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How to load data into a Plotly chart using a loop

I am trying to load data from a MySQL table into a Plotly chart using a loop that would update the plot. I am using the following code:
import plotly.plotly as py
from plotly.figure_factory import make_subplots
from plotly.offline import plot
import mysql.connector
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

fig = make_subplots(rows=1, cols=2)

df=pd.read_sql_query(f’SELECT * FROM {{data_table}}’, conn)


for _, i in df.iterrows():
fig.add_trace(pd.DataFrame({‘x’: i[‘x’]}, index= i[‘x’]).T)

This is not loading data correctly into the chart. The goal is to load the data into a series of subplots that I can update as the data changes. What is happening is that the loop is updating the same subplot over and over again. How can I load the data correctly into the various subplots?
I have tried the following solutions from stackoverflow, as well as many other threads on the topic.
Plotly – Interactive plotting
Plotly – How to load multiple traces or (subplots) with a loop for a large data set?
Plotly – How to plot multiple subplots?
Plotly – Update chart as table is updated


You can do everything you’d like with the interactive figure you make.
In the example below, I’m taking data and showing the data in a subplot for every value in a 10×10 grid. When I click on one of the subplots, it turns red (and eventually disappears).

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