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SocksCap64 Portable is an application that can help protect your browsing habits and privacy by allowing you to configure all programs that use Internet to access it via the proxy servers of choice.
Simple and straightforward functionality
The application is portable, so the installation is a quick operation of decompressing the archive in any desired location on your hard disk. In order to make sure that the tool can detect all apps that commonly make an online request, it is recommended that you run it using Administrator rights.
As far as the configuration is concerned, the program makes things quite convenient for first-time users. To be more precise, you need to specify the browsers installed so that the app identifies potential ways the other software solutions on your PC can attempt to access the Internet.
Conveniently add the desired proxy server
The program comes with an easy to navigate GUI and adding a proxy server is a simple matter of specifying a few details, such as address, port, credentials along with the desired encryption option. The app supports Shadowsocks, SOCKS 4, a along with HTTP protocols, so depending on what you are doing you can switch between them.
Generally speaking, if you are watching a stream or downloading something from the web, you may want to be able to use the web until the process is over. It is worth mentioning that the app displays latency, status and similar statistics so that you are always informed about the quality of your Internet at all times.
A handy tool for protecting your online privacypackage pers.husen.web.common.service;

import org.springframework.stereotype.Service;

import pers.husen.web.common.dao.IChatDao;
import pers.husen.web.common.entity.Chat;
import pers.husen.web.common.entity.User;

* Created by 龚依增
* @Desc: 群组列表接口
* @Author: qhj
* @Date: 2019/4/30
public class GroupListService {

* 群组列表接口
* @param request
* @return
public GroupList response

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SocksCap64 Portable With Registration Code [Latest 2022]

The SocksCap64 Portable application is a reliable and effective solution that can help protect your privacy and lower the risks associated with online activity.
The program can:
– Configure all programs that require online access;
– Protect you from third-party tracking;
– Hide your IP address;
– Change the output to filter HTTP-based requests;
– Use the secure HTTPS port 443 as default;
– Allow you to manually select a tunnel that requires no configuration;
– Limit the maximum number of proxies;
– Enable the automatic reconnect after reboots;
– Intelligently reroute any connection that fails.

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SocksCap64 Portable


SocksCap64 Portable

Portable software that can configure all of your internet-aware software, hide your IP address, change the output and uses the secure HTTPS port 443 as the default port. Great for when you need to browse the web but do not want your IP address to be seen.

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What’s New in the SocksCap64 Portable?

-Detects all the programs that make online requests
-Ports for proxy servers of choice
-Convenient management of numerous proxies
-Allows the user to view online statistics

Sandboxie is a virtualization and isolation solution that allows you to run applications in virtual environments, which are isolated from one another. You can easily create additional sandboxes with Sandboxie for running multiple instances of an application, or create one sandbox to contain sensitive data. For example, you can keep cookies or browser history to yourself.
The Sandboxie interface is highly customizable and allows you to restrict the items that can be opened or copied to the clipboard. Besides cookies and browser history, you can limit certain programs that can be opened or use certain settings.
Sandboxie enables you to protect your privacy by running in a secure sandboxes. For example, you can run the most secured web browsers and system utilities like firewalls and antivirus in a virtual environment to prevent being damaged by malware.
Moreover, Sandboxie gives you the ability to automatically transfer applications between your virtual environments. The free version of the tool features unlimited sandboxes.
A virtualization tool
Sandboxie is a highly configurable tool that allows you to create a virtualization layer within your system, so you can run applications in sandboxes and limit the items that can be opened and accessed. For example, you can execute multiple browser sessions, antivirus and web browsers from one computer, and set limited configurations for your applications.
You can also run programs in various isolated virtual environments, and limit their access to the internet or modify its settings. For example, you can run an application in a virtual environment within a system without internet access, and modify settings to limit internet access, saving time for online banking, online shopping, and the like.
Another feature is the option to automatically transfer applications between your sandboxes. For example, you can use a clean virtual environment to work, and transfer all your sensitive data into a more secure environment when you finish. You can also automate this task to make it easier for you to work.
Easily separate applications from one another
Sandboxie allows you to isolate applications from one another. You can protect your programs with different virtual environments so that data is not shared between them. Sandboxie isolates all the cookies or browser information, for example, and they don’t leave the sandbox. Also, the applications are not allowed to access other applications running in the same sandbox. Besides that, you

System Requirements For SocksCap64 Portable:

OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 650/HD 6xxx/AMD HD 79xx series
HDD: 50 GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card (preferably have at least 5.1 surround sound support)
We recommend you to use a desktop mouse for best experience, as it has better sensitivity. You can use your laptop mouse as well.

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