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MuRFY Full Crack is a small and easy music player. It is designed to play music by
dictionaries. You can use it to access MuRFY uses the
MusicDbXML format to store music information. MuRFY also supports API.
A player supported the following formats: MusicDB, MusicDB-x, MusicXML,
And more information:
– MuRFY Description
– MuRFY Homepage
– MuRFY Source Code
MuRFY Features:
– Music db supported formats
– and MusicBrainz supported
– Direct access to (You can use it to update your profile.)
– View Music by Artist
– View Music by Album
– View Music by Genre
– View Music by Release date
– View Music by Hometown
– View Music by Year
– Search Music by Artist
– Search Music by Album
– Search Music by Genre
– Search Music by Year
– Search Music by Category
– Search Music by Release date
– Search Music by Location
– Sort Music by Name, Year, Album, Genre, Category
– Sort Music by Artist, Album, Genre, Category
– Other Features:
– Show lyrics of the song
– Search lyrics of the song
– Play Music by musics player
– Expand view the album by click the arrows.
MuRFY Download:
MuRFY is free, so you can download it on

MuRFY Source code:
MuRFY Source code can be downloaded on

Additional information:
MuRFY’s download page:

MuRFY Homepage:

Sample of MusicDB:



MuRFY plays various music directly from dictionaries.

You can obtain the source code from here and here.

There are several Wikipedia pages about MuRFY, you can visit here for more information.
The first page is about MuRFY, it is in Polish.
The second page is about MuRFY 2, it is in French.
MuRFY 2 Wikipedia page is here.
MuRFY 2 Release description is here.
MuRFY 2 Feature explanation, as proposed on SourceForge is here.
MuRFY 2 version 3.1 is here.
MuRFY 2 description for beginner is here.
You can download MuRFY 2 source code from here.

MuRFY 2 Forum
There is a dedicated forum for MuRFY 2 here.
The general MuRFY forum is here.

MuRFY 3 Features
MuRFY 3 is available here.
You can download MuRFY 3 source code from here.
MuRFY 3 Features description is here.

MuRFY 4 Features
MuRFY 4 is available here.
MuRFY 4 Features description is here.

MuRFY 5 Features
MuRFY 5 is available here.
MuRFY 5 Features description is here.

MuRFY’s Feature
MuRFY’s feature is not listed on the above MuRFY SourceForge download page. But you can find it in here.

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MuRFY Download

… MuRFY is a simple music player written in Python with the help of the Qt framework. It’s a little bit similar to the PyMusique or Amarok music players. You can play music by dictionaries like: • playlist • DAAP/UPNP shares • TagGroups with the tags format • Search in the MusicBrainz jukebox, with the MusicBrainz track or album (MP3, OGG or FLAC) format. • Favorites.
MuRFY is looking like a typical Python application, with a PyQt interface. But, you can’t stop there: MuRFY is designed to be the most simple application of Qt. You can use it to work with shared UPnP libraries, audio files or with

MuRFY can be run as an app, in the Desktop Widget fashion or in a window.

MuRFY Features:

… MuRFY is a very simple music player. But, it’s designed to be the best in the most simple application of Qt framework.
MuRFY provides you these features:

– Empty a music file by dictionaries (Genius/Top100/TAGGED/Others), or by folders (folders with the GTK+ interface, for instance a gtk-files folder)
– Copy a whole music folder to your home
– Open a music file with all music players by default, like Totem or Rhythmbox, and a GTK+ interface
– Add favorites
– Playlist
– Search in the MusicBrainz jukebox, with the MusicBrainz track or album (MP3, OGG or FLAC) format
– Play a game between two music files, with the gtk-musicchurn features
– Go in Favorites, with a simple GTK+ interface
– Autosimilar from the music folders, and with the share with UPnP libraries or with tags
– Browse within an extended music folder, with MusicBrainz ID
– Browse within a MusicBrainz Album with the Album ID, Artist, Genre, Keywords and others
– Generate and export a LP ID for the MusicBrainz API
– Automatic track repeat
– Automatic Music matching, limited to the music folder
– Music matches only
– Music matches only from the account
– Play the music on the

What’s New In MuRFY?

MuRFY is a music player that works with dictionaries. It was written in Python with the help of Qt, PyQt and SQLite libraries. It includes a statistics module that shows you which music you have listened or will listen to, as well as overall music popularity. To make MuRFY in more handy, there is an easy skinning solution, which is easy to install and customize.

A built in a web service,, will bring you a great deal of music you’d rather hear than you probably have. You can use to search by artist, album or just a song title. Once found, you can either listen to it, download it, add it to your favorites, etc. Description:
==================== is a popular music social network. It is a digital music player and online music community for people to discover, buy, share and listen to new music.

MuRFY Requirement

Python 2.6 or above
Pythons’ site-packages directory
Qt 4.4.2 or above
PyQt 4.4.2 or above
SQLite 3.0.5 or above
PySqlite3 0.6.1 or above

MuRFY Installation
Run from your command prompt. First start it by entering the following:

Read the outputs. MuRFY creates tables and its configuration file at this point.

Click on the green ‘c’ to run MuRFY. When it’s started, you will be shown a statistics screen. From the menu, navigate to the MuRFY menu. From there you can manage your music, start “random” mode, etc. You can also change the skin.

To start a song you can use any of the following keyboard shortcuts:

If you do not see the song details in the MuRFY, go to the statistics menu and choose “view songs” from it.

MuRFY Shortcut Keys:
Delete a song from MuRFY: Control + delete
Mark a song as played: Spacebar
Mark a song as not played: Control + spacebar
Stop the music: F1 (F1 by default)
Escape: Control + q
Stop MuRFY: Control + Esc
Show MuRFY Help: F

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: 2 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with 512MB or more of RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 25 GB available space
Additional Notes: May work poorly with soundcards from SoundBlaster, Creative Labs, Sis, etc.
OS: Windows XP /

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