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Chatting on the Internet can be an excellent way to meet new people and keep in touch with your friends, but without appropriate tools, it can be an unachievable task.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a large selection of services that can help you communicate in various ways. One of the applications mentioned above is iWebcam.
Please be aware that this program requires an Internet connection and a webcam device so that it can run on your computer as intended.
Quick installation
This software solution can be easily deployed on your system since it does not require any additional configuration on your part.
You just need to accept the End-User Agreement and follow the on-screen instructions, since the installer automatically performs all the extra steps, such as defining the destination path or creating desktop shortcuts.
Comprehensive interface
iWebcam packs a simple layout and encompasses several accessible functions, thus making it possible for a large number of users to benefit from its capabilities with minimum effort.
When you first launch it, you are prompted to decide between logging in as a guest, creating a new account or using valid credentials to log into your chat profile.
Text chat with webcam support
This application enables you to keep in touch with other users by providing you with both text and video chatting abilities. You can create a new room, which can also be password-protected, in case you want to chat with only a particular selection of users. It is also possible to create a channel room, in case you wish to be the only user with broadcasting abilities.
Starting a live broadcast can be easily done by connecting your webcam device to the computer and clicking the Start Broadcast button from the dedicated menu. Voice chat is also supported if you own appropriate hardware components.
Lightweight chat client with video broadcasting capabilities
All things considered, iWebcam is a simple application that can help you keep in touch with several users by providing you with both text and video chat support. It features a simple user interface and also packs several accessible functions.







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After a successful installation, you can launch the program. You will be prompted to log into your chat profile or register a new one for the first time.
Live support
iWebcam features live support that allows you to communicate with other users in real time. You can create your own private chat room or a channel room where only users that have been invited can log in.
Online text chat
iWebcam also supports an online text chat feature, enabling you to connect to your friends and chat with them. The connection is facilitated by the web browser and is supported by virtually all versions of Microsoft Windows.
Audio and video broadcasting
iWebcam is also able to broadcast live audio and video files from its local directory. This can be done either using your webcam or an external source, such as a microphone. It is also possible to choose from various resolutions, bitrates and framerates.
Control panel
You can access the iWebcam control panel by opening the program menu and choosing Settings. It is also possible to see how much space you have left on your storage devices and how many users are currently logged in to the program.
What’s New:

– Support for logging in to multiple chat profiles
– Support for choosing the highest quality
– Support for PNG image files
– Support for more image types, such as GIF and animated GIF
– Support for uploading multiple files simultaneously
– Selecting files from your local directory
– Video streaming supports various qualities

– Support for HTTP Live Streaming
– Support for M3U URL and W3C format radio streams
– Quality setting for video streaming
– Added settings to allow you to specify the file format when uploading files

– Smaller installer file
– Supporter of Windows 7 and Windows Vista
– Supporter of Linux
– Supporter of 64-bit processors
– Supporter of 64-bit operating systems
– Updated the program license
– Added Drag and Drop support
– Added easier installation with new executable file
– Added end-of-file character search
– Added webcam selection
– Added manager account
– Added windows 8 support
– Added support for endian independence
– Updated the license
– Added Google Talk and Yandex protocol support
– Added support for downloading images
– Added support for files with the following file extensions:.pcd,.pc

IWebcam Free Download

Replaces your webcam with your own instant messaging program. In addition to having the ability to chat with a user, you can also record yourself and upload the recording to a user. This is accomplished by connecting your webcam to your computer using a USB cable and then selecting a webcam using the up-down arrows to choose which one you want to use. Now when you want to send a message to another user, you can click on the icon to quickly join the chat. However, if the other user is currently not online, a warning message will appear. When you want to end the chat, you simply click on the X button to the right.

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IWebcam [March-2022]

iWebcam is a free software application from the Social Networking subcategory, part of the Internet & Networking category.
The app is currently available in english and it was last updated on 2007-06-12. The program can be installed on Windows.

iWebcam (version 2.0) has a file size of 4.13 MB and is available for free.

iWebcam news:

Download iWebcam from Softonic apk 1.0.13 for Android. iWebcam latest version available for download now.

iWebcam description

Chat on the Internet with iWebcam, a free software application from the Social Networking subcategory, part of the Internet & Networking category.
iWebcam, developed by iDeas, can be installed on Windows.
iWebcam runs on all Windows versions with Service Pack 1 and up.
– Chat from anywhere on the Internet, even if the sender doesn’t have an iWebcam application
– Send files, photos, videos and voice messages
– Add unlimited users to your group chat
– View and send webcams
– Voice chat via webcam support
– Private and public rooms
– Multi-column chat tables
– Add, manage and delete groups
– Password protection
– Option to exclude users from receiving your chat messages
– Unicode support
– Read and write rich text messages
– Show who’s online and unread messages
– Automatic logout

While you are logged in, iWebcam keeps you informed of new messages. Every page opens a notification bar, thus letting you know when a new message has been sent or received.

If there are unread messages waiting for you, click the arrow to view them.

Click the title to change your chat room into a video or audio chat room. You can then start a video broadcast with an audio track if required.

You can read or write rich text messages and manage your groups.

Give instructions to your participants by marking their photo in their chat window.

Change your status by clicking the gear icon to lock your chat window. In this way, you won’t lose your place, and users can no longer see your last messages.

You can send a voice message to all your users with a maximum time limit of one minute.

Users who have the video function enabled can easily see your webcam feed.


What’s New in the?

– Connect to several online users, using any webcam device
– Chat text, voice and webcam
– Online and offline logging
– Create a chat room, password protect it
– Broadcast live from your webcam
– Send audio and video files
– Create audio and video files
– Admin and chat room permissions
– Online room moderators
– Embedding your own flash content
– Wallpapers
– Nightlights
– Celebrate your birthday
– Who’s Online
– RSS feeds
– Notifications
– Webcam autosave
– Mac OS X Lion
– Windows 7 and 8
– Android 2.0 and above
– iOS 4.0 and above
– Java 6 and above
– Java 5
– Windows 2003 and above
– Windows 2000 and above
– Linux 2.6.x and above
– Linux 2.4.x and above
– Windows XP and above
– Windows Vista
– Mac OS X 10.6 and above
– Linux 2.6.x and above
– Linux 2.4.x and above
– Windows XP and above
– Windows Vista
– Mac OS X 10.6 and above
– Linux 2.6.x and above
– Linux 2.4.x and above
– Windows Vista
– Windows XP and above
– Mac OS X 10.6 and above
– Linux 2.6.x and above
– Linux 2.4.x and above
– Windows XP and above
– Windows Vista
– Mac OS X 10.6 and above
– Linux 2.6.x and above
– Linux 2.4.x and above
– Windows XP and above
– Windows Vista
– Mac OS X 10.6 and above


System Requirements:

Requires the alpha ‘Tanks and Trains’ expansion, available at
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