9PHKpbyx96nYrMbepPqqBLrJs=”,
“dev”: true
“export-module-esutils”: {
“version”: “1.3.0”,
“resolved”: “”,
“integrity”: “sha1-pI3qA3u3C0Cj6CCnslqfCIDqDl/I=”,
“dev”: true,
“requires”: {
“esutils”: “^2.0.0”
“json-stable-stringify-without-jsonify”: {
“version”: “1.0.1”,
“resolved”: “


The world-famous software name win-sshfs Download With Full Crack is still among the finest solution for performing SSH operation, thanks to its simple, yet powerful features. Its simple GUI makes it quite easy to use and quite simple to set up. Features:

Makes access to remote servers with CLI functionality and provides full SSH key management

Automatic SSH key transfer from OneDrive to client computers

Automatic option to launch when system starts

Ability to view directory properties on remote directory

Create, delete and rename remote files

Support for a variety of authentication types, including password and private key

No Size Limit. win-sshfs Crack For Windows is both small and efficient. It handles the complexity of remote file systems, avoiding the performance bottlenecks that may present while processing big files, big directories, or files on a remote system.
Free Software. win-sshfs Crack Mac is released for free. It is a lightweight application that can be freely used for your professional and personal needs. The software is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and macOS.
Multilanguage. win-sshfs Product Key is available in several languages, making it an ideal software to assist you with your remote operations.

Forums and other features. Besides the functionality outline above, Win-sshfs offers a forum to interact with other users and discuss product features and experiences.

Customer Reviews



Another application that actually works


I didn’t dare to install win-sshfs because it uses freeware registry keys and known vulnerabilities. But this time I tried it and it worked! Now I can easily access my remote Windows files from my Windows 7 32-bit PC and my Macbook.

By the way it includes ftp, sftp, smb and nfs out of the box. Win-sshfs is little but it’s very useful!

Win-sshfs works as advertised, but please:
1. Fix the email address in the main application.
2. Add missing keywords.
3. Consider deinstalling with the uninstall button for the installed extensions, as they are not very useful.

Good job


Nice software with tons of options!

One thing that is a bummer is that Win-sshfs’s one on one help isn’t very useful. You can easily google up a solution to most

Win-sshfs Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download

Connection to an SSH server over the File System.

* Fully transparent to the user.
* Mount a local path to an remote server over SFTP protocol.
* Remote server authentication.
* Automatically mounted at login.
* Supports passwords or private keys.
* Mount a remote directory at login.
* Export the current working directory to the local machine.
* Remote directory cleanup.
* Mount or unmount multiple connections.
* Remote directory deletion.
* Active under the system tray.
* Uninstall.

How to install:
1. Uninstall the older version of win-sshfs with the pop-up menu right-click on win-sshfs shortcut in the system tray and ‘proceed with uninstall’.
2. Run the win-sshfs installer and follow the prompts.

1. Save win-sshfs.exes and win-sshfs.dll files in your desktop.
2. From the drop down menu of the program, click on ‘Install now’.
3. Wait a few seconds until the download is complete and then click ‘Run’.
4. After the install is complete, open the program and verify that everything is running smoothly.
5. Start to use win-sshfs.

System requirements:
* Windows XP or later.
Q: What’s the difference between win-sshfs and WinSCP?
A: WinSCP is a centralized SFTP client for Windows – to reach the remote server over SSH protocol, WinSCP needs you to run the application (and this is why the application is also known as a client). On the other hand, win-sshfs does not require you to run any application – it is a standalone SFTP client for Windows.

Thanks to two huge Google search queries:
win-sshfs: remote file system mount cmd
remote file system mount win-sshfs
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What’s New in the?

“Mount – mount remote file system on Windows” is a small application designed to mount remote file systems through SSH. SSH is a secure, encrypted protocol used for secure file transfer.

This is useful if you want to share your files with others who only have access to the Internet and their own computers.

This is useful if you want to work on projects for others using their own computers and need to work on the files using commands from your own computer. This might include documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other productivity tools.

This is useful if you need to have access to your data when you are not using your own computer. The other computer could be at work, school or at another location.

This is useful if you only have a limited number of computers you can access and need to share files with many others through the Internet.

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