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Manyprog PC Cleaner Crack + Free Download

Eases up a lot of disk storage space

Helps to prevent programs from crashing

Boosts your PC’s performance

Shows detailed information about what data is going to be removed

The basic free version of Manyprog PC Cleaner Free Download has limited functionality, and it is quite difficult to navigate through the interface, despite the fact that some sections are grouped logically. It is also worth mentioning that the app is not able to eliminate temporary files, cache and other elements that might slow down your system. That said, the cleanup feature can be an indispensable tool for all users that might appreciate the ability to receive prompt updates regarding the status of their computers.
Manyprog PC Cleaner Free Download was reviewed by Slava Drastik, last updated on September 13th, 2015Windows 7 Basic Tutorial : 3 Window Styles

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Manyprog PC Cleaner [Latest-2022]

Key Features:
Simple GUI design that makes it easy to use and run
Facilitates the deletion of cookies, history, cache and other temporary files
Allows you to delete your browsing history
It can also clear up space on your hard disk and improve the performance of your computer
Additional Info:
App Size: 1.48 MB
Developed by: Manyprog
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Manyprog PC Cleaner is an application that allows you to remove temporary files, cache, history, cookies and other unnecessary files that are just clogging your hard disk.
Enables you to remove browsers’ cookies and cache
While it is true that the interface is not much to look at, it is user-friendly, organized and should not pose any real issues regardless of your computer skills. In fact, the app permits you to effortlessly remove the cache, history, cookies, sessions, saved website icons, preferences, downloads and index files in one go.
You should know that the program supports all well-known browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer – and you can delete data from all of them simultaneously, a feature that can be helpful for anyone working with multiple browsers. On a side note, the app cannot delete the data unless it has the permission to access the corresponding directories.
It can help you improve your PC’s performance
Even though the utility is focused on browsers, it is worth mentioning that it can also clear other types of data that may cause your computer to operate slower than usual. More precisely, you can delete IIS log files, thumbnail cache, searches, error reports and font caches from Windows as well.
Furthermore, since it can identify and remove dupes, temporary files and other similar data left over by applications you no longer have on your PC, it can help you boost the overall performance of your system.
A handy tool that can free up your hard disk
In the eventuality that you are looking for a solution that can help you clean junk, duplicates, caches and other irrelevant files that eat up storage space, then Manyprog PC Cleaner can lend you a hand with removing them efficiently.

Manyprog PC Cleaner is an application that allows you to remove temporary files, cache, history, cookies and other unnecessary files that are just clogging your hard disk.
Enables you to remove

What’s New in the?

Manyprog PC Cleaner, designed by MAnyprog Software, is a great utility that can allow you to remove all traces of unneeded files and objects from your computer’s hard drive.

Most of the free space is taken up by Firefox browser files that are the result of using this browser. The remaining area is space occupied by default browser cache, and others that are standard applications installed on the computer.

Despite being a small utility, it can remove duplicates among browser, plugins, history and other transient files that have been clogging your system and keeping it from running as smoothly as it should.

While you have multiple browsers installed on your PC, the application can aid you in unclogging all of them simultaneously, so that you can remove browser cache, history and other files that are clogging up your system’s hard drive.

The program is both easy to use and very efficient, so if you want to free up space from temporary files, cache, history, installed programs and the like, it can be an ideal fit for your system.

Rating: 1.0/5

Free Android Space Clearer, Data Cleaner & Privacy Guard v1.0.4 (Data Compactor) APK


How to install on your devices

How to use

How to Free up Cache in Android

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest version of AndroidCache cleaner.apk on your Android device, all you need to do is select the settings from the app menu and tap on Cache settings.
The app will show you the location of the cache directory on your Android phone.


You can also do the same by accessing the app menu and checking the Disk cleanup tab.

Open the location mentioned and free up as much space as possible by tapping the “Auto clean” button.

While this is a free app, you can also use Clean Master to clean cache and other junk files on your Android phone.

Rating: 5/5

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We reviewed the AndroidCache cleaner application because it was suggested to us by a reader.

Geekbot App & Websites has been helping consumers since 2009. We launched & grew Geekbot for Android & iPhone after noticing a gap in the market for geeky apps & websites. In fact, we’re still obsessed with tech, and

System Requirements For Manyprog PC Cleaner:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core, Quad Core, Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II X2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU, with 4 GB of RAM
Storage: 4 GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
Support: The game is fully DirectX 11 compatible and not tested on Vulkan.
Music: The music uses the Unreal Engine (UE) Music Source Tool, not a

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