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Gradiant Effect is a extension developed for those looking to apply horizontal or vertical gradients to their photographs. It enables you to choose the color and generate the effect on two color spaces: RGB and HSV.
How to set it up
In order to work with this plugin, copy the downloaded DLL file to the “Effects” directory of's installed folder, relaunch the image editor if it's already running, and pick the new entry from the “Effects” menu. It should be marked with a small icon that resembles a puzzle piece, which is used to label all external add-ons in
Set the gradient type and color options
The configuration panel of Gradiant Effect is small and gives you an overview of all options. You can select the preferred gradient type from a down-down menu (e.g. diagonal from upper left to lower right), allow alpha channel only, swap colors, as well as opt between RGB, HSV and HSV long color channels.
Another factor worth taking into account is that the new gradient effect and adjustments can be previewed in real time. This way, it's not necessary to apply changes and check photo results just to be able to undo the action if you're not satisfied.
Compatibility issues with newer
The utility hasn't been updated for a long time. We failed in our attempt to get it up and running with the latest edition of in our tests. On the other hand, it worked smoothly with older versions, without causing the image editor to hang, crash or indicate errors.
Taking everything into consideration, Gradiant Effect offers a simple solution for creating an image gradient effect and tweaking settings in However, we cannot overlook the compatibility issues with the most recent versions.







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– Apply a gradient to an image, create patterns, control opacity, adjust color balance, add sharpen/blur effects, increase luminosity, and many more.
– Adjust the color by two color spaces: RGB and HSV.
– The adjustments can be previewed in real time.
– You can add up to 10 effects to multiple photos in a batch.
– Compatibility with 0.98.News and Events

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Gradiant Effect Crack+ Free Download

Gradiant Effect For Windows 10 Crack offers a solution to create an image gradient effect and do some basic tweaks in The settings are nicely displayed and the configuration panel is small in size. During our tests, we have been able to run the plugin in all versions without any problems. It supports both Windows and macOS 10.12.x for Windows.
Comments or bug reports are welcome via email to Urquell

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Gradiant Effect Crack Product Key

Category: Image Tools
Version: 4.0.1
Updated: 7th March 2016
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Size: 23 MB

Rapidstone is a new image editor that is as well as a vector tool, with a focus on the latter. The interface is very clean and simple. It supports most major image formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.
This tool is still young, though. Still, it’s pretty impressive how it handles vectors in detail. The most common features are:
Easy-to-use design with a modern look and feel
Labeled toolbar to help you work faster
Multiple gradient and noise tools
8-bit and 16-bit color support
Supports external plugins
Auto-aware filters to deal with common issues in layer operations
Animate tools
Easy-to-use paint tools
Easy-to-use selections tools
Internal image-editing tools
Rapidstone Features:
Category: Photo Editing
Version: 2.1
License: Free
Price: Free
Size: 14.6 MB

CMISCPaint is a useful extension developed for those who want to use brushes inside the image editing tool. You can draw not only in colors but also in gradients, beziers, and more. It’s a small tool that is easy to use and offers a clean interface. We like the fact that it can be used not only for color painting but also for patterns, collages and signatures. This means that you can combine several drawing layers with various brushes to customize a new image.
CMISCPaint Features:
Category: Art Brushes
Version: 2.8
License: Free
Price: Free
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Designer FX is a new painting extension for It’s meant to be a solution for those looking for a professional-looking colored background for their designs. With Designer FX, you can layer a colored background, layer a photo on top of it, and then mask it using different blend modes.
In the rest of this review, we’ll tell you how you can use Designer FX to make your own customized background.
How to use it
Designer FX requires v2.7.0 or higher and is compatible with the latest graphics cards and their driver versions. In order to use the new extension, you’ll have to copy the downloaded file into the “

What’s New In Gradiant Effect?

Create a gradient effect that allows you to set two color spaces for image adjustment or apply varying color on a photo.

Configure an image to apply the desired effect by choosing a gradient from three available.

Configure the effect parameters and adjust the tonality of an image.

Gradiant Effect allows you to use the full extent of the HSV color model. Other known effects that fall into this category are Gradient Glow, Gradient Wrap and Gradient Squeeze.

The utility has no affiliation with We are not affiliated with the developer or the company where the product was originally released.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page.

A photo editing program primarily for creating effects and manipulations that can be applied to photos. This program is available for a large selection of different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iPhone.

You can manipulate various layers of an image using several tools, edit colors, and save the image in a multitude of image formats.

You can use the program to create various effects, including watercolor filters, blur effects, black and white images, cartoon filters, and others.

1) Install the application
Make sure to use the option to “check for updates automatically”. This way you can update the program without needing to manually download it from the website.
You can find more installation instructions here.
2) Open the program
The application is presented in a dialog window. Press the “Welcome” icon to launch the main interface and the application window.
3) Choosing a folder
In order to work with the application, choose a folder that contains the images that you want to work with. You can save the images there using the program.
4) Basic settings
You can enable the option to “restart the program automatically” in the “General” section.
5) Opens images in the program
The program automatically opens the first image you select. You can place your mouse over it to see the preview of the image.
6) Starting the operation
You can use the program’s shortcut buttons (CTRL+S) and other combinations of keys to perform specific operations.
7) Cut, copy and paste images
You can use the mouse to select and drag files from your desktop or other storage device to the application window to start the process.

After the selection is made, a menu will appear where you can choose between

System Requirements:

* Mobile (iOS/Android)
* Steam Account (and Platform, as listed above).
* A network connection is recommended.
* This is a 2D/side-scrolling JRPG, so you’ll need to be comfortable with the gameplay
* This is a longer game, you might want to keep an eye on your battery/bluetooth.
* Mobile (iOS/Android) * Steam Account (and Platform, as listed above). * A network connection is recommended. * This is a 2D/side-sc

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