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NetProxy acts as a network tunneling tool to allow data redirections between different ports. The application comes with support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and can be used by network administrators in a variety of scenarios.
Connect to the server and monitor data traffic in the main window
Upon launch, NetProxy prompts you to configure the server to connect to by filling in a form with the server's name and your credentials. The default user is 'administrator,' and the password is blank, so you can simply press 'Connect' to start. Additional users can be added via the 'Settings' window, with custom passwords.
NetProxy's main window displays information regarding all the rerouting tunnels, active connections and the amount of transferred data traffic. The embedded graph displays a graphical representation of the evolution of these parameters so far.
Set routes to tunnel network data
Adding a new route requires you to go through various configuration settings. NetProxy supports HTTP, HTTPS, and binary connections and, as mentioned above, can be used with both IPv4 and IPv6. You get to define the protocol to listen to and the list of allowed IP addresses (or host names), define endpoints and choose the connection pattern that should be applied (Round-Robin or Fail-Over). Network tunneling in NetProxy allows data compression so that the traffic is minimized, and RSA encryption for extra security.
For HTTP and HTTPS connections, it's possible to manipulate HTTP headers, meaning choosing between response and request packets, selecting the HTTP method, defining the action to perform, and so on.
No documentation available, medium-level networking knowledge required
NetProxy can transfer data between apps that use IPv6 and IPv4 and, what's more, two instances of the application can be connected to run data tunneling across two networks. However, no documentation is available to explain all the settings and options. Given its configuration, it becomes crystal clear that without medium-level networking knowledge you cannot operate NetProxy and use it to its full potential.







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NetProxy acts as a network tunneling tool to allow data redirections between different ports. The application comes with support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and can be used by network administrators in a variety of scenarios.


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Installs on system automatically
Runs via administrator privilege
Supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
Limited documentation
Medium-level networking knowledge needed

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Why am I getting the following exception?

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NetProxy Crack Free

NetProxy redirects data traffic between different network ports in real time.

Since a firewall is implemented in Linux Mint 18, why will it not work? The Network Proxy feature does not work in Linux Mint. How to fix that?. How to connect VPN client to NetProxy and how to make NetProxy works with VPN in Linux Mint 18?.I think its an issue with the firewall of Linux Mint.

NetProxy was created for allowing transparent port data transfers from one or more local or remote hosts. Also it can be used to tunnel data between different applications or use it as a “Screen Sharing” tool for remote desktops.
NetProxy Features:
1. Transparent port data transfer between one or more local or remote hosts.
2. Tunnel data transfer between different applications or use it as “Screen Sharing” tool for remote desktops.
3. Works with version of Linux Ubuntu 12.04, 11.10, 10.04.
4. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
5. Can be used with:
a. Tomcat Server
b. Local Tomcat Server.
c. JBoss Server ( 4.1.x)
d. Apache Server
e. Apache HTTP Server

Port forwarding on a router can be used to make the contents of any connected computer available anywhere else on the Internet. This can be useful if an employee’s home computer is connected to the same router as his corporate server and both machines are located in the same location. In such a case, the employee can access the corporate server on his home computer from any location using any Internet connection. We have a website that is accessed through a company’s server and the websites can be accessed on a mobile device connected to a home network. In order to access this site, we need to configure port forwarding on the router. This setup will allow anyone who uses a web browser to access the site from anywhere. We’ll use NetProxy as a tool to perform port forwarding on a router. This is a free tool that is used to redirect local traffic to any other computer on the network. After setting up port forwarding, all web traffic destined for the specified website can be routed to any other computer in the network. NetProxy can be used to perform port forwarding on a router and can be used on local and remote computers.
To perform port forwarding with NetProxy:
1. Download NetProxy and run the program.
2. Open NetProxy and select the router (any router

What’s New In NetProxy?

Despite the simple user interface and intuitive set of tools, NetProxy is a powerful network tunneling tool that allows you to establish a tunneling connection between your computer and one or more remote servers. With the simple to use and easy to configure interface, you will be able to start using this tool in no time. This application supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and can be used by network administrators in a variety of scenarios.
NetProxy allows you to set a rerouting tunnel between your machine and the server’s address that you specify and connect to it using different protocols. It includes support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and can be used with both IPv4 and IPv6. You can choose from the built-in protocols of HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, TFTP, NFS, etc. and all of the apps that support these protocols can be also connected. It is possible to choose the app you want to be used, define its action to perform and adjust the encryption settings if desired.
The application comes with support for multicast, which means that data packets can be routed to multiple hosts simultaneously and that it can be used in live streaming and data broadcasting scenarios. Its live-streaming capabilities make it perfect for users who want to follow livestreams hosted by popular websites such as Twitch. Using multicast support in NetProxy means that the application automatically redirects data packets and stream delivery is handled by specific applications. It makes it easy to move data from one app to another using multicast without having to choose the app and route the data separately.
Additionally, data encryption is supported as a built-in feature. This feature protects your data as it passes from server to your PC and also from your PC to the remote server. All the tunnelling protocols supported by the application are encrypted, including HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, RDP, FTP, SSH, and TFTP.
With the addition of a built-in HTTP server that makes it possible to host pages on your computer and pass data from one of the remote apps to your computer, it becomes possible to configure a page on your PC to act as a web server for other apps to connect to it via the internet. You can create unique web pages that contain the text from all other remote applications or all of the web pages that are hosted by the remote application. You can also host different web servers for each application.

NetProxy allows you to set a rerouting tunnel between your machine and the server’s address that you specify

System Requirements For NetProxy:

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