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Many people still choose to watch movies at home and insist that the experience is not comparable to that you can have in public simply because in this latter case there are too many people who need be satisfied.
But then, if you prefer to enjoy them in the comfort of your home, there are a series of technical issues you may face, and one of them is finding the right file format for your TV. Shining 3D Converter is an application that promises to get you rid of the hassle involved by such a problem, what with its ability to handle any types of video.
Lets you convert video files from and to 3D formats
Being designed with one major purpose in mind, namely that of converting video from and to a 3D format, the software utility can do much more than that. It comes with support for an impressive list of video formats, which means you should have no difficulty turning 3D video to 2D and the other way around, 4K UHD, HD, and SD to 3D or vice versa.
It is also worth noting that, aside from its conversion functionality, the application boasts a series of additional features you could use in order to enhance your clips. As such, Shining 3D Converter lets you trim and crop your video, enable or disable 3D settings, and adjust the clip’s depth.
Allows you to edit and preview your clips
Moreover, you can change the video file’s brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue, add a text or image watermark so that you protect your copyright, and make modifications to the sound.
It is important to point out that previewing all the changes you add is possible, with a set of basic playback controls being integrated so that you get a glimpse of your clip before saving it to your computer.
All in all, Shining 3D Converter proposes a balanced set of features you could benefit from if you want to edit and convert your 3D video files. The program is easy to get accustomed to, and its flawless performance during our tests is one more reason to be curious about its capabilities.







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Here is an application that can help you convert your videos to 3D and enjoy them in 3D format in your favorite 3D TV set, allowing you to watch the video on the screen you’re watching at the same time.
The featured conversion option comes in handy if you want to get rid of a certain 3D format or use it in an inconvenient way, such as watching your favorite movies on an old TV set instead of using your 3D TV set. That’s why there’s no better application than this one when it comes to converting video. You just need to select the output format and the number of (2D) devices the video will be played in, and the application will handle the rest.
With very intuitive controls, you can watch the changes you make happen in real time, and then you can see how the output changes. It’s possible to add watermarks to protect your copyright, crop and trim the clips, change the video brightness, etc.
Once you’ve saved the 3D conversion, you can view the video in 2D or 3D as you wish. There’s also a range of visualizations you can choose from, including z-depth, pitch, and perspective.
The Shine 3D Converter has a file quality function that makes it possible to save the optimized file to your computer at a high quality while maintaining the conversion quality, or you can select the -fast mode to save a less-than-optimal version of your video to your computer in an almost instant way.
Installing and running the application is very easy. It’s best to install it into a separate directory and then choose the location of the application folder manually.
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Shine 3D Converter
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June 25, 2018

Shine 3D Converter: Convert Videos with this Free Version

Shine 3D Converter: Convert Videos with this Free Version Description:
People who prefer watching movies in 2D can still enjoy a thrilling experience at home in a protected environment with the help of the application you are about to download and use.
With very intuitive controls, you can watch the changes you make happen in real time, and then you can see how the output changes. It’s possible to add watermarks to protect your copyright, crop and trim the clips, change the video brightness, etc.
Once you’ve saved the 3D conversion, you can view the video in

Shining 3D Converter Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime)

Shining 3D Converter is a powerful software for converting 2D and 3D videos from or to 3D and various file formats.

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What’s New in version 1.7.3

Optimized the loop display quality issue.

Optimized capture IP camera video playback issue.

Optimized the streaming for DV and H.264 videos.

Optimized the flicker issue in loop mode.

Fixed the image display issue on the Windows.

Fixed the hot keys issue in loop display mode.

Updated display of the IP camera video.

Updated the product review.

Updated the web site background picture.

Updated the software wizard’s settings.

Optimized the handling of the microphone.

Optimized the video editing operation.

Optimized the program auto start when used.

Optimized the copy of the media to a local folder and playback.

Optimized the file history.

Optimized the total time settings.

Optimized the log file.

Optimized the graphical interface.

Optimized the main window background display.

Optimized the default settings.

Optimized the display of the clipboard file.

Optimized the file name under Properties of the media.

Optimized the user guide.

Optimized the user interface font display.

Optimized the scrolling in tooltip.

Optimized the bug report.

Optimized the mouse pointer.

Updates the touch panel function.

Updates of the software wizard’s settings.

Updates the USB cable.

Updates the logo.

Updates the information.

Updates of the product.

Updates of the product information.

Updates of the serial numbers.

Updates of

Shining 3D Converter For Windows

Shining 3D Converter is a powerful tool capable of converting any format of video to 3D. After downloading the free version you can try the software for free before deciding to buy it.

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What’s New In Shining 3D Converter?

Shining 3D Converter is an excellent video converter and freebie tools for converting 2D videos to 3D, like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and others.
It’s Free 3D and 2D video converter that can convert any videos to 3D and 2D for you. You can convert videos to 3D and 2D for just one time or forever (One time converter).
Its conversion process is pretty easy and flexible. And it is packed with a series of useful tools for editing the video, like video trimming and cropping, video enhancing, or adding a text/image watermark.
Main Features:
βœ“ Free of charge and suitable for all Windows versions;
βœ“ It converts ANY video to 3D and 2D at the click of a mouse;
βœ“ Support all popular video formats;
βœ“ Change 2D video to 3D;
βœ“ Trim & crop video;
βœ“ Enhance, adjust, or remove, the video effects;
βœ“ Add text/image watermark;
βœ“ Can add subtitles and audio watermark;
βœ“ Accessible with a set of basic playback controls;
βœ“ Provide the opportunity to preview the effects before saving them to your computer.

This video converter is the best free video converter, which allows users to convert HD videos to 3D.You can convert videos to 3D and 2D for just one time or forever (One time converter).
Video Convert is an ideal converter to convert video files to 2D and 3D movies for personal use. It supports DVD/BD/R/Z disc, all popular video formats, and allows multiple conversions at the same time.
Main Features:
βœ“ You can convert Videos to any 2D & 3D formats(MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, HD and SD videos), even you can convert 3D to 2D/2D to 3D;
βœ“ Support HD video format(MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and others);
βœ“ Set the conversion speed and quality according to your demands;
βœ“ Enable and disable video effects with ease;
βœ“ Add watermark, add subtitles, or add audio watermark;
βœ“ Provide a powerful editing function, allow users to trim and crop videos to their best viewing experience;
βœ“ With background music and subtitle added, it plays all kinds of movies you want;

System Requirements For Shining 3D Converter:

– Windows (English)
– Graphical User Interface / Gamepad
– Keyboard (any language)
– Resolution 1024×768
– Speakers
– Mouse (any)
Additional Notes:
– Start your job, save and exit it again.
– The number of sliders at your disposal is fixed. Therefore they cannot be moved.
– You can adjust the speed of the navigation arrows at your disposal, but the fixed slider positions remain.
– If you now adjust the slider position, you will only

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