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Professional Renamer 2.41 Registration Code

Allows renaming multiple files and folders with the required settings in minutes.
Easy to use without complicated explanations and instructions.
Settings can be saved for later use.
Integrates well with other programs and categories like shell extensions.
Has a good and comprehensive help file which includes snapshots for all levels of experience.
Multiple instances and updates are supported.
Has a built-in scheduler to run during a user’s free time.
Assigns reminders to create new files with the new name.
Features powerful batching and renaming to achieve great speed and efficiency.
Includes a complete overview of all changes made.
Additional options include text replacement, character replacement, input formatting and output formatting.
Unable to rename duplicate files.
Optimized to work on all Windows versions.
Shows or hides the interface only when you want to see or hide it.
Provides numerous interface options.
Clear differences between the existing and new file name.
Rename files only if they have the same file name.
Languages can be easily changed.
Filter, sort and preview files and folders.
Supports skins and toolbars to show statistics like file size, date of creation, etc.
Requires no additional registry entries.
You can launch it without being logged on to your own account.
Smart files and directories can be treated as separate files.
Allows you to change the URL of a file.
Has a thorough help file with screenshots.
Quick renaming with a single mouse click.
Supports multiple preview modes, including a full-screen view.
Supports batch renaming.
Supports batch renaming via drag and drop.
Supports batch renaming via context menu.
Supports changing files and folders in sub-folders.
Supports batch renaming of files and folders.
Supports keyboard renaming.
Supports word replacements and plain text mode.
Supports truncating and padding file names.
Supports capitalization, case, all-upper, and mixed-casing text.
Supports mixed case, title case, and general case capitalization.
Supports Unicode.
Supports decimal year.
Supports double-digit years.
Supports customized file types and file extensions.
Supports custom filter dialogs.
Supports custom sorting dialogs.
Supports custom columns.
Supports custom headers.
Supports custom toolbars.
Supports customizing columns.

Professional Renamer 2.41 Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Fast and easy renaming, editing, sorting and previewing of files

Manage and edit multiple files or folders

Filter files and folders according to categories and options

Scan and edit text in files and folders with a text editor

Grammar checker – correct and customise spelling and grammar

Rename folders and files by using regular expressions and wildcards

Supports makernote, ext2/3/4, jis0413, unicode formats and more

Batch rename, select and copy files and folders

Sort files and folders by name, location, type, size, date, custom fields and many more

Previews of filenames

Auto-complete file and folder names

Create multiple filters

Binary/Copy-safe export to a TXT/CSV/QIF/PCB/PNG/EML/XML/HTML/TEXT format

Export filenames for offline editing

Sync preferences between computers

Supports two user accounts

Support for ext3, ext4, jis0413, unicode and more

Package includes a free trial version, sample files and comprehensive help file

Easy Thumbnails View

2- or 3-User Modes

File, Folder, Compound and Folder Counter

Renaming dates, days and weeks

Advanced Text Editor

Binary/Copy-safe export to TXT/CSV/QIF/PCB/PNG/EML/XML/HTML/TEXT format

Export Filenames for offline editing

Supports all the above and more!

Version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 and 8.0, 7, Vista SP2 (x32 & x64).

Professional Renamer is a good product. I found it to be easy to use, simple to navigate through, and reliable. The problem with this program is that it does not recognize some of the most commonly used file extensions. I have 4 video files of different extensions ( and it still renames them as.mp3. The only solution that I have found to this problem is to create a batch file to replace the file extension with what you want. Is there a way to get this to be a “native” extension for this program?

Professional Renamer 2017.

Professional Renamer 2.41 Crack + [Mac/Win]

Rename multiple files or folders at once

Edit the original source name by removing symbols, finding and replacing text, as well as by changing the text’s format (lowercase, uppercase, capitalization)

Change the parent folder name, extension, counter, date and time (e.g. file created, modified or accessed)

Sort files by the source, new name, location, type, size, attributes, as well as by the date of creation, modification and access

Include, save, manage, import and export filters

Optionally, enable Professional Renamer to remember the last directory, window size and screen position

Customize columns and change the interface language

Allow multiple instances of the program

Auto-updating option, located in the “Options” area

Comprehensive help file with snapshots for all levels of experience

Lifetime license

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP

Language: English

Software Size: 26.19 MB (26,171,422 bytes)

This trial software is free. You can get it on our website.

RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe is licensed as freeware for personal use only. It is not intended for commercial use.

You may not redistribute this software.

In return for this, we will send you a link to our Premium Privacy Policy.

How to use the license:

RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe The file (RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe) can be moved, copied, archived, and renamed.

RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe The file (RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe) can be used in both one-user (personal) and in multi-user (corporate) environments.


The file (RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe) was designed to be used.

The file (RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIPLEFILES.exe) was designed to be used by Microsoft Windows.

The file (RenameMultipleFiles-RENAMEMULTIP

What’s New in the?

3. Powerful file renaming software with more than 100 individual renaming options including source text, new name, formatting, counter, attribute, date, time, location, and extension;

5. Integrated with Windows Explorer;

6. Fast and reliable operation;

7. Ability to clean your computer, keep it fast and nice;

8. Memory friendly and high performance;

9. Easy to use and powerful;

10. Supports wildcard (*) and text replacement;

11. Powerful file renaming tools;

12. Advanced file renaming and copy options;

13. Simple and powerful;

14. Update the files list by multiple criteria;

15. Intuitive and easy to use;

16. Support multiple instances;

17. Automatic file name and extension optimization;

18. Export to TXT, CSV, Excel, HTML, PNG, PS and RTF;

19. Exports to PDF, XML, EPUB and RTF;

20. Can be run as a portable application;

21. Low system requirements;

22. Includes a file information dictionary;

23. Update the files list by multiple criteria.

What’s new in Professional Renamer 2.0?

1. New file name format – include text and number, full-text or empty text format (first string and number or text and numbers);

2. Rename text and counter feature – enables you to rename the file basing on multiple criteria;

4. Support for text processing – enable you to remove multiple symbols, replace text with new values, punctuation mark and so on;

5. Automatic extension optimization – rename files and folders with extension allowing multiple options like extension removal, number prepended, appending, or add extension;

11. Ability to highlight all files after renaming;

12. Support for watermarks.

Professional Renamer has a tutorial to help you learn how to use the tool. It also provides a detailed manual for more help if you need it.

Professional Renamer free download includes the latest and most powerful features including the following major updates:

1. Full featured: support for file and folder renaming with multiple criteria, multiple instances, system resources saving, context menus, wildcard rename, file format processing and much more. The new version gives you more options to rename files in your

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.9 or higher
Minimum 1024 x 768 pixel resolution on the desktop
A broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, fiber, T1, satellite, etc.)
Xcode 6.2.1 with the base SDK of iOS 8.1 (and iOS Simulator version 8.1).
iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device with iOS 8.1 and minimum iOS version 6.1
Minimum iOS version 6.1
Supported plugins:
– (no license)

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