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FIFA 22 will deliver the next evolution of a football game that millions of fans worldwide cherish. Its improvements to gameplay, club and player models, environments and interactive teams will set a new standard for football entertainment as players and fans of the sport follow the new direction of change in the sport.


New, ultra-responsive Skill Stick Camera

Improvements to Player Ball Physics

Enhanced Player Impact Physics

More Flexible, Efficient Player Control

New Defensive Behaviors

New Attack Patterns and Routes

New Ball Dribbling

Enhanced Player Attributes

Enhanced Player Visuals

Revised Player Trajectories and Controls

Improved Player Decision Making

New Teaching and Learning Tools

New Quick Practices

New Pro-Style Training

New Commentary And B-Side Commentary

Revised Match Day Commentary

FIFA 22 will be available in retail stores worldwide beginning on September 15, 2017. Check out everything you need to know about the game here, and see a trailer below.


AD with multiple NetBIOS name to one IP address

I am currently using a netbios dns. The 2nd DNS server has to resolve the same name as the first DNS server and forward the request to the first DNS server as a backup.
Is it possible to configure both DNS server to resolve the same name to one IP address?


You can use DNS tunneling for this. If it is okay for you to make use of Microsoft DNS Server it is possible to bind the DNS name to multiple IP addresses.
(suppose is A record for a host
On DNS forwarder (Microsoft DNS Server 10), create name resolution records for the following:

As before : -> -> -> -> & are identical A records with a single record, if, does not exist, they will be created.
On the client


Features Key:

  • The Evolution of Football Gameplay
  • The Performance Game Engine
  • Hype for the Next Gen FifaExperience
  • More Ways to Be the Next Great
    Legend – Be a manager for a season, leading your team to success. Pro – Make the next move as a Pro, immerse yourself in match day atmosphere. The Fastest game ever: The “Evolution
    of Football Gameplay
    ” simulation engine is leading the competition in terms of gameplay speed with a legacy in game speed. Enjoy new “controlled dribbling in-context”, more responsive ball physics, and more display, touch and movement improvements.
    A New Performance Game Engine: Your club squad, your style of play, and your attributes will all be represented by our new Performance Game Engine. Give all your performances a strong visual presence with improved animated body postures, effects and crowds. AI Manager Observations are also enhanced to feel more and move more like real football players.
  • Master Class Style Commentary: Take the action with the most exhaustive and captivating commentary featuring all the authoritative voices behind the Premier League and England’s elite – alongside fellow commentators Jon Champion and Jorge Valdano. Match Day Atmosphere: Add to that atmosphere by tuning into the words and opinions of the ESPN commentators and a new set of regular inviters found in pre-match previews.
  • A World of Play Sets: Now players can create their own unique stadium, with unique stands, team kits and demographics. Official Clubs: Customise your player with like-for-like squad requirements and attributes to create your own club that represents your footballing soul. Clonal Grounds: The game features the first FIFA property and is the first to have stadium branding and recognizable logos. All players may select a Crewe Alexandra or West Ham United player card from the FA Cup
  • Amazing Soundtracks: 40 licensed sports tracks, including The Beatles, Daft Punk, Sigur Ros, NIN and The Verve.
  • Huge New Club Stadiums: There are now twelve Club Stadions


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    Portrait Commentary Motion FX, Pitch Impact Effect, Show-Pitch Camera Fog, Improved Player Autofill, Improved Player Pre-Registration, Manager Autofill, New Skin Animation Update, Improved Shot Kicks, Improved Agility Sensitivity, Improved Running Skill, More Dribble Switches, New-Styled Ball Control, Playmaker Personal Animation, Better Natural Movement, Goal Keeper Durability Improvements, Better Soccer Passing Alignment, New Pass Physics, Attacking/Block Combos Visual Effects, Runners Crease Visualization, Striker Real-World Kick, Enhanced Player Behavior, Pass Preference, Improved Time Controls, Improved Goalkeeping, Improved Passing, Improved Dribbling, Players Headshot Visual Effects, New Player Cam Flicking, New Player Animation State Changes, Improved Player Trajectories, Improved Player Animation, Enhanced Player Intelligence, Improved Player Visuals, New Player Weight Animation, New Soccer Helmets, New Player Skin Animation, Improved Player Hair, Showing Ball Types, Global Player Kicks, New Player Defending, Improved Player Off The Ball Decisions, New Player Types, Improved Player Usability, Improved Soccer Ball Physics, Player Muscle Visual Feedback, Improved Player Feet, New Player Kicks, Improved Player Skills, Enhanced Player Trajectory, New Player Injuries, Player Stretching, Improved Player Animation State Changes, Improved Player Visuals, New Player Winger Eye Coordination, Improved Player Physics, New Player Types, New Player Face Visuals, New Player Muscles, Improved Player Tech, Improved Player Animation, New Player Kicks, Improved Player Faces, New Player Gestures, New Player Intangibles, Improved Player Foam, New Player Voiceovers, Enhanced Player Animations, Improved Player Personal Equipment, Improved Player Physics, Improved Player Faces, Player Health Visual, Skill Shader, Enhanced Real-World Player Faces, Enhanced Player Photography, Higher Skinned Player Faces, New Player Feet, New Player Faces, New Player Gait, Improved Player Foam, Skill Shader, Player Trajectory, Show-Ball Type, Improved Defensive AI, Improved Player Movement, Improved Player Physics, Enhanced Player Personal Equipment, Improved Player Trajectories, Improved Player Physics, New Player Faces, New Player Off The Ball Movement, Player Weight Animation, Player Trajectory, Player Customizability, New Player Facial Hair, Player Motion Animation, New Player Animations, Player Animation Improvements, Skill Match Real


    Fifa 22 Crack + [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

    Build, manage and play your very own Ultimate Team, made up of real-world and real-life superstars from around the world, and compete in local and online matches in a number of different game modes.

    Take on your friends in competitive online matches, including matches made up of up to 64 players, whether you’re playing in the popular “two-legged knockout” mode or the “best of five”, and the “best of seven” modes.

    EA SPORTS Football Premier League –
    Test your skills as a player. Earn 20 Ultimate Team points per Premier League goal, and build your virtual football player with real-world footballers from some of the best clubs across the world.

    If your aim is to attain the highest overall player rating, playing against the best players in the world is the quickest way to achieve this goal. But for those who seek challenge, Ultimate Team provides an exciting online mode, where players can compete against other players to earn the highest possible overall player rating.

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 also includes the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. As part of the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions, you can capture your ultimate team through gameplay achievements and special challenges.

    FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Play with the best players in the world and take your squads online to compete in over 150 tournaments for rewards. You can build your own fantasy team with more than 2,200 real-world and classic footballers and domestic leagues – from England’s Premier League to Italian Serie A to German Bundesliga – and face-off against other players’ fantasy teams in this exciting football game.

    EA SPORTS Football Manager –
    Whether you’re competing with the world’s best managers in Premier League, Bundesliga or the Football League, or if you’re seeking glory on the path to The Show, you can test your skills in an array of competition environments, with a customized player discovery and advancement system that ensures your game will always be challenging.

    Choose your ideal date by evaluating both player’s and club’s performance from 20 to 50 years, while also taking into account player-specific attributes, such as age, character traits and technical skills. Players can even choose whether they are looking for romance, friendship or a long-term relationship.

    * FIFTEEN new achievements for your career, on top of the three available in FIFA 19, including the FIFA 20 challenge – Become the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Champions,


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