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Nowadays there are a lot of programs created for all sorts of purposes. They can be for multimedia use, coding, browsing the internet and a lot of other stuff.
Whenever they were developed, this happened because people had no other way of doing those actions. But how many of you have ever thought that you would need an application that can help you rename files? I can imagine not a lot, but still, we have Simplest File Renamer for this.
Why even use it?
Renaming a file is something any computer or pretty much any electronic device is capable of doing in this era. So why bother developing a program to do this simple task, you might ask.
Well, there is only one reason that comes to mind whenever you may think about this. If you have ever been put in a situation where you needed to rename a lot of files, then you know how frustrating that is.
However, instead of going through them one by one and wasting a big amount of your precious time, Simplest File Renamer can make your work much easier. Just drag and drop all the files in its window and you can rename them all in a much quicker fashion.
Is there anything else to it?
Well, kind of. It can open all the file names in a temporary text file and there you can edit them all at once. Also, if most or all of your files contain the same word which needs to be replaced or deleted, you can use Notepad's function to do the entire batch in an instant.
Other than that, well…it is a program that can rename files, what else can you expect from it? The developer was kind enough to make both the installer and the portable version downloadable, just so you don't have to install the application if you do not want to.
If you ever need to rename multiple files at once, just keep in mind that this program is an option.


Download 🗸 DOWNLOAD

Download 🗸 DOWNLOAD






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This program is pretty powerful, allowing you to rename many files and folders at once and do so in an easy way. Drag and drop those files you need to rename into the window that will open. After that you just have to specify what you would want those files to have as the new name, then click rename. Do this for all the files in the folder so they have the new name and you can move on.
Version -Added the option of replacing a pattern with a list of different text files -Added the option of replacing a pattern by the date or the file contents -Added the option of deleting the first string of a file -Added the option of specifying the new name and file format for saving the files to a directory -Added the option of specifying the file extension for saving the files -Added the option of specifying the folder which has to be created after the files have been renamed -Added the option of saving the files to a directory and renaming them at once.
Requires Windows 95 or later and has a download size of about 8.7 MB.

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Simplest File Renamer Crack+ Activation Code PC/Windows

Simplest File Renamer is a simple batch file renaming utility that lets you rename a batch of files and directory, and/or convert them to different file types and remove unwanted extension file.

Install Simplest File Renamer via the installer that you downloaded, use of which is not mandatory.

After installation, Simplest File Renamer is automatically located in the “All Programs->Simplest File Renamer” folder.

Using Simplest File Renamer is simple, simply double-click the rename action to perform the actual renaming, or single-click in the action window to perform the editing. To navigate inside the file, use the up/down arrow button, CTRL+mouse scroll and the Tab key.

Simplest File Renamer is compatible with every file type and can rename files to any file type supported by Windows, such as:

.exe (.com,.bat.sys,.com),.com,.jar,.bat,.com,.cfg,.cpp,.h,.hs,.lua,.m,.ocaml,.pl,.pl,.pm,.sm,.xs

Simplest File Renamer updates all settings and the contents of the temporary text file inside the current folder when re-running the program.

Simplest File Renamer can remove or add extension to your file without affecting its file type.

Simplest File Renamer offers to batch rename files based on the regular expression, which lets the user rename files matching certain pattern with the replacement string.

Simplest File Renamer removes or adds attribute’readonly’ to any file or folder, without affecting its content.

Simplest File Renamer can replace certain string in the file name with another string, and/or add extra characters to the end of the file name, without affecting its content.

Simplest File Renamer can make the image link in the file name.

There is no need to drag the files to the Renamer window to perform the renaming. Just drag and drop the files in the Renamer window, then just press rename.

Simplest File Renamer comes with a graphical interface editor for those that prefer it.

Simplest File Renamer provides the opportunity to make customized settings through its configuration file.

Simplest File Renamer comes with a compression utility to reduce the time necessary to send or

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Simplest File Renamer is an application that helps you rename a lot of files at once. It doesn’t matter if the files are located on any type of file system or in any type of folder. This is because it only needs the file names and nothing else to achieve that. That means that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to perform the renaming, as long as you have the file names.

Why should I choose Simplest File Renamer?

You can do everything using a single application. This is not to say that you can’t rename a single file using the standard Windows file manager. But why have two applications when one can do just about everything? That is the question that Simplest File Renamer should answer.

This program doesn’t require you to set any personal setting while using it. You won’t need to adjust the application to get it to work. That also means that you won’t need to adjust anything else to make the application work. This means that it is just as it should be, a simple application that does exactly what you ask it to do.

Renaming a file with this program is very easy. It has a wizard-like user interface, which allows you to rename a file or a set of files in just a few steps. If you ever think that you need to rename a set of files that you would like to rename at the same time, Simplest File Renamer is the program that you need.

If you still have questions on how to make the application work for you, the developer has provided you with both a manual and video tutorials. These are good points to keep in mind if you don’t want to be bothered while using this application.

I hope that the Simplest File Renamer review has been helpful to you. If it was, please share it with other people, so they don’t have to download and use a program that could be out there for them to use.


Suffices to say, that this program is the simplest to use file renaming software. The user can drag and drop the file to be renamed to the window and the software will do all the work for them.

The only difference you will find between a standard Windows application and the Simplest File Renamer is that you don’t have to go into the settings of the program to make it work for you. That means you can move it from one location to another without

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