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Dweeb Radio Chat will provide a fun place to meet others and create your own chat room as well as join other chat rooms.
The simple interface alongside the dark theme can prove to be a friendly environment for wannabe hackers and other hacking-related stuff.









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This is a simple, free and easy to use chat application with an innovative and unique design.
What is Dweeb Radio?
Dweeb Radio Chat is the best place to talk anonymously, meeting others and chatting in the chat room.
We allow you to create your own chat room, so you can join other people and stay in touch with them.
The user interface is super simple and intuitive.
You can add, edit and delete your messages without leaving the chat window.

Dweeb Radio General:
-Once you have entered your username, you can set the broadcast time
-If you don’t want to participate in chat with every user, you can disable the broadcast channel from the preferences page.
-You can change the image used to represent your account to another one (You can use your own)
-You can limit chat messages to send to all the users, or to only the people you are already following.
-You can add as many contacts as you want to keep in touch with them
-You can integrate your Facebook account into your Dweeb Radio Chat.
-By installing the Google Play Store (if you’re using an Android phone), you can invite your friends without using the contact icon
-You can choose the location of your chat room from the location list.
Dweeb Radio Channels:
-You can create your own channel to keep your friends in touch.
-You can invite friends to join the channel you’ve created
-When you and your friends are in the same channel, you will be able to chat or enter an instant message with each other
-You can check your channel history
-You can broadcast messages and images to all users
-You can add stickers from the sticker pack
-You can post images and links from your gallery
-You can interact with other users by sending emoticons
-You can add other channels to your main channel. This will allow you to join different channels from the one you’re in.
Dweeb Radio Settings:
-You can change the default title of your chat window
-You can change the default broadcast channel
-You can enable or disable the use of the keyboard and mouse to send and edit messages
-You can enable or disable the blocking of users
-You can enable or disable the use of the Google+ integration
-You can enable or disable the use of the chat images
-You can change

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a stable, secure, community-driven IRC server that I host and administer

Download Dweeb Radio Chat – DRC 2.8.9 (i386)
1.- Run DRC installer
2.- Select ‘Install Other’
3.- Choose an installation directory
4.- The rest is done automatically

DRC can be found here:

and the DRC Chat-Room is also available here:

What’s New in DRC 2.8.9?
* I was using an old version of ICU and some non-QT IRC clients did not correctly handle unicode sorting
and unicode folding.
* I added ICU 4.2.1 and it was already included in the downloaded DRC.

Changes in DRC 2.8.8:
* I changed the default port from 139 to 6667
* I changed the port of some services that were still running on 3939
* I changed the network list and now it is based on the client’s settings

Changes in DRC 2.8.7:
* I added the ability to use a domain for your IRC user name (and thus IRC nickname)
* I added the ability to assign numerical ids to IRC user names
* I added a possibility to change ICQ and IRC status (very simple)
* I added the ability to change the default IRC rooms
* I added the ability to change the default server (primary)
* I added the ability to hide the default server in the DRC list
* I added the ability to customize the new IM account title (other than nickname)
* I added the ability to customize the new IM title
* I added customizable emoticons
* I added the ability to change the default nickname
* I added the ability to disable the time from the status text
* I added the ability to disable the colored status text

Changes in DRC 2.8.6:
* I changed the default port to 6668
* I changed the default network list
* I added the ability to change the default server
* I added the ability to change the default nickname
* I added the ability to disable the time from the status text
* I added the ability to

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DRChat is a site dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, and horror nerds with silly jokes, talk about movies, TV, books, games, other nerdy stuff, and maybe even some social interaction.
DRChat is a FAN-based community, which means that anyone can create their own chat room and populate it with other people that they’re interested in.

I create the stream, and the server handles it for me…and yes, it is streaming over bittorrent. If you want to make it private, I can change that for you. I just thought it would be a fun project to run a chat on.

Dr hmm, you are right that the release will be confusing. I have just added more codes to make it easier to identify. I will update it in a few hours with an easier way to make the chat private. You can email me at gordon_arribas on my tab at the top of the page.

Not sure if that’s an option, so I got an idea. I’ll link all of the releases, and keep you posted. If you give me the link I’ll try to add it to the page for you.

This is it. I am done with the tutorial. The code is all locked up and complete. You just need to add the PHP files into your web server, and you should be all set. I’m putting this post up here, and putting all of the correct links in the download.

If you want to re-post this in the releases section (you can do it if you want to, but I can mark it as a re-post), I’ll be putting the chat to private.

If you want the javascript code, I’ll update this if I find it.

Also, I plan on creating some chat rooms, but I want to make sure they are going to be safe for anyone to use. I will make sure any chat rooms are locked so no one can join unless the owner of the room invites them, and no one can join unless the owner of the room approves it.

The easy way to do that is to place the files in a folder, and put in the following.htaccess file and it should work. Or at least make it accessible to the public folder.

If you want to put it in your web server, let me know and I will create a page for it in the guide.

I have used I

What’s New In?

DRChat is a free chatting app for android phones. With the help of this application you can read messages, as well as, reply back to them and also, you can also send images and messages. It also allows you to change the themes of your chat room.

❤❤❤ Facebook Messenger Clone Script & Site Builder❤❤❤
– Always running
– Always saves the chat data
– Works on All Device
– Working With Facebook API
– Chat is very easy and user friendly
– Chat is very flexible and optional to login or register
– Chat has a full range of features, no more in need
– All data is stored on the host side and never displayed
– Chat rooms are no problem, you can create as many as you like
– Other Apps can link to this one
– No need to install anything, it runs in the background without installing any app
– Auto run on client browsers
– Auto deactivate when client closes
– Auto save all chat logs
– Auto back to last chat when client opens
– Have a modal window to chat with your friend, work for them
– Haven’t to login to anything
– Client can chat with group of server users
– Client can send a closed group users chat as a single chat
– Client can be logged in or not, it can also be a system app
– Chat users can be fans of a page, a business, a software or a person
– Client can be logged in or not, it can also be a system app
– Has a login or register option, but you can also chat without login
– Has a chat back button, it automatically shows you the last received chat
– Auto sending links with your messages, you can also include images
– You can edit each chat room in the settings without access to the database
– You can create a chat room as you wish
– Can modify all message and user content, no need for ban
– Has a options page
– You can connect only one server and get a single client for all servers
– You can also use a client and set it to one single server, some features are turned off in the client
– You can also allow the client access to the database
– You can also set the messages to time
– If the client enter the database and find an old old message, he’ll allow you to edit it
– It has a options page
– You


System Requirements For DRChat:

Mac OS X
Sierra Version:
1.2.4 (1630)
Old Version:
1.2.3 (1559)
Linux Version:
Version 1.2.4 (1630)
Current Version:
1.2.5 (1855)
Update History:
v1.2.4 (1630) – fixed some issues in low-res mode
v1.2.3 (1559) – fixed some issues in low-res


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