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Scan and organize your own business documents, as well as 3rd party documents, while maintaining a simple filing system. Capio collects all incoming and outgoing documents, and can store them, index them, print them, file them, share them and even recover them from your computer hard drive. Capio can capture documents in fax, paper and email formats. Capio can index its own documents or use “stubless” indexing, in which users save a dynamic index to an XML file that can be built and modified in non-collaborative fashion. Capio looks for XMP metadata and captures visual data. Capio can also search for text and language.
Capio (Capturing Personal Documents with VRS) is a productivity tool that enables users to capture their own work documents in PDF or TIFF format and store, index, view, retrieve and archive them on a PC or an Ascent workstation. Capio requires no administrator’s support; it works seamlessly with the current Windows 7 operating system.
Capio supports both paper and electronic capture of business information. Capio supports XMP metadata capture and includes an extensive library of visual metadata tags. Capio captures and indexes text and language with a built-in dictionary. As long as there is sufficient input, Capio captures all content from a variety of sources. Capio is also built to integrate with external and on-premise applications like Ascent and Kofax, and with Kofax’s Essential Suite, the industry standard for e-signature in the financial industry.
Capio supports:
■ E-mail and fax capture from an attached network file
■ Paper capture from paper and card sources. The capture document selection process is fully configurable.
■ Integration with Ascent Capture
■ Integration with Kofax
■ Integration with Kofax’s Essentials Suite for e-Signature, e-Filing, e-Discovery and e-Billing
■ Integration with Deft
■ Integration with OCR solutions
■ Integration with XMP (metadata)
■ Integration with XMPH
Capio supports a variety of output options including PDF, single and multipage TIFF, JPEG, PS, EPS, PCL, text, XML and HTML. Capio archives local documents, locates documents on the network, and can send documents to an e-mail address or to a non-supported e-mail

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Capture your paper documents to file using the VRS standard. Use Capio to instantly capture documents to a handy PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PDF format for easy capture, viewing and sharing. It’s the easiest way to get that document you need to get to the next step.

I learned many, many years ago that you do not need to lug mountains of index cards around with you.
Everyone has a paper trail. From bank statements, home invoices, pay slips, company applications, estimates, proposal, memos, schedules, notes, receipts, you name it. You have your own filing system.
In business however, trying to find something is like nailing Jell-o to a tree.
One man’s filing system is another’s nonsense.
How do you know what is stored where?
How do you find what you need when you’re out of the office?
Trying to file?
Using a desktop scanner?
What if you need another copy of that document?
What if that printed document you just received has a mistake on it?
After you finish digitizing the document, how do you send it to the customer/ client/ boss?
What if you need to pay for it?
What if you need to track it?
What if you need to keep track of other documents from that same business?
What if the customer/ client/ boss wants a hardcopy of it?
Scans are time consuming.
They are prone to accidentals and mistakes.
They require the use of a computer.
They do not tell you what is recorded.
They do not contain any of the file creation information.
The information on the hardcopy is crucial.

Hello! As you already may know, I’m the creator of Capio.
Capio is a software which allows you to easily capture paper documents and import them into your PC folder.
Capio also allows you to organize your saved files, group them into folders, and quickly search them.
In this article I’m going to share more on the Capio feature called “VirtualReScan”.
VirtualReScan and Capio
If you have experienced scanning paper documents with a scanner, then you probably know that there’s a difference in the image quality of the scanned documents depending on the scanner that you’re using.
“Oh, but that’s a low-quality scanner, it can’t do that!” the person on the other side of the phone will say.

Capio Free

Precise Capture
Capture paper documents with PC-grade quality. Capio doesn’t compromise on image quality to get more image captures per minute, but it does means you’ll get better documents. Capio VRS, the de facto standard for scanning productivity, creates a perfect document every time. And you can correct the brightness and contrast of an image, or clip out an area of an electronic document – all from a single screen. You can preview a captured document before you save it. Capio’s stability, speed and quality give you the confidence to capture more paper documents.
Intuitive Design
A simple-to-use tool that anyone can use. Capio is engineered for the personal productivity of business users, not developers or IT staff. It gives you the tools to capture document images easily and get work done in minutes. And it’s specifically designed to help you capture more paper documents. You can choose the best method for capturing a document in just seconds – or specify that Capio will offer you different capture options if the right one isn’t obvious. And, you can enhance an image before you save it, adding captions and comments to a document.
Extend Capability
Extend Capio’s capability to manage your paper documents. Capio’s VRS scanning engine is the same as the Kofax VRS engine, the de facto standard for scanning productivity. Your documents will be automatically captured, enhanced and indexed in just a few clicks. Capio takes advantage of your Kofax Ascent Capture settings to automatically and seamlessly add customer or event notes to your scanned documents. And you can even import your Kofax templates into Capio and make workflows work together. Capio also integrates with Kofax’s business process workflows to auto-populate Capio’s indexing database. Capio will automatically capture and index document images captured by Ascent Capture.
Never Scanned, Never Lost
Capio will always give you 100% confidence your documents are in a format you can use. If a paper document is damaged or becomes separated from the rest of the stack, Capio can automatically recover or skip the damaged pages when re-loading the file. And when you print your documents, Capio will automatically resize the file to get an accurate picture of each page. Capio is designed to let you capture, store, search and share any type of paper document, simply by scanning.
Capio is the easiest way to capture and index paper documents. It’s a simple, powerful and cost

What’s New in the?

Eliminate paper and the hassles that go with it by capturing and managing personal documents with Capio. Capio will automatically recognize the bound and unmarked pages of a document, then scan and archive the entire document with the click of a button. Capio provides a full suite of features, including perfect PDF conversion, digital watermarking and OCR-based extraction. You can even find your documents easily later by using the easy-to-use Capio Search feature. Capio makes it simple, time-efficient, and fun. It requires no technical expertise to set up or support.
* Recognizes document format
* Lowers the risks of identity theft
* Sets up in minutes
* Extracts, OCR’s, scans, and archives your documents with the click of a mouse
* Finishes your business processes quickly
* Helps you maintain a clean office
* Allows you to share documents with users who need a copy
* Recognizes and scans your document: a full document or a just a page
* Scans and converts paper documents into high-quality PDF files
* Lets you watermark your documents with a unique digital watermark
* Lets you sign the document and then sign
* Backs up your documents with more than 50 storage options
* Works with files sizes from 1KB to 10MB
* Organizes your PDF files by date or by type
* Stores the documents in ZIP, RAR or 7z archives
* Lets you manage your archives
* Allows you to access your archives from anywhere
* Sends alerts when documents are found in the archive
* Works with 200 different file types: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, DOC, EML, RTF, and more
* Backs up your files
* You can recover multiple files from several storage
* Allows you to recover and edit files that were corrupted
* Incoming File capture: automatically captures incoming files in your drive
* Supports multiple file extensions: PDF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, EML, DOC, RTF, and more
* Supports the ability to preview incoming files.
* Allows you to manage the directories of your documents
* Allows you to save, retrieve and share documents with your associates
Capio Product Brochure:
Capio – Capturing Your Business Documents:

System Requirements For Capio:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: 2.6 GHz Processor (Multicore or higher recommended)
Memory: 3 GB RAM (Multicore or higher recommended)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (1GB VRAM or higher recommended)
Storage: 25 GB available space
Additional Notes:
You can install the game on up to 3 separate physical hard drives, so long as you

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