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How to share variable between two functions?

I have 2 functions that initialize a webview. Since I need same webview for both function I think I need to initialize the webview once and use it in both functions but as it turns out I can not share it between the functions.
I create an object with function and call each of them separately but somehow I can not access webview inside the function.
function test1() {
var webview = new WebView();
webview.src = “”;

function test2() {
var webview = new WebView();
webview.src = “”;


In test1 I need to access the webview and in test2 I need to access the webview.
How I can achieve it?


You should create a class and put the variables in:
function WebView() {
var webView = new WebView();
this.src = “”;

function test1() {
var webview = new WebView();
webview.src = “”;



To follow paulprog answers i would create class like this:
function test1() {
var webview = new WebView();
webview.src = “”;
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How can I manage power when setting up a new vehicle?

My new car got a new key at the dealership. The key code includes a three pin recessed wall switch and a main panel for the car, with a ground and a power. The car is a 2014 VW Golf.
I bought a dead switch from eBay to test it, and that worked fine.
This week, when I tried to start the car, I discovered the car will not start unless I set the ignition switch off to off to turn off the ignition. The seller told me the wiring is fine, but I feel that something is “off”
Has anyone encountered this, and if so, what can I do about it? I’d rather not just swap the switch. I’d like to know what I should be doing.


VWs need to be jump-started with the key off/ignition on. Try something like this:

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