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Outdoor Map Navigator is a handy application that allows you to explore maps and to create routes within an easy to use interface. You can focus on the map that you want to explore, add text labels and create waypoints in order to build a route.
The application can communicate with GPS devices in order to send the coordinates or to import GPX files.
Note: The application can be used for free with the included maps, but you can also purchase more maps.


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Outdoor Map Navigator Crack+ Serial Key Download For Windows

* Support different sized maps (320×240, 480×360)
* Support file import – Export GPX files
* Support text labels export – Export labels as XML files
* Support hardware keyboard for text inputs
* Display an album of saved maps on a list
* Show a list of stored waypoints in the map area
* Choose a search radius to locate the waypoints automatically
* Switch from area searching to a route map and vice versa
* Show a text and an image representation of a waypoint
* Support saving pictures on the map

What’s New in Version 1.0

* If you do not have memory issues, now you can use the Full Map option and continue exploring the map without being forced to quit the application and restart it!
* Now it is possible to change the title of the application on the home screen
* Several bugs and errors have been fixed

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Outdoor Map Navigator With License Key Free Download

Map and GPS navigation app with speech-input feature for Windows Phone 7.
* This is the first version of our library with speech-input, it’s available on our Marketplace:
MapNavigator allows you to search maps, edit them in a graphical way, add waypoints, track routes, get turn-by-turn instructions, save the map and share it. It’s all easy and fast. You don’t need to load full maps in memory, in application you can only load the maps needed to make navigation.
Maps are integrated with Windows Phone’s built-in Maps application allowing you to move map panning, zooming, pinching and all the power the app has. You can load multiple maps at the same time and switch between them.
Outdoor Map Navigator include:
– map creation – ability to add, edit, move, delete points, text labels, markers, roads, rivers and “points of interest”;
– route export- ability to save your route to GPX file in XML format and share it with others;
– printing- ability to print maps, points, labels;
– zoom-in and zoom-out- ability to zoom in/out a map in predefined steps;
– waypoints- ability to record waypoints;
– route recall- ability to go back to a route;
– maps library- ability to load and save maps in.mbtiles format;
– waypoints library- ability to save waypoints in.mbsp format;
– waypoint editing- ability to change size of points, change label colors, edit points and other properties;
– labels creation- ability to create labels;
– markers creation- ability to create markers;
– label and marker editing- ability to change label or marker size, fonts, colors, etc.;
– map editing- ability to move points, roads, labels, river, text objects and make other alterations;
– voice input- ability to enable voice input;
– notes creation- ability to create notes in Microsoft Word format (.doc);
– voice note input- ability to read notes created by map navigator in a voice format;
– routes creation- ability to create routes;
– GPX route export- ability to save your route as GPX file in XML format and share it with others;
– routes recall- ability to go back to a route;
– GPS device support- ability

Outdoor Map Navigator Crack+ With License Code [March-2022]

✓ Explore Map:
With the application, you can explore every map available. The map can be displayed in the application either as a map with text overlay, or you can display them as a satellite image.
The application has got different tools for exporting the map such as save as google maps, dropbox, send by email and export to html.
✓ Create routes:
With the ability to create routes, you can import GPX files which contains a track and a waypoint. The application has got an option to let the application connect to GPS devices in order to get the coordinate that you entered.
✓ Text labels:
With text labels you can add text labels for any point of the map and you can chose the font color, font size and the style.
✓ Waypoints:
You can add waypoints for the route that you created. The point will have a red dot on the map so you can easily spot it.
Waypoints can be set to have the distance, the zoom level or the direction where the user can travel
✓ Save as:
All the created maps and routes can be exported to different format and can be stored in the phone, or you can save it in the cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. The application has got a toast that indicates the progress of the transfer.
✓ Zoom level:
You can change the zoom level of the map.
✓ Distance:
You can chose the zoom level according to the distance that the user wants to travel. The application will calculate the difference of distance and zoom level.
✓ Speed:
You can decide to move the point to the desired distance or you can decide the point speed. You can either choose the speed or the desired distance.
✓ Direction:
You can decide the direction that the user can travel.
✓ Page indicators:
The application can give you a page indicator for each page. The indicator shows the number of page that you can read.
✓ Navigation bar:
The application displays the map with an option of a navigation bar in the bottom of the screen. You can click on the navigation bar and navigate to the next page.
✓ Reset to default:
The application offers a reset to default button which will restore the map to the zoom level and the location of the last selection.
Outdoor Map Navigator Features:
✓ Explore:
There are maps in the application in order to explore the

What’s New In Outdoor Map Navigator?

– allows you to create and save maps with the application. You can access these saved maps and change their values through a great interface.
– You can also create maps and save them with the application. This can be very useful, because it is very simple to make modifications to a map.
– You can place text labels in the maps to add more information to the map. You can also add waypoints to create a route on a map.
– You can manage a list of your GPS devices, to allow you to connect them to the application and to manage their settings.
– You can export map XML files to your PC or to your SD card for offline usage. You can also send maps to your iPhone or iPod touch via the WiFi connection.
– You can import GPX files to use them with your GPS devices, to save your waypoints or to create routes.
– You can add custom images for the map markers to the map.
– You can also send voice messages that can be read aloud by the text-to-speech engine.
– You can make modifications to the Text-to-speech engine in case it does not read the messages correctly.
– You can make modifications to the speech synthesis engine to use different voices for male and female or even in another language.
– There are 2 versions available: the free version with map and all others maps included and the version with maps and extra features at the cost of $3.99
– This application is free and does not include ads.
– Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the developer or the website www.wizards.com.
Full Screen Image:
If you like the application please take a moment and rate it. It will help improve the application for all users.
Here’s a list of what’s new in this version of the application:
– it should work with Android 2.3.3
– includes: more shapes, more points of interest, rivers and water bodies
– GPS support
– option to add map images
– option to change the way the routing is displayed
– bug fixes
Please contact me with any issues/suggestions
I want to hear your feedback! My e-mail is admin@apps4outfitters.com.
Kind regards,

This upgrade allows you


System Requirements For Outdoor Map Navigator:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3/5/7 (32/64-bit)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 700/750/760/770/1080 (2GB VRAM), AMD Radeon HD 7850/7870/7970 (2GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
How to Install
Turn on your PC. Download and run OPNsense. Run


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