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Built on the Adobe Air platform, GeeMail is an intuitive application designed to let you easily access your Gmail account without actually using the web browser. It does not require configuration, which makes it suitable for all types of users, even those less experienced with such software.
Quick setup and familiar GUI
The installation procedure does not take a long time to finish, provided that you have previously set up Adobe Air on the PC. As far as the interface goes, the tool opts for a regular window with a familiar layout that allows you to seamlessly log into your Gmail account by specifying the user name and password.
Same email actions but in a streamlined environment
It is possible to explore the inbox, sent box, spam, starred and other Gmail folders, make a special selection (all, none, unread, starred, unstarred), assign labels to messages, use a search function to locate a particular email, as well as to change the UI lagnuage.
Includes offline support
An important aspect worth mentioning is that GeeMail offers offline support, which means that you can, for example, compose a new message, click the “Send” button, and exit the tool. It will automatically send the mail as soon as it detects a valid Internet connection.
Evaluation and conclusion
The app used low CPU and RAM during our testing, so it shouldn't put a strain on modern systems. What's more, it is cross-platform, offering support for Mac and Linux as well. However, it failed in several attempts to log into our Gmail account. We must also take into account that it has not been recently updated. Perhaps you should stick with the web browser for checking your Gmail account, since it seems to be more reliable.







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Keep your emails stored in the most convenient place with Google’s Gmail and Google Calendar.
Google’s Gmail service and the Google Calendar are invaluable business tools for any organization. GeeMail 2022 Crack is a tool that brings these vital business applications to your desktop for easy access, without the limitations of webmail.
With GeeMail Crack Mac, you can access your Gmail account from anywhere, even with an outdated browser. GeeMail Cracked 2022 Latest Version works with all major browsers and is a 100% offline mail client, meaning that you can start working without an Internet connection.
Now you can keep your emails stored in the most convenient place with Google’s Gmail and Google Calendar.
• Works offline: Keep your emails stored in the most convenient place
• 100% offline: GeeMail Crack For Windows works with all major browsers and is a 100% offline mail client
• Automatic-fetching: GeeMail For Windows 10 Crack works with all major browsers and is a 100% offline mail client. It automatically detects and fetches any new messages or calendar entries on your account.
• Access any number of Gmail and Google Calendar accounts simultaneously
• App access: GeeMail easily accesses your Gmail account, allowing you to easily utilize and customize your inbox, sent box, and other available features
• Import/export: GeeMail supports importing/exporting from/to other email accounts, such as exchange, AOL, Hotmail, and so on
• Message view: Quickly view your messages in a single window
• Find: Search a mailbox for messages
• Open/close email: Open an email quickly, by using keyboard shortcuts
• Message editing: Edit/remove attachments, signatures, and more
• Mark as unread: Identify unread messages for quick response
• Spam filtering: Preserve your inbox from junk mail
• View account settings: View account settings for mailbox, calendar, contact groups, and more.
• Other Google applications: Access any Google application from within GeeMail
• See what’s new: Easily access what’s new on your email
• Have conversations: Access Gmail conversations and create new messages with keyboard shortcuts
• Navigation: Simultaneously access any number of Gmail inboxes, sent boxes, starred folders, unread folders, and more
• Search: Search a mailbox for messages and folders
• Share: Upload multiple files to a file folder at once
• Spellcheck: Auto-correct misspelled words in messages
• 2-Factor: Prevent online account changes by unique password, etc.

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Cracked GeeMail With Keygen is the most intuitive way to access your Gmail account. The application is built on Adobe Air, and does not require any configuration.


Gmail Air App Fire – Gmail on the Fire8/14/2013 · I have got the Gmail on the Fire app installed to my smartphone, but it was not working at all. I could not search for anything, it would freeze even when I was just on the Gmail page. I had to un-install the app to get rid of this frustration. At the same time I did it, I found out that I have to pay to get full access to all Google Apps. Unless I manage to give it a go. Gmail on the Fire The Official Gmail App for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS OS. Faster and more responsive, personalized experience to help you get it done.

First, thanks very much for trying out Gmail on the iPad! With iOS 7, we’re excited about bringing the productivity tools that are at the heart of Gmail on the iPad.

Launch the iOS7 Mail app, and follow these steps to switch to Gmail. 1. Tap the All Mail icon at the top of the Mail app to open the Inbox. 2. Tap More on the toolbar that appears.

3. Tap Add Account on the bar at the top of the screen. 4. Tap “Email” from the list of options. 5. Enter a Gmail username and password, and tap Continue. 6. Tap “Sign In.” 7. Enter the Google token code in the bar below and tap OK.

8. Tap OK on the next screen to complete the login. 9. Tap Done on the next screen.

0/5 stars

Gmail on the Android App Loads Slow – If I Try to Open Gmail Android App from Galaxy Nexus, there is No Response when I Click Gmail Button. – If I Type the Gmail URL, It Still Logs the Application to Gmail but Gmail App is Still Loading So Slow.2/5 stars

Gmail on the Android App Runs Slow and has No Response When I Click Send Button on my Gmail Android App on my Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.4 CyanogenMod – 3/5 stars

Gmail Blackout – Gmail on the iPhone 4S does not work on Verizon after re-registering the phone – after i lost email and tried to re-register for email. Only Gmail account is not available. There is black blank area on


Familiar layout

Automatic and silent login

Versatile options

Search function

Offline support

Minimal CPU consumption

Does not slow down the system

Works with HTML messages

Integrates with OpenPGP

Uses Air for easy installation

Multiple mail labels

Very easy to use

Built-in categories

Friendly tutorial
Keyboard Shortcuts

An abbreviation will be automatically expanded if you click within a field

Left mouse button on the attachment to activate it

Alt+arrow moves the cursor to the next option in a list

Shift+Arrow moves the cursor to the previous option in a list

Alt+Delete opens the dialog for deleting a message

Shift+Delete opens the dialog for permanently deleting a message

Ctrl+Shift+Down opens the dialog for moving a message to a folder

Ctrl+Shift+Right opens the dialog for moving a message to another folder

Alt+Backspace clears the contents of a text field

Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right pop up the OS X menu bar

Ctrl+Space automatically creates a label for emails

Shift+Backspace stops the email compose program

Ctrl+S saves a new message

Ctrl+P prints the message

Ctrl+N creates an attachment in a new folder

Ctrl+Tab switches between tabs in the GUI

Shift+Tab switches between windows in the GUI

Ctrl+K clears a selected email message

Ctrl+N creates a new, selected email message

Ctrl+R opens a search engine

Ctrl+C copies the email address of the sender

Ctrl+X closes the selected email message

Ctrl+Z enters the undo mode

Ctrl+Y enters the redo mode

Ctrl+Space automatically creates a label for emails

Ctrl+C copies a selected email message

Ctrl+V inserts the contents of the clipboard into an email

Ctrl+X closes the selected email message

Ctrl+Z enters the undo mode

Ctrl+Y enters the redo mode

Ctrl+N creates a new, selected email message

Ctrl+M opens the search engine


What’s New in the?

Get GeeMail to automatically download and read your entire Gmail account. GeeMail is a standalone Air application that manages all your Gmail actions and automates them. GeeMail is a stand alone application that works with Gmail offline. GeeMail can retrieve your emails from Gmail account, and allow you to navigate easily in email folders, search emails with keywords, use GeeMail for composing emails, and add labels to messages.
* offline support
* manage all actions from your GMail account in GeeMail
* compose new emails in GeeMail
* search through your GMail account with keywords
* manage file attachments from your GMail account
* add labels to messages
* easy to use
* internationalizations
* ads supported
* search on multiple folders
* import contacts from Gmail and Outlook
* quick to set up
* has menu customization.

1.0 update:
* Introduce feature for Linux users to log in Gmail account through file protocols
* Added feature to send an alert to GeeMail’s Facebook page
* Button design and color correction
* improve compatibility with Firefox browser

* Support GMail Log-in through SMTP protocol
* Support of
* Support of Hotmail accounts as well
* Bug fixes


* Fix an issue that caused GeeMail to stop loading after some time.
* Fix an issue that made it hard to use GeeMail with Firefox.

Fixed e-mail not being displayed in gmail since 1.0.0, no bug introduced or caused by the previous version; in order to resolve this you will need to do the following:
1) install gmail update to version 4.3.8
2) open gmail’s “settings” and “accounts”
3) in “accounts and import” menu find and click on the link “other web and app sign-in options” and from there select Google to sign in.
After you do that you will need to click back on “other web and app sign-in options” and change it back to “normal option” and then you’ll be able to sign in.
If you don’t do this then the e-mail will not show and will never show and you will not be able to sign in and/or use gmail when using this app. This is what I did and worked

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Pentium 4 3.2GHz / 2.5GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
HDD: ~50 GB available disk space
DirectX: 9.0
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or newer
Network: Broadband Internet connection and local network connectivity
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